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The past couple of days have been a whirlwind.  We’ve been bringing stuff in from the trucks, cleaning, unpacking boxes, making daily runs to Home Depot, and getting to know the neighbors.  We’ve fallen into bed exhausted each night and creaked out of bed each morning, but multiple times a day, we press the pause button on the crazy and marvel about where we are.  Not just where we are physically, although that’s still a little surreal, but where we are in the journey of this life.  It’s a sweet place and I’m trying to soak it in.

On the first day of unloading the truck, we found the box with the painting of Eulalie in it.  I was anxious about how she traveled, so we unpacked the box on the spot.  The painting was in perfect condition.  I carried it right away and leaned it on the mantle in the living room.

Both Jeff and I said, “Now it feels like home.”

I also got a tip from a reader yesterday about a pair of French chairs that were listed on my local craigslist and “had my name written all over them.”  Well, I texted the owner and was able to snag them!  Jeff picked them up for me this morning – $100 for the pair!!

They are red and white instead of my favorite blue and white, but the upholstery is so high quality that I’m going to leave them alone (at least for now.)  They will be moved to a different room, though, and I’m going to bring in the bergere chairs that used to be in living room to flank the fireplace.

And yes, the cabinets, mantle, and wall will all be painted soon!  Jeff and I were laughing at the fact that I haven’t painted a wall in this house, yet.  Usually I crack out a can of paint on closing day!  I’ve become a little older, a little wiser, and a little bit more patient with that sort of thing.  I’ll start painting once we’re settled in the house and I can take my time with it.

I can already tell I’m going to love this living room.  The archways, the light, the built-ins, and the fireplace are all beautiful, but it’s the large picture window with an amazing view of the large maple in the backyard that captured my fancy today.

I am thinking I’ll paint the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Glass Slipper, the color I had in my last family room, but I might want to try something new.  I know I already love that color, but I don’t want to make default decisions.  So, we’ll see…

We made some huge progress in the kitchen today, too.  I hired a middle school girl from the neighborhood to help me with unpacking boxes and she was such a enormous help.  It doesn’t look like much when this picture was taken, but that mess is progress.  It always gets worse before it gets better.

And, another blessing that happened today, one of my local readers brought my family lunch from her favorite pizza place!  It was such a treat to have a good reason to sit and enjoy some food in the middle of all of the work that needs to be done.  I have a tendency to plow through meals when I’m working!

I had a few requests to share another tour on my Instagram stories, so I’ll try to do that tomorrow.  I’ll also share more in-depth details about the house.

There is a lot to talk about!

settling in

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77 Comments on “settling in”

  1. I’ve read your blog daily for years. This is FUN!! It’s strange how invested I feel when reading all about your new home and your new life. It reminds me of when I was a young child and my mom would read me a chapter of my favorite book before I went to bed! Does it ever blow your mind to know that total strangers are out there routing for you? The power of blogging…. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing it all with us!

  2. Longtime reader…first comment!! I’m so excited for you and your family and praying the transition continues to go well and you keep enjoying the process.
    Marian, it’s so refreshing to read about your journey – your joy, faith, and authenticity come through so clearly. My prayers are with you and your family that God will bless you in your new home. Thank you and can’t wait to read more about your new home! PS. I love the new chairs! The fabric, even though not blue, is beautiful and looks lovely in your home. 😀

  3. I know I’m a bit crazy, but………When we moved I changed paint colors. They were still in the same color family, just different shades. I can see that you have a lot of painting to do. I’m so excited to see what you do! I hope you have a little time before you have to rush around getting back to school stuff done. Have a great and productive weekend. I can tell you this though, a lot of your readers would be cooking meals and helping you get settled if we were close enough.

  4. Already the living room shelves look “mustardized” without painting! They have a Scandinavian /Bavarian air.

  5. I love the chairs! Such a deal! And they pick up the color of Eulalie’s nose! What if you chalk painted the trim on the chairs so they aren’t so dark? I know you plan to move them to another room but…

  6. I’m excited to see all your progress as you settle. We are right in the middle of a move …to our first house (that we own!) We’ve already painted some and have some drywall/plaster work and lighting getting installed right now. It will be fun to follow along with you as we are on a similar journey!! Love those chairs, too! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing. Love it! Bless your sweet heart for keeping it up during the move turmoil. I’m not sure I’d be that good with it. Enjoying pics of the new house. I agree. Take your time with painting and color choices.

