design ramblings | pet-friendly decorating

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Kriste and I are still at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, thoroughly enjoying our time here… a chance to connect to other bloggers, to recharge creatively and to have a little bit of girl time.  I’ll share more about it when I get home and have a chance to gather my thoughts. So, in this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste … Read More

design ramblings | eclectic style

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In this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I answered a viewer/reader question about the challenge of decorating when you love a variety of styles… I am, admittedly, not very eclectic.  I like and appreciate other styles, but not for my house.  I think the most out-on-a-limb I get is the industrial cart I use as a coffee table in my … Read More

design ramblings | who are you decorating for?

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In the last episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I brought up the question, “Who are we decorating for?”  I was talking about my sons’ decorating their Christmas tree and how I had to restrain myself from trying to “fix” it…to make it “photo-worthy.”  As I jerked my hands away from the tree, I thought about what kind of message … Read More

design ramblings | seasonal decorating

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I turned the camera and mic on and then I sat down on the sofa next to Kriste.  “So, what are we going to talk about?”  We sat in silence, thinking.  Sometimes we have topics or pictures lined up to talk about.  Other times, we just press record and hope inspiration strikes.  After a bit of toe-tapping and finger-drumming, Kriste … Read More

design ramblings | does your house match your wardrobe?

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I’ve heard it said that, if ever you’re stuck in your decorating choices, you can look to your wardrobe to get a sense of your style.  Do you agree with that?  Kriste and I chat about that subject in this week’s Design Ramblings… Help me out a little here.  Did anyone else dress like the movie Clueless in high school?  Contempo … Read More

decorating with plants | design ramblings

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Yes, I know it’s not Friday, our usual Design Ramblings day, but our week was pretty out-of-whack with our trip to Wisconsin!  I was planning to edit and post the video on Friday, but… 1.) I was totally exhausted and had a 4:30 wake-up call the next morning, 2.) iMovie wasn’t launching, and 3.) I was using my hotspot, which … Read More

design ramblings | shopping antique markets

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We took the opportunity when we were at Lucketts to film a Design Ramblings “on location”. It was a little distracting, but it was really fun.  We had people waving and making comments from behind the camera and the band started playing…  I think we got some good information in there, though! I think the biggest thing Kriste and I … Read More