a walking tour of Barga

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On the afternoon of our first full day in Barga, we had the pleasure of doing a walking tour led by Keane, a man who moved from the UK 30 years ago and has made Barga his home.  We didn’t get to do this tour last year, so I was excited to learn more about this ancient walled town.  The … Read More

pole-pole-tree & dinner with Florentines

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None of us were looking forward to an early morning wake-up call to catch our train from Paris to Milan to Florence, but that is what had to be done. Since train travel is less expensive then air travel, my mom and I decided to splurge on business class tickets.  Since we were on the train most of the day, … Read More

Paris souvenirs

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Before we leave Paris and head to Italy, I thought I would share the “souvenirs” I purchased.  For me, I like to bring things home that I will use.  When I interact with them, they will remind me of my trip and, hopefully, a great memory that accompanies them. I already shared about the antique fountain pen and the lesson … Read More

free & final day in Paris

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We got a late start to our last day in Paris.  It was the only day we didn’t have to wake up for a tour, so we slept in and were slow to eat breakfast and get ready.  When traveling, there is always a tension between wanting to see as much as you can and wanting to stop to take … Read More

champagne & reims

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As I was planning out our France leg of the trip, the number one thing I wanted to do was take a day trip to Champagne.  For me, it wasn’t about the grapes or the tastings, but it was about seeing the French countryside…seeing tiny villages nestled in lush green hills and checkerboard fields. So, I booked a private tour … Read More

Paris 2019 | Marais Walking Tour

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Before I share about our second day in Paris, I wanted to let you know that Mustard Seed Mentoring is opened again for new members!  My current group of creative entrepreneurs has been amazing to work with for the past few months and I have seen lots of growth and I’ve learned a lot myself!  If you’re a creative business … Read More

Paris 2019 | Chateau Latour & the Louvre

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I’m ho-ome!  For those who haven’t been following on Instagram or Facebook, I spent two weeks in Europe and arrived back in the States yesterday.  I didn’t want to work on blog posts during my trip.  Instead, I took lots of pictures and kept a detailed journal, so I could share it all with you when I got back…and, boy, … Read More