  8. I’m new! New to this and new to you! My friend, Jennifer, who has adoringly followed you for a long time, introduced me to your blog and, already it feels so natural and exciting to be following your journey of thought and action. Yup, love the chairs, and take your time with paint changes. The house looks to be a beautiful project for you! Ah, the creativity continues…

  9. I’m with MEM – love the chairs and the fact that they pick up the color of Eulalie’s nose! I also love the pillows on them with the touch of blue. I’m excited for this new step in your journey!

  10. I think your new house is beautiful. You are having so much fun playing! Can’t wait to follow progress. You get the best Craigslist deals!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing your progress during this busy time. All of your readers are enjoying your new adventure. You really are amazing.

  12. Eulalie looks right at home. It’s good you are getting settled and meeting new people. It’s a beautiful home.

  13. I love the chairs that you were able to pick up and what a great price too!!! I’m sure once you begin painting rooms it will take on a whole new look. I love the bookshelves that flank your mantle piece. Glad you’re enjoying the journey along the way. 🙂

  14. I read your blog every day and I am so surprised and in awe of you to be able to blog and unpack. What a girl!

  15. Great view of your new living space and Eulalie looks happy, haha. When we moved here to coastal SC, from Pa, I tried using a tried-and-true paint color and it looked so totally different in this light and room situation. We went from loving it in PA to really not liking it here! Totally disappointed us after the work of painting. Of course, I realize you already know about how light affects how paint looks, but it was our first time truly experiencing the huge difference that it makes. So, guess you’ll will experiment with your wall paint colors there as well. Have great fun and joy in settling in—sounds like you’re already feeling that way—yay! Thanks for the update.

  16. Marian, It’s fun for us to follow along, I’m in the middle of painting my bedroom and was just wondering, would you ever consider hiring a professional painting company to paint the walls and wood cabinets?

  17. Marian,
    It was so nice to see a familiar old face “Eulalie” on the mantle. Your new home is totally christened now! The first thing I noticed was the new chairs and you really got a deal on them. Cant wait to see your house be transformed in the weeks to come with paint, etc.

    I too loved BM Glass Slipper in your previous house but yes sometimes its nice to try a new color. We are just finishing up renovating our master bath and it was painted in SW Sea Salt which was a beautiful grayish-green color but after the reno I went with BM Italian Ice Green and oh my gosh it is beautiful and just brightens it up so much more.

  18. PS: Is anyone else experiencing problems loading posts like I am? I’ve tried clearing the cache thing but still have had problems with MMS’s posts. No other sites have caused the issues for me. Maybe it’s totally my problem but wanted to ask anyway. (Often it just gets “stuck” and doesn’t load and then I shut the laptop down to try again later.)

    1. I occasionally have that issue, not as much anymore. It shuts down and then says it’s reloading. Not sure what’s going on.

  19. When you told us that you were moving, I got really concerned. So many of my favorite blogs have fallen off the face of the earth. I am really thrilled you are sharing this most private time of your lives with all of us. Helps with the move, for us. Told my husband about your move, he shared my concerns. (he gets to hear about each project you do, and we now have many “mustardized” additions to our home.) Showed him the pics of your new home, he said, “what no farmhouse? she’ll be painting all that maple soon.” Thanks so much for bringing the real world to us all. A very long time follower, and so proud of everything you have accomplished in your life.

  20. Too funny – I started scrolling down and immediately thought to myself “I haven’t seen those chairs before”. Love them – and what a score.

    Like everyone else I wait with bated breath to see what you do in the new house.

  21. Guess it makes the saying “When the cows come home” a truism. Enjoy your blog and seeing how you settle in.

  22. I, too, can’t wait to read each “new chapter”. Prayers and blessings to you and your sweet family. Love the new chairs and can’t wait to see the transformation of your new home.

  23. New reader and loving your journey! Today what I loved best, and made me comment for the first time ever on a blog – EULALIE!!

