mini landscape “place cards” & a giveaway

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While the boys were at the climbing lessons, I mingled around the nearby Walmart store, looking for inspiration and pieces to use in an upcoming post about a summer table setting.  I found beautiful jade dishes by Pioneer Woman as a great launching point, but I wanted to add a whimsical element to the table beyond fruit, flowers, and a pretty cake for the pedestal.  This particular Walmart has a pretty robust art supply section and, of course, I meandered through there to see if any new art supplies caught my eye.  I found some mini stretched canvases and cute wooden stands and the wheels started turning.  What about painting mini landscape “place cards” as a little takeaway for guests?

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I put them in the cart and couldn’t wait to get started on them the next day.

THESE are the mini canvases I purchased for the landscape place cards  They are about 2 x 2″.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I wanted the landscape paintings to compliment the mix of new and vintage dishes I was using, so I mixed up some colors to match…

summer blue and green tablescape | miss mustard seed

I used oil paints for this mini landscape place cards, but you could certainly use acrylics.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I started sculpting puffy summer clouds with a pale blue sky…

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

Then I filled in the clouds with pure white mixed with a little bit of the blue.  I finished with a strip of pale blue sky under the clouds.  One of the keys to this soft look is to keep the sky & cloud colors low contrast.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I then painted the land, starting with a pale green towards the horizon, dotting in some blobby trees, and moving towards a darker green in the foreground.  I also added some loose diagonal lines to reference our Minnesota farm fields that are in their full green glory about this time.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I didn’t overthink the landscape place cards or get fussy with the details but tried to get them done in five minutes or less.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

And I really love how they turned out!  Aren’t they so sweet?

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

I think these landscape place cards would be such a fun project to do with kids, especially.  And, if you’re new to painting, this is a great place to start!  You can always test out your colors and composition on paper before you put them on the canvas or buy a couple of extra to take the pressure off of yourself if you make mistakes.

THESE are the little wooden easels I used.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

They ended up being the perfect little personal touch to this green and white summer table.

mini landscape place cards | summer tablescape | miss mustard seed

And, just for fun, I’m going to give away these four original landscape mini-painting “place cards” to one of my readers.  If you’d like to win, simply subscribe to my blog and leave a comment on this post letting me know you have (or you already do!)

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced Monday, August 19, 2019.  Good luck!

I’ll share the full reveal of this green & white summer tablescape later this week.


  1. Deb

    I subscibed….these little masterpieces are beyond adorable!

    • Roberta

      Sweet idea!!! Love these!!

  2. Kathy T

    What a great giveaway ! Subscribed to your blog .
    I am looking forward to reading on table setting .

  3. Ginger Marshall

    I already subscribe to your blog. LOVE IT!! I also love those jadeite dishes, I already have several vintage pieces. I’m heading to our Walmart to see if they have them.

  4. Christine

    I have the perfect spot for these beautiful little paintings!

    • Leslie Belcher

      I am already a subscriber and have enjoyed your website for many years. You inspire my creative side which I so appreciate! I am heading to walmart to see if I can find some of these wonderful items! Love it all!

  5. helen

    I subscribed, but I didn’t get an email yet

    • helen

      nevermind…I found it

  6. Sandy

    Beautiful! Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  7. Teri

    I subscribed this morning and so glad I did. I am enjoying the Personal Retreat Guide!

  8. Karen

    Subscribed!! Love the paintings!

  9. Yolandi

    I subscribed ?
    Absolutely love the idea of using little canvases as place cards and take away gift for guests!

  10. Petra

    MARIAN-These are so sweet & inspiring. So glad you continue to share your talents.

  11. Angie YoungbloodYoungblood

    So beautiful, reminds me of the fields when I was growing up. Most now are developed in our growing community.

  12. Shawna

    Subscribed! What a wonderful giveaway!

  13. Helen

    Simply elegant and sweet place cards! Love the subtle tones and hues!

  14. Trish

    These are so adorable!! I subscribe to your newsletter!! ?

