the slow evolution

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I’m sure you would agree that our society as a whole suffers from “instant-itis”.  We want it all now, fast, and simple. And the expectation for a room makeover has been altered ever since Trading Spaces.  A room can be completely (debatably) finished from top to bottom in 2 days.  And, while some transformations can be quick, like changing the … Read More

living room updates

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As I shared yesterday, I worked on cleaning out the dining room and that turned into polishing up some other areas in the house that have been unfinished.  One of those spots was the wall with the pine hutch in the living room… I hung my small collection of German stag antlers on either side of it and also moved … Read More

stairway gallery wall

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When we first move in, we all made a big push to get things unboxed and put away.  (Or at least put in a spot that made some amount of sense.)  But, as the weeks have gone by, I admit I’ve slowed down a bit.  There is still plenty that needs to be sorted, organized.  There are still some unopened … Read More

the “factory table” update

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Since I’ve had a few people ask, I thought I would give an update on the “factory table” I purchased off of craigslist and stripped down several weeks ago.   Well, I had plans to paint and finish it right away, but with cold weather looming, I felt it was more urgent to paint the kitchen cabinets.  I needed to be … Read More

kitchen shelves & the butler’s pantry

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Now that the cabinets are painted, I’m hoping to finish some other parts of the kitchen over the next few weeks.  The freshly painted cabinets and walls are a great backdrop, but the kitchen needs some more texture and warmth. I am on the hunt for fabric to make curtains for the eating area, family room, and a valance for … Read More

Painted Kitchen Cabinets | Reveal

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Over the past few weeks, I have been working on painting my kitchen cabinets.  I must admit that it dragged out the process, but working on the cabinets in stages helped keep some order in the busiest room in our house. And now, they are done.  Whew! As a reminder, here is what the kitchen looked like shortly after we … Read More

and just like that…it felt like home

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We’ve lived in Rochester, in this new-to-us home, for almost three months. We’ve been doing a lot to intentionally get settled and entrenched in this area…  Working on projects to make this house feel more like ours.  Spending time with people to establish relationships that go beyond acquaintance.  Having kids over to play to nurture friendships for our boys.  Getting … Read More