  24. It’s always a blessing and so uplifting to read your post everyday, especially the chapters of your moving. You have taught me so much through your blog. May God keep blessing your family in this new place.

  25. Gorgeous built-ins Marian. But I can just see you painting them white or blue and changing out the hardware. Probably like so many other readers, we can’t imagine another style in your home. But who knows you may surprise us!

  26. Do not destroy your moving boxes! Someone in your neighborhood is planning a move and would welcome them. When I made my last move, I ran into a merchant downtown in our small town who was planning a HUGE move and, as I unpacked my boxes, she came and picked them up, day after day. She was hugely grateful for these enormous movers’ cartons and I was equally thankful to have someone hauling them away.

  27. I love the natural wood finish of your bookcases and cabinets in the living room they highlight your pottery please consider keeping them their natural color. Love your new chairs !!! GOOD LUCK with your projects !!

  28. You’re making me want to move and start all over again…….or at least redecorate and make changes! Love these installments.

  29. What a score on your chairs!!! So glad to see your all getting settled in. Love the post about cleaning the bathrooms.

  30. This house has your name all over it. What a blessing for your new adventure! The Lord truly does give the desires of our heart when we are listoto His voice and following in Hos ways. Wishing your family the best.

  31. I can hardly wait to see what you’ll paint first, your house is really pretty, it’s going to become BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Just by seeing your things in it, makes it look so much more like you already!
    You sort of passed by us in a big ‘diagonal’ on your journey from PA to your new home, first thing I did was see how far you are from us now, 🙂 a bit further, but we have relatives in Saskatoon, and we’ve been right through your new neck of the woods a few times, and loved it there. We plan to go to PA soon, a trek we make every few years and this year I wanted so much to go to Luckett’s, but another time I guess!
    Beautiful picture window, you’re making fast progress there! WAY TO GO !

  32. I wish I could use Craiglist and have the luck you have!
    Maybe you are getting a message about this RED. Better listen a while before painting. See what else RED turns up in your life with this transformation of your life and style. I have to tell you I could not believe you would buy this style house, but with the print and the style of the two chairs, I can see “HOME”. Wishing you the best!

  33. PS when do your parent arrive for a visit?

    Just think when this is done,, everything will be clean fresh.

  34. So much of what you are doing and talking about reminds me of our move 8 years ago. Groan. Even the part about actually sitting for a.meal together. But, on another note, i cannt help but wonder if that built in will someday look like an old hutch with glass doors!

  35. Hello !
    Your blog is so fun to read, and today it made me smile to think of what kind people there are in the world- you’ve only just arrived, and readers are sending you Craigslist finds, and bringing pizza! Like all of your other followers, I fretted about the move and was anxiously waiting to hear how you fared! It looks like you’ve found a great community, and I am so happy for you.

    The house has fabulous light and great bones, it will be perfect! As an aside, I was thinking that those Junk Market ladies are from Minnesota as well… maybe you can set up at the Junk Market! Although, selfishly, I will miss you at Lucketts…

    Your move makes me think of the quote “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. As you will! We will all enjoy reading about your new adventures.
    best wishes

  36. I really try not to post comments as I just think it must be a lot to review. Couldn’t help myself today. So excited to see all the changes in your life, family, & business. Making up stories in my head about what all we get to see you redo, build, accomplish, & most of all thrive in your new home. Besides myself giddy waiting for future posts.

  37. I am so excited to see what you will do with a very “new” house. It is lovely and has great bones. I think a lot of readers will relate to the struggle of making a newer built feel different. And I love maple and all the maple in your home, but I can’t help but think of one of the funniest lines from “American Horror Story” – “What is this? – Knotty Pine!!!” Google it. It’s funny! Best of luck to you and your family.

  38. I have really been looking forward to your posts! I am amazed that you are blogging your move almost in real time. I don’t know how you’re doing it, but I love it! 🙂 We are hoping to move within the next year or so. We’ll just be going across town, but we’ve lived in the same house for the past 16 years, so it will be a BIG change. It is very exciting to me to get a glimpse into how things are going for you with your move.