  15. Karen Cameron

    So in love! I’ve been a subscriber for years…

  16. Diana Jordan

    Signed up for the blog. Ben following you for years and have used your chalk paint. Love it. Love the little paintings… great soft colors. Would love to win!

  17. Judy

    Love the sweet little landscapes! They are truly amazing!

    • Lisa

      So beautiful. These little paintings on easels remind me of summer visits to Cape Ann with my mom.

  18. Melanie

    I subscribed! I would LOVE to be the winner of these beautiful mini paintings! So pretty!

  19. Yvonne

    I follow you on Bloglovin. These little paintings are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!

  20. Rachel

    Subscribed and fingers crossed!!!

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    Love your style❤️ And these little paintings are adorable!

  22. Ruth Herr

    Your tiny paintings are just cute as a button! I would love to be blessed with a set!

  23. Paula Lusk

    I just re-found your blog. You’ve had many lovely changes in your life. You are a very multi-talented woman, Marion. Best wishes.

  24. Cheryl

    Love the mini paintings… they are darling! I’m a long time subscriber.

  25. KathyMcD

    I love these! And your place settings too. I live in a very small house (480 sf) and don’t have room for all the fun dishes, but I can live vicariously through you! I am already a subscriber to your blog.

  26. Margery Schneider

    So adorable and versatile little accessories!

  27. Dayna

    I recently purchased these mini canvas’s at Michael’s and after reading your post I’m inspired to paint some pictures for my dollhouse! Thank you ?

  28. Julie S.

    What a cute idea! Would love to win anything you have painted!

  29. Chris Strautnieks

    I already subscribe. These tiny paintings are darling!

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    I subscribed. I just love these little paintings!

  31. Sue

    I subscribed. The greens your use are so fresh and soothing. Love your wonderful blog Mirian!

  32. Claire Schlather Hill

    I subscribe and read your blog every day.

  33. Kim

    Subscribed!! These little canvases are so adorable!! You make me feel like I might be able to do this myself!

  34. Donna Pruitt

    Miss MS, thank you I have been following you for quite some time. I just love everything you do. The tiny pictures are adorable I would love to share with my daughters!

  35. barb

    All your ideas are so fabulous! I wish you were my neighbor!

  36. Kim

    Have loved your blog for years. Have been able to purchase 2 of your paintings. Would love to own the minis. ❤️

  37. Marshelle Coyle

    These are absolutely adorable!! I’ve tried purchasing your paintings several times, yet they are always marked “sold.” I’m going to keep trying!!! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity. Hopefully, Marshelle

  38. Brian

    You’re so talented & inspiring! I simply adore all of your work.

  39. Lori

    Already a subscriber. So inspired by your gifts. So may ideas pop into my head for these little easels. Walmart, here I come!

  40. Marietta lyons

    I subscribed!! I have been a follower for a long time!! Love your paintings and down to earth decorating!!

  41. Kandra Stukenborg

    I subscribed! Three cheers for your lovely artwork and for good ol’ Walmart!

  42. Rita C at Panoply

    I’ve been subscribed for years, and I am in love with these little place cards, Marian. What a nice gesture to offer them to your readers! I love tablescaping so, of course, I would need to buy those little easels too. Thanks for providing the links and giving us this opportunity.

  43. Sheila Hull

    Already subscribed, love the placecards

  44. Teri

    Well, I will be heading to Walmart today! This is absolutely beautiful.

  45. Marc

    Great placecards or dinner favors!

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    I am already subscriber, love your decorating style, your art, your house. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  47. Laura


    I love your table and your little pieces of art. You are so talented.

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    Love the greens. I subscribe to all your endeavors!

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    I’ve been a subscriber for years and always love your post. Your tablescape is beautiful and that dining room gets me every time. I would love to win the landscapes!

  50. Cheryl Jarl

    Love your little paintings, so darling. These colors are my favorites too, I never tire of them and can make them work in all seasons by tweaking accessories. Love your blog, it’s right up there with devotions 🙂

  51. Laura R

    These paintings are THE cutest! And, I do believe they may be the inspiration to actually stick my neck out and try painting! Thank you for sharing — your inspiring makeovers, skills, triumphs, setbacks, meanderings, journeys…life!!

