charcoal, a glass dip pen, and a Victorian watercolor box…

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It’s time to share some more antique and vintage art supplies!  Obviously, I haven’t bought any this month because of “no-spend February”, but I bought an antique Victorian-era watercolor box with some Christmas money in January and I received a few little things last week as a gift. An antique dealer from PA who used to buy things for me … Read More

scanning old documents, photos, & postcards

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One of the big projects I want to work on while organizing and purging is scanning antique and vintage family photos, letters, postcards, and documents.  Fortunately, I have a lot of them!  Unfortunately, that means the task is a little overwhelming and I’ve been putting off most of it for years.  So, I’m just going to chip away at it.  … Read More

February Organizing Update

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Despite a busy week and feeling a little under-the-weather over the weekend, I chipped away at organizing a bit more.  I’m still avoiding the huge projects, but I’ve been trying to do something most days, even if it’s just cleaning out a part of a cabinet or one drawer or sorting one bin.  Making small strides each day will help … Read More

DIY sewing scissors case & hemming linen towels

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As I shared in Monday’s post, I’m taking the time to work through small projects as I come across specific materials I purchased with the intention of making them.  I think that’s one of the problems with being someone who likes projects – we’re always collecting materials, tools, and supplies for the next project.  Or 15 projects.  While I had … Read More