  39. Marian,
    I know your mind must be going a thousand miles a minute with all the things on your to-do list. Could you maybe give us an idea what projects you plan on tackling first? I always assume it will be painting before changing out flooring, fixtures, etc

    I know wood finishes are very popular in the mid-west so it will be fun to see if you bring your East Coast style to Minnesota and start some new trends there.

  40. We have similar built in shelves in the family room. You are very fortunate yours are maple and will paint easily. Mine are oak so I am going to use a filler so I don’t see the grain of the wood after I paint. We’re also going to put in wide bead board to the back of the bookcases before we paint. I’ll look forward to seeing how yours turn out!
    Loving all the updates and the new home and so glad you are settling in and meeting people.

  41. Love being a part of your journey! I too am slowing down from rash decorating decisions! Hmmmmm…. am I actually getting older yet wiser! Great place you have landed in! Good luck!

  42. I’m like one of the other posters, I read your blog before anything else. Even before coffee!

    PS I bought the pumice thing, and my toilets have never been cleaner!

  43. Those red-and-white chairs are gorgeous. The reader who tipped you off really knows your style. I can’t believe you paid $100 for the pair.

  44. You just made my day posting your last family room paint color!!!!! Yippee!!!! Was trying to find it this last week!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    As pastors, I’ve been really praying for this transition for your family!!! It’s SO exciting to see God’s hand in every moment and step along the way!!!

  45. How wonderful that you’ve already made friends & are finding new ‘finds’ on Craigslist. It must feel really good to already feel ‘at home’. Sebastian looks like he’s already settled in and happy & Eulalie too!

  46. Glad things are getting done, it is looking great, and it looks like home with Eulalie on the mantle.

  47. Welcome to you new life & home ! Selfishly , I was hoping you were coming to Colorado so I can see more of your amazing creativity & work. However, it looks like a beautiful GREEN place that the Lord has lead you to. I look forward to seeing how you renovate a newer house with your special touch and ” mustardizing “. It sure will help the rest of us that have newer homes but love the warm of antiques/ farmhouses & country/cottage look! Many blessings on your new adventure & Jeff’s new job and the many hearts you will both touch.
    P.s. Would like to send you a lil housewarming gift . Can u PM me an address or maybe ur old address would forward? Something small I have been holding onto since I missed you when you were in Colorado for the art/craft/furniture show .
    From one T1d Mom to another 😍 . My baby boy with T1d is 22 & 6’2!!!!!!! .

  48. “Bloom Where You’re Planted” the Mary Engelbreit quote mentioned earlier, perfectly suits you and your family!
    And, yes, now that Eulalie has made her appearance, it looks more like the Parson’s home.
    So happy for you and your family. I know the local ladies must be forming a que as to who will come and work alongside you when you’re ready to set up shop again. I know, even at 69, I’d be lining up.
    You and your family are a poster child for “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

  49. Can I just say I am so happy and excited for you??!!! And so excited to see how you fix up you’re new house!!!😊😊😊

  50. Hi Marian,
    I’ve heard if you put ice cubes on the areas where the carpet is crushed from prior furniture placement and let them melt, the carpet will stand up again. I don’t have carpet so I have never tried it, but it maybe worth a shot?

    1. Actually, those are marks from a rocking chair my son was sitting in earlier. The rug is a little shaggy, so they just rub away.

  51. Happy to see Eulalie. Love the chairs..I tho’t…where did she have them hidden? Then read that they’re Craigslist finds. Love ’em. (I love red. And blue. More blue in this house.)
    We moved in late April & altho the major pieces are set, I’m trying to decide what I want this time. I’ve gotten rid of SOOOO much stuff already & have a storage building to do yet! Paring down things you love is HARD! But my kids don’t want my stuff so…
    Hope you settle in easily. Can’t wait for each installment of your story.

  52. “Settling in”…….to Craigslist!!! I think you will work it all out.
    I let out a true laugh when I saw the kitchen….keepin it real.
    May I say, I am very impressed you are keeping the blog going. Nobody would fault you if you took a week or two off.
    This has been fun and interesting to follow along. I think you are going to open all kinds of decorating doors by showing, you don’t have to have a 50+ years old home to have cozy and lots of charm.
    …..okay…break time is over stop reading the blog!!! unpack!!!

