I am honored to share that Inspired You was a 2014 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist in the New Author category.

A blurb & video about my book…

“Some girls get giddy over a new pair of shoes. Marian Parsons gets giddy over room makeovers. With a lot of ingenuity, a little bit of effort, and a tight budget, she has transformed her home into a beautiful space and filled her heart with a lot more contentment. Thousands have found inspiration at Marian’s blog, mms2.wpengine.com, and now she shares dozens of new projects, ideas, and DIY adventures in the pages of Inspired You.

Marian will remind you that homes don’t have to be magazine material to be special, comfortable, and inviting. The goal you’re working toward is home. Not a perfect home. Not an “impress the neighbors” home. Just home—one whose walls and rooms tell the story of the family who lives there. Beautiful homes start with inspiration and a willingness to try. So uncover your God-given creativity. Be encouraged, be willing, and be inspired.”


In case you’re curious, here are some posts about the book writing process and how someone (me) who was never an aspiring author and has sub-par grammar came to write a for-real book…

From Blogger to Author

How it Happened

Now I actually have to write a book…


Shooting the Cover

Where you can buy the book…



If you read my book and enjoyed it, please take the time to go to Amazon.com and leave a review.  Thank you!

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  19. Thank you a lot for sharing this inspiring article! At this time, I’m working as a freelance writer, but whole my life I have dreamed to write my own book. I feel a little scary about start writing my own novel, but thanks to articles like your, I starts feeling that I will succeed. Thank you for inspiration, and I wish you all the best!

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