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I have found a lot of great pieces on Craig’s List over the years…chandeliers, dressers, hutches, cupboards, chairs, sofas…you name it.  I’ve bought a lot off of Craig’s List.  When I’m getting ready for a market, I troll the local antiques & furniture sections daily in our local areas to see if I come up with anything good (and I often do.)  And I have another ace up my sleeve when it comes to shopping CL…my dad.  He has a truck, likes to drive and likes to meet new people, so he’s in charge of coordinating the details of the pick up and then he delivers it to me.  It saves me a lot of time and he enjoys helping out.

So, I was browsing through Craig’s List a few days ago and came across a listing for a French armoire.  I have been looking for one for my bedroom for a long time, but I’ve been very picky.  I was looking for a piece that was a real antique, sturdy (so I can actually use it) and not crazy expensive.  Plus, it has to “speak to me”…meaning that I really love it.  I have been coming up empty for a long time.  I wasn’t very hopeful when I clicked on the listing, but I could immediately tell from the detail pictures that this armoire was the real deal and the description stated it was sturdy.

It had been listed for several days and I was amazed it was still available.  The only thing I could see that was wrong with it (and may have prevented other people from snapping it up), were that the door mirrors had been broken or removed at one point and replaced with a not-so-attractive upholstery fabric.  I saw past that immediately and sent the listing along to my dad.  He picked it up a couple of days later and even negotiated the price from $380 to $350.  He sent me this picture when it was in his truck…


I suspected it was a breakdown wardrobe, which is common for antique pieces.  You can see one of the upholstered panels in the door above.

Jeff fixed up a few poorly-done past repairs and we had new mirrors cut for the doors and purchased brackets and shelves to fit on the metal supports already attached to the back.  Jeff also cut some luan (thin plywood) to back the mirrors and give them more stability.  We put it all together and I moved my clothes in yesterday.

And here it is…

Miss Mustard Seed-3104

The details on this piece are absolutely amazing.  I think this would be $800-1200 in an antique store, so I feel like it was a super deal at $350.

 Miss Mustard Seed-3122

Miss Mustard Seed-3118

Miss Mustard Seed-3116

Miss Mustard Seed-3120

The doors are pretty warped, so the mirrors are at crazy angles and look a bit like a funhouse, but I don’t mind.

Miss Mustard Seed-3105 Miss Mustard Seed-3107 Miss Mustard Seed-3108 Miss Mustard Seed-3111

I also got a new woven rug with Joss & Main credits.  I had a rug from my Opa’s house in the room, but it was only 6′ x 9′ and wasn’t the right scale for the room.  I needed a larger rug to go under the bed and tie the long, narrow room together a bit better.  The problem with large rugs is that they are really expensive.  While I would love a plush wool rug, a woven one was more a budget-friendly option at only about $230 for a 9′ x 12′ rug.  With the credits I have accumulated from referrals, I only spent about $80 out of pocket for something that makes a huge difference in the room.

Miss Mustard Seed-3110

I feel like I’m getting close to being done with this room.  I said that to Jeff and he half laughed, half rolled his eyes and even managed to give me a are-you-kidding-what-more-needs-to-be-done-in-here kind of look.  After being married to me for 15 years, though, he just knows that this is what I do.  I am really trying to follow through and get rooms finished, though.  The big things are in place and it just needs a little finessing…pictures on the wall, pillows and slips for the chairs, paint on Jeff’s dresser…mostly things I have and just need to finish…but it’s almost there.

Next week I’ll be working on more Christmas projects (we’re breaking out the MMS glass glitter) and I hope to get a lot of sewing done and maybe we’ll even sand down the floors…

epic craig's list find

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