the best view in the house

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As we’re getting ready to say a proper goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for 11 years, I want to take some time to reminisce.  A few readers shared they felt sad to see the house empty.  An empty house to me meant that packing was done, so sadness was not an emotion I was experiencing! But then again, our … Read More

rose bush nest & more packing

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A few weeks ago, my mom told me about a nest that she discovered in one of her rose bushes.  She thought I would like it, so we went snooping for it when we were over at her house for burgers on Memorial Day.  It was a beautiful nest, filled with three turquoise eggs.  Sadly, though, the mother was not … Read More

the wasted space

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I’ve always thought of the formal living room in our house as a bit of a waste. The original part of our home was built in 1948 and this little room, right when you walk in the front door was the only living area.  Though it’s small, it was very well designed.  It’s opened to the dining room with a … Read More

this home is not my world

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We spent last week split between visiting Jeff’s family in Raleigh and sneaking in some R&R at Myrtle Beach. It was nice to get away from the packing and to spend some time on the beach, by the pool, and playing board games with the boys.  I always look forward to getting home, though. There is no denying that I’m a … Read More

good & perfect time

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Timing is an interesting thing. If you have read my blog for a while, you may remember that we put our house on the market almost exactly three years ago.  We had seen a local farm that was for sale and we were hot to buy it!  We got our house ready and listed it with high hopes of selling … Read More

Calvin’s Christmas Bedroom

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I took some time a couple of weeks ago to put some finishing touches on Calvin’s room and, while I did that, I added a few Christmas decorations. I finally swapped out the brass curtain rod with this matte black single curtain rod from Birch Lane.  This one is pretty heavy duty just in case someone thinks it’s a good … Read More

Christmas tree 2.0, paper whites & a blue truck

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This year, I really took my time selecting the Parsons’ family Christmas tree of 2016.  It was the perfect height, fluffy, and full…just like I wanted. I was practically giddy as I put on over 1200 lights, the garland, and ornaments.  It looked beautiful. Here is how my glorious, perfect tree looked yesterday morning… The tree was totally dried out and … Read More