  53. I have appreciated your European/Scandinavian sensibilities, and therein may lie a solution to whether to paint the wood or not. You would be capable of beating up that wood to look like old-world pine, and then maybe rubbing some white paint in the dings to look like a well-used piece of furniture (sort of like pickling but older and more authentic). Especially on the wood that is used frequently (kitchen cabinet, bookshelves) it would smart to retain the wood rather than worrying about paint — long term. It would also provide a nice backdrop for your lovely white ironstone, especially if you painted the backs of the bookcases a deeper color. Good luck, and welcome to my beloved former state!

  54. Marion,I may or may not teared up a little when I saw Eulalie sitting on the mantle. I’m so accustom to seeing her in your old house pictures that I was caught off guard. She looks right at home .

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  56. Glad you’re getting settled in. A cautionary tale: if you can stand it, wait as long as possible to choose paint colors. I found that the colors I was used to picking in sunnier, more southern locations we’re not quite right for the more northern, less sunny, more grey days of Michigan. I made a lot of paint mistakes in this house – something that I NEVER made before. That huge window in your family room will be wonderful to bring in light reflecting off the snow in winter. Check the internet for the # of days of full sun in Rochester vs your former home. My geography by memory is not so hot, so you may not have these issues. It’s just something to consider. Good luck!!

  57. I know it will be beautiful when you are done. Get plenty of paint samples and try them out in all the rooms you are considering. I went through 5 samples before landing on my choice, but it is exactly what I wanted! I was sure I would love Revere Pewter in my home but ended up with Stonington Gray. Very different color base. No one was more surprised than me that this was the right choice!

  58. Marian, while reading this post I couldn’t help but hear the joy in your voice, and I thought to myself how a while back you talked about giving up on looking for a little farm in your area and that you were not selling your house because you felt God had a different plan for your family!

    How wise you two were to listen to His whisper back then. It made all the difference in the world, didn’t it?

  59. It’s coming together…Your house has great bones. Take your time to get a feel for each room. The color will speak to you..

  60. Amazing….simply amazing that you are settling in so seamlessly and are finding friends to help so weffortlessly.
    Guess it’s a sign you picked the right path Marian😊
    Looking forward to following your next adventures.
    God Bless💕

  61. I would also recommend caution in jumping in and making a major decision on color in your new home. While we enjoy wonderful sunny days here in Minnesota throughout the summer, November/December can be very gloomy. January often is bright and sunny, but that generally means it is bitterly cold. March and April tend to be gloomy too. I suppose the same is true in other spots around the country since we all have weather of one kind or another! As for the three season porch and the knotty pine, that is the quentessential Minnesota/Wisconsin look, that of a cabin, an up-north feel. It’s fairly common. I know it is screaming to be painted!

  62. That shot of your kitchen looks incredibly similar to mine – any plans to change it up? I’m looking for inspiration!! Welcome to Minnesota!

  63. I completely relate to your dream of marble countertops. I had marble countertop envy for years! Last summer we bought our dream beach house, brand new and with a lovely kitchen and my longed for counters. On moving day, boxes of Kitchen items were delivered and set on the countertop. The delivery men were careful and considerate but when the boxes were emptied the countertops were badly scratched. I honestly couldn’t fault the delivery men as I was there to witness that they hadn’t done anything more than would be done by normal household use. I was stricken for a few days, then pulled myself together and reminded myself of our amazing blessing! Sadder but wiser, I would now choose a quartz that looks like marble. I want something that my family and friends can use and enjoy without it being so precious that normal wear and tear risks permanent damage! For now I’m keeping the damaged countertops. Further damage won’t make much difference and life with 4 boys can leave a scratch here and there! But I do warn all of my friends that when the stone company says marble is delicate and easily scratched and stained, they really mean it!

  64. Oh my gosh, i can totally see it starting to happen! The house is going to be wonderful! … and Eulalie fits absolutely perfectly in that spot over the mantel. I am soooo in love with the outdoor studio space and that little butlers pantry too! …


  65. Love the French chairs! What a deal! Will you keep them the way they are or will they be one of your projects? 🙂

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