scanning old documents, photos, & postcards

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One of the big projects I want to work on while organizing and purging is scanning antique and vintage family photos, letters, postcards, and documents.  Fortunately, I have a lot of them!  Unfortunately, that means the task is a little overwhelming and I’ve been putting off most of it for years.  So, I’m just going to chip away at it.  … Read More

February Organizing Update

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Despite a busy week and feeling a little under-the-weather over the weekend, I chipped away at organizing a bit more.  I’m still avoiding the huge projects, but I’ve been trying to do something most days, even if it’s just cleaning out a part of a cabinet or one drawer or sorting one bin.  Making small strides each day will help … Read More

February Organizing Update

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I haven’t had the time to work an entire day on one big project, like the playroom or storage room, but I’ve been spending pockets of time here and there on cabinets and drawers.  These are tasks I can complete in a few minutes and one little space usually leads to another.  I’ll have several spaces cleaned out within an … Read More

cleaning out the cleaning supplies

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I got a jump on organizing and decided to start somewhere quick & easy – cleaning out the cleaning supplies.  (Oh, the irony of having to clean and organize your cleaning supplies!) But, I figured it would be a job that would take about 30 minutes and I would fly through it.  I don’t have to try things on or … Read More