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We’re a week into 2018, so perhaps it’s a little late for 2017 recap and roundup posts, but I’m going to share those throughout January, mixed in with current posts.  So, today, I’m sharing the top ten most popular posts of 2017 (according to page views on Google Analytics.)  I enjoyed digging into the numbers to see what generated the most interest and a few were surprising!

In traditional countdown fashion, we’ll start with number 10…

#10 | Studio Transformation | Part 1

Jeff thought I would hate this room, but I could see how amazing it was going to look with paint.

I think it’s safe to say I was right.

#9 | Settling in

I wrote this post when we just moved into our house.  I remember feeling overwhelmed, not just with moving our stuff in and unpacking, but with sharing it on the blog.  While the house was beautiful, it wasn’t cosmetically “me” and I felt that disjointedness as I was arranging our stuff and taking pictures for the blog.

#8 | Spraying Paint Again

I had a feeling that I would be painting cabinetry in any new house we moved into, so I held onto my sprayer for just that purpose.  When I last used my sprayer, I had a spray tent set up in my basement.  So, in this post, I shared some tips on my new set-up (in a spray shelter on the driveway) and painting cabinets.

#7 | Moving Story | Part 3

This was a three part series and, actually, all three of the parts of this story made it into the top ten posts for this year!  If you haven’t read it, you really should.  It’s not just a story about packing and moving a family and business from PA to MN.  It’s a story of faith, provision, and  providential timing that’s pretty amazing.

#6 | Refinishing a Factory Table

This is the only furniture post that came in the top 10, but I think that’s because it was right on the heels of my move and because I was working on a very typical table.  It was bought used off of craigslist, but was originally purchased at a discount furniture store.  It’s not an antique or anything special, but it’s a good, solid kitchen table that just needed a little customization.  How many people have those?

If you want to see how the table turned out, you can check out this post – White-washing a table

#5 | New House Tour | Living Room

Just as it sounds, I took you on a tour of the living room in our new house.  If you want to see how this room is coming along, you can check it out HERE.

#4 | Moving Story | Part 2

As I said, all parts of this series made the top 10!  So, the second part of the story came in at #4.

#3 | New House Tour | Kitchen

And another tour of the new house!  This has reminded me that I haven’t even finished giving a tour of the house!  And I really have no excuse.  I’m going to break out the camera and photograph the rest of the house, so you can see it.  I have shared the dining room, master bedroom, studio, my office and sewing/guest room, and foyer.  I still need to share the basement family room, play room, and guest room, as well as the boy’s rooms.  We haven’t done anything in these rooms, but plop the furniture in and, in the case of the boy’s room, hang a few pictures.

#2 | How to make a chair cushion

This post was a surprise to me, especially since I wrote it in 2015.  It made the list, because it’s popular on Pinterest.  In the post, I’ve embedded a video tutorial showing how to make new cushions for a chair/sofa.

#1 | And the Parsons are moving to… 

This is part one of our moving story and it was my most popular post from all of the posts I wrote in 2017.  I suppose I need to make a dramatic move and buy and give tours of a new house each year to get good blog content!  Just kidding.  I know moves are exciting to follow.  After just going through a move less than 6 months ago, I hope I don’t move for a very long time!  This top ten list showed me, though, that it’s not always about the tutorials, makeovers, and beauty shots.  I need to remember that when I’m doing something mundane and I have the thought that I should get out my camera and share it, but then I talk myself out of it, because it’s too mundane!

Case in point… the post that was just outside of the top 10 at #11 was…

But first, toilets

Number eleven!!  Out of hundreds of posts!

It’s a riot that a post about cleaning toilets in a new house came in so high!

But I shouldn’t really be surprised.  Sometimes it’s the simple, everyday things that are the most compelling.

And, I’d like to say thank you to my top 10 referrers of 2017…

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Here’s to more top posts in 2018!


  1. Teresa

    Yep, readers love a good “We are Moving” post so I am not surprised this came in as #1.

  2. Brenda

    And everyone loves a clean toilet! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house. Does the new house feel more like home?

  3. Marsha Kern

    I love all the natural light in your new home! It is just turning out so great!!

  4. Chris

    I sure hope we get a lot more milk painting furniture makeovers this year. Miss those a lot. Glad you are enjoying your new home and feeling settled in.

  5. Jo Ann

    That’s very interesting. I’m surprised the painting of meadows didn’t make it. I love those. Where do you get the scouring stick? How has the studio’s warmth been in your frigid temps?

  6. Karen L.

    Love this recap, Marian. I have so enjoyed following along and gleaning ways you and yours adjust to the new surroundings and make things more “you.”

  7. Wendy Y

    I believe people loved your moving story because they (we) have come to know you and your family to some degree through your blog. So many times something you share relates to something we are presently going through, or have gone through, and we find ourselves either praying for you and rooting for you as you go through it, or at other times find encouragement to forge ahead on our own journeys. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless the Parsons in wonderful ways in 2018! 😊

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE

    So happy that you are happy with the new home!
    Tell us how the boys like school and a little about Jeff’s new job, please.
    Are you making friends? I see you have found and are using Craig’s list in your area.
    You find the best items. Love that table. Your studio is warm and personable.
    Happy New Year to you!

  9. Monica

    Thanks for all the fun in 2017… top 10 posts and all the others too! I’m excited to see the rooms in your new house that you haven’t shared yet, but I don’t see the bathroom on your list. I assume you do have a bathroom, lol! 🙂

  10. Eileen

    I enjoyed the posts and as for #11, I ended up buying the pumice stone and even sharing with a friend. We both label it a “success”. Amazing what can make a day!!!

  11. Anne

    LOL I did the same as Eileen. I bought and tried the pumice stone in our new house and loved the results. I have since shared it with others. I really don’t have your exact same design style, but find I’m very in-sync with your outlook and ideas! We also moved into our forever home recently, so you have been an inspiration to get things done…and forgive myself when I need a break!

  12. Bonnie Hart

    The toilet story was the best!! I thought it was going to be just a fun little giggle, but I did end up learning a few things. The jets in our tub seriously needed a good cleaning but I didn’t want to use all the harsh cleaning products I found at the stores. I should have known vinegar would do the job – it does everything! Thanks for the tip.
    Oh yeah, gloves all the way!!

  13. Norma Rolader

    Thank you for sharing and love all that you have accomplished

  14. Cindy A Redman

    Hahaha! That’s awesome, and soooo fascinating! We are ALL humbled by the toilets and comrades in arms aren’t we… smile


  15. Nancy

    I am fairly new to your blog so I loved reading about your move this past year. It is inspiring to read about people who are willing to live by faith and to trust God and His timing. I was brought up that way. My Dad was a minister and many times people did not understand when my Dad was “called” to another church. When you let go and let God you have a happier life, not easier necessarily, but peaceful.

  16. Marlene Stephenson

    Pretty amazing, but short-cuts to cleaning our homes is essential,so we can get to the fun stuff like fixing something exciting for our homes.

  17. Kristine

    I loved the moving series – it was an incredible story. It stuck with me for quite awhile. I was particularly impressed with your patience, sense of calm about the process, and well it all came together. I am stills shocked that you never were actually inside of the house until you moved in. Watching the new house unfold has been wonderful.


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