5 tips for building a killer collection

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Yesterday, I talked about paring down and today I’m talking about collecting!  Believe it or not, but the two can very much go hand in hand.  I believe editing is an important part of building a killer collection. As I was working on the process of purging, deciding what to keep and what to box up to sell, I realized that there … Read More

Doggie Gift Guide

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We had two Siamese cats when I was growing up, Beth and Susie.  I remember that every Christmas, we would hang a stocking for them and fill it with treats and toys.  Of course, they didn’t care if they got presents or a stocking at all, but it was fun for us – it was how we, in our human way, … Read More

holiday snuggles with Sebastian

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My regular readers have come to know and love Sebastian, the Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix dog who became the newest member of the Parsons’ family this fall. He has become my little shadow and we all love him so much.  He’s sweet, well behaved, playful, and brings such warmth to our home.  I’ve learned a lot about caring for a dog … Read More

home alone & GetSafe review

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This past week, Jeff gave me an amazing gift.  Something that I haven’t had in over nine years…  Three days and two nights with the house all to myself.  High fives all around to moms who know what an amazingly awesome thing that is. I had an internal Macaulay Culkin moment where I jumped on all of the beds eating … Read More

I’ve got nothin’

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I usually post six days a week.  That’s just what I do as a part of my job.  And usually I have an abundance of things to talk about. Well, tonight, I opened my computer and sat in front of a blank page for about 45 minutes.  Hoping to find a spark of inspiration, I scrolled through old pictures.  I … Read More

the sweatshirt event & magazine features

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Every time we have t-shirts printed, my crew and I order sweatshirts.  Hoodies, to be more specific.  And then we pretty much live in them all winter. This year, we ordered a new “throw-back style” sweatshirt and we absolutely love them.  They are so soft and comfy, but have a bit more shape and style to them than the old … Read More