  52. Starr

    So clever and pretty!

  53. Cathie

    Beautiful tablescape. LOVE the mini paintings.

    Best regards-

  54. Fran

    Look forward to your blog daily………………… the tablescape!

  55. Stella

    I’ve adored every single painting you’ve shown us!!!! Your talent and fearlessness are staggering to me (not to mention your massive productivity)!!

  56. Betsy

    I am a subscriber! Love your colors.

  57. Debby

    I was already a subscriber, but I subscribed again just in case so I could enter this drawing for the mini landscapes! The colors match my decor perfectly–in fact, they match a painting ion my dining room that my mother painted about 35 years ago! I love your style, and I look forward to reading many more posts.

  58. Jenny

    I am already a subscriber and love every post – so inspirational! Wonderful color usage on the mini landscapes and so charming.

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    Love LOVE love these – would love LOVE love to have them!

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    Hope I’m not to late ,beautiful table love the color combo and the old and new plates and the little paintings are the best !!! I am a subscriber thanks for sharing

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    These are the most adorable paintings I’ve ever seen, I love little things.

  62. Argelia Brown

    Holy Hanah! A lot of entries, but here goes nothing. I adore your style and your mini landscapes would look amazing in my home! Your amazing and your products are #1! Keeping fingers crossed ???

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    Hi Marion,
    I’m already a subscriber – have been for about 5 years. I’d love those little landscapes. I got those placemats for my round table but I thought they were too small soI returned them. Sure hated to do that! They were pretty nice. Maybe I’ll give it another try. My Wal Mart didn’t have the green dishes. Your table is BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH US.

  66. Angela

    I already subscribe. I loved that you shared your process. These would be fun gifts for my six year old granddaughter who loves to paint. She can spend hours working on different projects. We usually buy her canvasses and art supplies to encourage her!

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    Love love the place cards. They are adorable and would love to have them.

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    I absolutely love everything you do!!! Your posts are so inspiring. I have been a subscriber for several years. I would love to be able to acquire a piece of your artwork! You are amazing in every way! Keep on doing what you love!!!

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    I have subscribed to your blog for a while and I save them up to read when I need a spark of creativity or need a minute of pure beauty and peace. I love everthing you do and these landcapes are amazing.

  73. nancy Hrba

    I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and enjoy your ideas and paintings. Love the
    tablescape you posted. Just lovely!

  74. Heather

    Don’t enter me in the give-away because I think it will be fun to paint my own. But many thanks for a fabulous idea! I am off to purchase little canvases. Your table setting was so much fun and I love the scalloped plates. Hope I do find some at a yard sale in the future!

  75. Christy

    Just subscribed and I realized the cake post with with flowers is essentially your color pallet of your dining room and I love it!

  76. Marybeth

    I LOVE this so much!!!!!! I like to do pretty tables when I have dinner parties, but this place card takes the cake!!!!!!! wow, and I will be making that cake.

  77. Jo

    Wow!!!! It seems as though you hit a “creative nerve” with this giveaway! Such fun!!!! There were 597 responses before me…certainly speaks to how much everyone enjoys your style, imagination and inspiration.

    Can you imagine if you gave away a painting?!?!?!?! LOL!!!!

  78. Terri Baldwin

    I love the mini landscapes! I’m feeling inspired to try my hand at a little painting. I love your blog and always find some kind of inspiration. Thanks Marian.

  79. Tara Hoke

    I love The Pioneer Woman dishes you chose and I’ll be getting the square placements.

  80. Joan Breckwoldt

    These are lovely! I’m an artist and I painted ONE HUNDRED mini florals for each guests’ place setting at my daughters wedding 4 years ago. Used the same little easels. Took me a while but well worth it. I should put it on my website. 🙂 Love your paintings, you are so talented and I hope you keep painting.

  81. Lori

    What color oils did you use?

    • Marian Parsons

      I mixed custom colors.

  82. Lisa

    These little paintings are soothing to look at and would make a lovely wall grouping. I would love to purchase if you have painted more than one set.


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