my Pennsylvania home tour

Welcome to my Pennsylvania home tour!  We worked hard on our home for almost eleven years and it was a true labor of love and DIY marathon.  We've painted, built, repaired, installed, sewed, upholstered, sanded, refinished, ripped out and remodeled just about every corner.

Our goal was to balance the function we needed for our busy family with our (mostly my) desire for a beautiful home.  I hope this home tour gives you some inspiration and encouragement to do the same in your home.


Let's start at the front door...

This house was a 1 1/2 story, 2300 sq foot, brick cape cod that was built in 1948.  It's in a two stoplight town in the hills and orchards of south central Pennsylvania.  We've spent most our time fixing up the inside of our house, but we've been working on the outside of the house over the past year or so.   Painting the brick was always on my wish-list, but we never got around to it.

A few years after we moved in, I planted holly bushes along the front, under the windows, and lavender flanking the stairs.  The lavender got a little wild, but it smelled so nice and I love how it softens the steps.

I got the concrete planters from my Opa's house before it sold.  They were sitting empty for a long time and I finally planted little boxwoods in them.

The window boxes were filled with a mix of white petunias, alyssum and a few purple flowers during the spring and summers.

You can see some of the work we did to the garden and driveway HERE.


When you walk through the front door, the living room is to the left and the dining room is through an archway to the right.  Straight ahead is an antique dental cabinet I bought from Urban Farmgirl at the Chapel Market a couple of years ago...

The original oak floors are currently raw.  We stripped them down in the winter of 2014 and never put a finish on them.  I sort of liked them raw!  You can read about living with raw wood floors HERE.

The living room is one of my favorite rooms.  (I especially loved it at Christmas time.)

It has the prettiest light and I love every stick of furniture in that space.  The walls are painted in Pearly White by Sherwin Williams.  The ceiling and trim are bright white, out of the can.  The jelly cupboard is in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Linen, the rocking horse (from Restoration Hardware) is in Farmhouse White over Grain Sack and the primitive hutch, a Craig's List find, is a custom mix of French Enamel and Trophy.

The Gustavian-style sofa was a $100 Craig's List find that I reupholstered in antique hemp sheets.  I painted the frame in MMSMP Grain Sack.

The blue & white factory cart was $130 at a local antique store and the chandelier was picked up for $60 at a junk shop.  The home didn't have an overhead light in this room and installing one was going to be very messy (cutting through the plaster) and expensive, so I wired it to plug into the wall and made a super-long "scrunchy" cover for it out of antique linen.

The woven rug is from Joss & Main.  You can read how my jute & sisal rugs are holding up HERE.

The Bergere chairs are also craigslist finds that I reupholstered.


They are upholstered in antique grain sacks supplemented with hemp sheets.  I bought a bolt of the checked fabric for $1.50/yard.

The marble-topped dresser was another $100 Craig's List find.  It didn't sell at Lucketts one year, so it was meant to be and I'm glad.  I painted it in MMSMP Grain Sack with Ironstone highlights on the drawer details.  The chair was a trade with one of my blog readers.  I reupholstered it in the same $1.50/yard checked fabric.

Click HERE to see the full evolution of the living room over the nine years we've lived here.

There's a small hallway through the living room that leads to Jeff's office, a coat closet, 1/2 bath and upstairs.


The dining room is another space with beautiful light.  The dining table is made out of an old tongue & groove wood door and the base of a potting bench.  I purchased the wing chairs for $50 for the pair and reupholstered them in more of the checked fabric and grain sacks.  The French side chairs were a Craig's List find.

The chandelier may be one of my best finds ever.  It was $4.00 at a yard sale.  Yep, that's $4.00.  It was actually $5.00 and I negotiated it down!  I my defense, it was in a box, so I had no idea what I was buying, but when I saw the bag of crystals at the top, I knew it was worth the gamble.  (And I should've just paid five bucks for it.)

The corner cabinets were given to me by my aunt and I painted them in MMSMP Shutter Gray with Ironstone details and a Mora interior.  The chairs and table are painted in Ironstone.

The cow painting, Eulalie, is an original work by Cindy Austin.  You can buy a giclee print of Eulalie in Cindy's etsy shop, HERE.  The painting is framed in a $11 clearance frame from Hobby Lobby that I gold leafed.

I made the skirts for the dining chairs out of antique grain sacks and hemp.  Are you seeing a pattern, here?  If you're interested in making your own, here's a tutorial.

mms-8160 mms-8162

I didn't get a picture of it, but I also had a phonograph in the dining room.  I listened to it sometimes when I was home alone, cleaning or rearranging.  One of my favorite memories from last Christmas was when we were sitting around the table and I played "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby on it.  There's just something special about those scratchy records.


