Mentoring for the Creative Entrepreneur

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Back in June, I launched Mustard Seed Mentoring, a mentoring group for creative entrepreneurs.  I must admit, I was a ball of nerves when I first launched it.  Would anyone even be interested?  I know I don’t have all the answers…  Would I have enough answers and experience to make an impact on the creatives who join? Now that I … Read More

Miss Mustard Seed is 10 years old!

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A little over 10 years ago, I did a google search for “home decor blog” and discovered a whole new world.  Well, new to me.  I found “my people”…housewives, moms, and decor enthusiasts sharing their love of home on the internet.  They were Myquillyn of The Nesting Place, Melissa of The Inspired Room, Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick, and Layla … Read More

The Creative Exponent

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I met Shaunna about 9 years ago at the Blissdom blog conference and we hit it off almost immediately.  As fellow “furniture girls”, we knew of each other, but we hadn’t connected until that event.  Since then, we’ve been like peas and carrots. We’ve done speaking engagements together, taught workshops on paint and creative business, and were vendor neighbors at … Read More

How I Journal

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I’ve mentioned journaling a few times on Instagram and here on the blog and have received some questions about how I journal.  I know there are a lot of “journaling methods” out there and I wouldn’t say I follow any specific method, but just started writing and figured out the best way to organize it all for my brain and … Read More

number one

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On my @marianparsonsart Instagram, I shared my very first oil painting along with this caption… Number one. This was my first attempt at oil painting just over two years ago. You can see my tentative use of the paint. The barely-there stippled cloud declares my uncertainty. The mishandling of the colors and weak composition show my lack of knowledge and … Read More

join me on my next step of faith

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I know I’ve been cryptic about “things I’m working on” and “new projects” for the past few months.  Those vague phrases are actually referring to several irons in the fire.  You know about some them like the fabric designs I’m working on for Spoonflower and the oil painting course for beginners, but there are a few other projects that are … Read More

creative retreat with shaunna

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Well, I made it back from Florida!  The trip there was a little eventful (lots of delays, maintenance issues with planes, etc.), but I got there and only lost a few hours in the process.  This is the second creative retreat I’ve done that wasn’t going to a planned/scheduled conference.  Of course, attending a conference has a lot of value, … Read More

Personal Retreat Guide for Creatives

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Last March, I went on a three-day creative retreat to Florida with a friend.  She needed a break from her routine and so did I.  So, we traveled together, split the cost of a hotel room, and then went our separate ways each day to get what we needed. That time was so valuable!  I came back with decisions made … Read More