five things | fall decorating favorites

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Because I’ve been busy with home and work projects, I haven’t done much fall decorating.  I did buy one heirloom pumpkin yesterday and some heather, but otherwise, I’m not going to do too much this year.  I may change my mind in a week or two!  The temperature was a crisp 40 degrees this morning on my walk and a … Read More

six ways to decorate with sleigh bells

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As I’ve shared about my love for collecting Wallace Sleigh Bells, I’ve received several requests to share ways to use them to decorate for the holidays.  Those questions sparked this post!  Since I know not everyone collects those specific bells, I decided to create this post using a set of bells 16 bells I purchased for $10.  You can find … Read More

haviland 12 days of Christmas plates

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First of all, I loved reading through all of the comments on Wednesday’s post!  I didn’t intend for it to happen, but everyone gave me great ideas for blog posts next year.  It sounds like many of you need simple decorating ideas, inspiration, and some solutions to dilemmas you’re facing.  I think I’m going to have to bring my Decorating … Read More

christmas decorating in the living room 2019

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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We spent much of the time hanging out in our jammies at home.  It’s really what we all needed after a busy couple of weeks and right before we run the gauntlet of Christmas parties, concerts, and other holiday happenings. Initially, we were planning on heading out east to visit family for Thanksgiving, … Read More