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Kriste and I are still at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, thoroughly enjoying our time here… a chance to connect to other bloggers, to recharge creatively and to have a little bit of girl time.  I’ll share more about it when I get home and have a chance to gather my thoughts.

So, in this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I answer a fan’s e-mail about pet-friendly decorating…


(Kriste’s cat, Carli)

So, does anyone have a catio?!  I thought that was so funny, but I know that cats love hanging out on screened-in porches, so it does make sense!

Anyway, since I don’t currently have pets, I thought I would refer you to a couple of my blogger buddies who do and sometimes share solutions to common issues like pet hair and stains.

Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has a whole collection of furry friends…

PicMonkey Collage_thumb[1]


And Melissa from The Inspired Room shares the antics of her golden-doodle, Jack, and how they live happily together…



Do other pet-lovers out there have tips to share for how pets and pretty house can co-exist?

design ramblings | pet-friendly decorating

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