Through a small archway from the dining room is our home office, which used to be the 1940's kitchen.  It had patchwork linoleum floors, a gas pipe sticking up out of the floor and a fridge sitting in front of the ironing board cabinet when we first moved in.  You can see the before and the transformation HERE.

mms-8193 mms-8187

The channel-back chair was an honest-to-goodness-side-of-the-road-freebie.  I reuphosltered it in antique linen.  Jeff built the radiator cover and the built-ins in the space.

The walls are Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

This room is sort of our "landing zone".  It's where we hang our bags and backpacks, take off/put on shoes, etc.  The desk is a bit of a clutter magnet, but I try to stay on top of the papers.

mms-8178    mms-8174 mms-8175  mms-8184


The home office leads into the new kitchen, which is in the modern addition to the home.  It was built about five years before we bought the house.  You can see the before and transformation HERE.  The full list of sources as well as the total cost can be found HERE.

The kitchen was an awesome space to begin with, but the finishes and colors weren't my taste.  I painted just about everything...the walls, ceiling and all 53 cabinets.  Jeff and I also made the butcher block counters and the custom range hood.  My dad and I installed the marble backsplash, which was my first and most likely last tiling project!  The floor tile was from Home Depot and the hickory wood flooring was from Lumber Liquidators.

My mom bought the pot rack for me as a house-warming gift.  In all of the 8+ years we've lived here, that may be the one thing that has never moved!  And yes, those are actually my real, everyday pots and pans.  If you're going to use things every day, they might as well be pretty!

The barstools are from Restoration Hardware.

We actually use the chalkboard for our grocery list.  We write what we need as we think of it, which is handy since it's just two steps from the fridge and pantry, and then take a picture of it before heading to the store.

The cow head and wreath are from Decor Steals and the sign over the stove is from Copper & Tin.

family room

The kitchen opens to the family room and obviously, these two rooms are where we spend the bulk of our time.  Once we cleared out the bouncy-seats and jump-a-roos, which used to be a in row under this window, we made room for a small eating area.

This is where we eat most meals, play games, color, work on homework, etc.

The walls of the kitchen and family room are painted in Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore.  The Belgian linen curtains are from Barn & Willow.

The rug is from Home Goods, sectional and TV console are from Ashley Furniture.

We had a big gas fireplace where the TV is now, but we knocked it out.  It wasn't functional or pretty and it really limited the furniture placement.  I love fireplaces, but this one needed to go.

We designed the wainscoting after a visit to a beautiful old inn in Charlottesville, VA.  This room needed some architectural interest and this was the ticket.

The wing chairs were given to me for free, since they weren't purchased at a friend's yard sale.

back deck

The family room opens to the back deck, which recently got a vintage-style makeover.    You can see the full transformation HERE.



The master bedroom is off of the family room.

The dresser was another Craig's List acquisition, as was the French wardrobe, which is probably my most epic Craig's List find ever...

Miss Mustard Seed-3111

The bed is from Restoration Hardware with bedding from Pine Cone Hill.  What most people assume is wallpaper, is actually fabric that's been starched to the wall.  It's "Artissimo" by P Kaufmann.

Our bathroom underwent an overhaul a couple of years ago and it made this small master bathroom feel a bit more luxurious.  Jeff built the shelving and rad covers and installed the shower cornice and trim.  We also put in a skylight, to bring in some much-needed natural light.

We had this tile professionally done and I opted to have these niches put in the shower wall, which I like so much more than any rack hanging from the shower head or stuck to the wall!


Back at the front of the house, there's a small staircase that leads to the second floor.  It's been a neglected space for years, but I recently painted it in Gray Owl, framed, matted (video tutorial HERE), and hung a family gallery wall and installed a Dash & Albert stair runner.

You can read about the stair runner installation HERE.

The upstairs bathroom is super small, but it has everything a full-bath really needs.  Since it's a small space, I wanted to go bold with this wall mural from Anthropologie.  The light fixture is from Pottery Barn, the sink is original to the house.  The marble hex tile is from Amazon.  I painted the antique plaster mirror frame in a mix of MMSMP Boxwood and Lucketts Green.

The guest room is another favorite of mine.  It's a departure from my usual blue and whites, with golds and reds added in.

The sconces are from Pottery Barn (discontinued), the bedding is Pine Cone Hill and the bed is from Restoration Hardware.  The checked curtains were made from more fabric my aunt gave me.  The walls are painted in Mascarpone by Sherwin Williams.

The beautiful (and unpainted) 1800's wood dresser was another $100 Craig's List find.



The boy's room is across the hall and is decorated in a loose vintage sports theme, mostly with pictures, racquets, and banners from my Opa's attic.  The walls are painted in Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Click HERE for resources and to see how the room has changed over the years.


And that's about it!  I hope you enjoyed getting a tour of my PA house.  This was a quick flyover, but if you'd like to learn more about my rooms and spaces, you click HERE to see the "my home" posts.

I also wrote a series sharing the full evolution of each room over the nine years we've lived here. This home was collected and worked on over time, which can be hard to see in a home tour that doesn't show all of the behind-the-scenes work.  These posts show that...

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