why I’m going to China…

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Next Wednesday, March 15, I am getting on a plane with my mom and my licensing agent, headed for China. And I thought I would finally share more details about what is bringing me to the opposite side of the world. First of all, when I started my business in 2008 in the hopes of making about $200/month to help … Read More

2519 posts

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I just happened to notice on my dashboard that I have published 2519 posts.  This will be number 2520. We’ve been through a lot together… I’ve written those posts on four different computers. I’ve taken pictures with three different Nikon cameras. I’ve moved from my kitchen counter to my basement to a studio. Hundreds of pieces of furniture have been … Read More

best of 2016

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The first week in January is usually when I hit the ground running, but I’ve been in a post-holiday, pre-head-cold funk and have just wanted to curl up under a blanket and ignore the world!  I’m starting to come out of that, though, and it actually helped me a lot to put this post together and see everything that happened over … Read More

hello 2017

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Well, here we are in a new year.  Hello, 2017. As I’m standing here on January 2, looking out over the days ahead, I find myself a little hesitant.  I’m usually ready to plow ahead, but this year is already filled with big things and a lot of unknowns.  This hesitation, thankfully, is balanced with excitement and hopefulness.  The stage … Read More

“There. I said it.”

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I have to come clean on something.  I was getting ready for my vacation…packing, getting stuff done, making sure my blog posts were ready.  In the midst of all of that, I only skimmed Jami’s guest post.  I already knew her business story, so I didn’t feel the need to read every sentence in great detail. Well, I checked my … Read More

{dreams for the future}

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The other day, one of my readers asked what my dreams were for the future and I thought it would be nice to share the answer in a post instead of a comment.  Before I share my dreams for the future, I’m going to share a bit about the past. Many of you know my story.  In short, my business … Read More

The Nate Berkus Show

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I shared back in January that I had the opportunity to go up to New York City to be a guest on The Nate Berkus Show. Well, the wait is finally over and the show aired (or airs, depending on where you live) today.   Here’s the video in case you missed it… I’ve been sitting on (not literally) all of … Read More