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Especially on Instagram, I receive a lot of questions about the art classes I'm taking as well as my favorite art books. I have to admit that I am a book/class junkie! When I am interested in a subject, I soak it up like a sponge and that's what I've been doing with art for the past couple of years.

Here are my supplies, favorite books, and details about the online classes I've been taking...

Art Books


Art/Studio Supplies

Rosemary & Co. 

I order my brushes through Rosemary & Co.


I purchase canvas and linen panels from SourceTek.


My go-to site for art supplies is BLICK.

Vasari paints

I also love Vasari paints, although they are a bit pricey (and addictive). 



online art courses

Paint Tube

I have also bought a few courses off of Paint Tube that I really enjoy.  The production quality is great and they offer instruction on a wide variety of styles and subjects. 

Jeanne Oliver

I adore the online workshops that Jeanne Oliver offers. The focus is so often on creativity and how it nurtures the soul, but I've also learned a ton of technical information from various instructors. You can get more information about the courses available HERE. I especially love the classes offered in the "As if I went to Art School" section.


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