Holiday Crafts with Walmart

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All words and opinions, as always, are honest and my own.  Let’s make some holiday crafts…

I have always loved making things for the holidays…for gifts, for decorations, or just as something fun to do to fill a quiet afternoon indoors.  This holiday season, I find the pull to making things even greater.  I know there will be a lot of time at home as opposed to some of our usual seasonal outings, like visiting family, black Friday gift-shopping, and going to the movies.  Instead, we’ll be doing more puzzles, family games, movie nights, baking, and I’ll be doing a few more holiday crafts.  Since we will be spending the Thanksgiving break at home (as I’m sure many of you are as well), crafting is a great way to get off electronics, gather together, and make some good memories.

To share a few simple crafting ideas, I had a little Christmas crafternoon last week with some things I picked up from Walmart.  I was able to find everything from pretty ribbons in my favorite blue & green color palette to chipboard deer to glitter or paint to a wooden bowl to serve Chex Mix while we’re creating.  Chex Mix is a holiday staple for our family to snack on while we’re waiting for the turkey to cook or when we just need something salty to nibble on after pie.

In addition to browsing the Walmart Home section, I found a bunch of great supplies and materials in their craft aisles.

Here are a few easy holiday crafts  that would make for great family fun (or things you can do when mom just needs a few moments to herself!)

Easy Holiday Crafts | Decoupage Stars

For this project, you’ll need…


star ornament holiday craft | miss mustard seed

Use the wooden ornament as a template and trace it onto the back of your fabric or piece of paper.  I used a photo copy of an early 1900s French letter for one of my stars.

star ornament holiday craft | miss mustard seed

Cut fabric and/or paper to size.  Brush one side of the wooden ornament with Mod Podge, stick on the paper or star, and brush on more Mod Podge to seal.

star ornament holiday craft | miss mustard seed

Allow one side to dry before slipping over to do the other side.

Using the same brush, apply a small amount of school glue to the edges of the ornament and sprinkle with glitter.  This will hide any mistakes in the cutting and gluing and will add a little shine!

Hang on a ribbon or a piece of twine.

star ornament holiday craft | miss mustard seed

Easy Holiday Crafts | Glitter Pinecones & Chipboard Shapes

For this project, you’ll need…

I found these sweet chipboard deer in the Christmas section at my local Walmart and I thought they would look great glittered.  Here’s how I did it…


glittered deer holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed


Remove any ribbon or twine and apply white school glue with a 1/2″ brush.

glittered deer holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Sprinkle one side with glitter and allow it to dry.  Repeat on the other side and touch up any bare spots.

glittered deer holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Thread on a ribbon and use as an ornament or gift tag.


For glittereing the pine cones, you can either collect them from an obliging pine tree (as I did) or purchase some HERE if you can’t forage them.  Insert a small screw eye into the woody top of the pine cone.  I was able to twist mine in by hand, but use a drill if necessary.

glittered pinecone holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Brush white school glue on the tips of the pinecone and sprinkle with glitter.  Hang to dry.

glittered pinecone holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Thread a ribbon or length of twine through the screw eye to hang as a tassel, ornament, or gift embellishment.

glittered holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Easy Holiday Crafts | Glittered Vintage Gift Tags

For this project, you’ll need…

Print up desired vintage holiday printables on quality paper.  I used an off-white executive paper.  Cut it out with about 1/2″ border on all sides.  Cut a piece of acrylic paper the same size.  (Acrylic paper is heavier, will provide support to the printer paper, and won’t buckle.)

glittered printable holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Brush the acrylic paper with Mod Podge, stick printable in place, and seal with more Mod Podge.  The paper will curl a bit when it’s wet, but it will flatten as it dries.

glittered printable holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Cut out the tag and punch a hole on one corner.  Once dry, brush the edges with white school glue and sprinkle with glitter.  All the glue to completely dry before threading onto a ribbon or piece of twine.  Use as an ornament or gift tag.

glittered printable holiday ornament craft | miss mustard seed

Easy Holiday Crafts | Hand-Cut Rag Ribbon

This is definitely the easiest project on the list!  Simply make a cut into a piece of light-weight cotton fabric at the desired width and tear.  The fabric will tear in a straight line!  It will fray a little bit, but just pull some of the loose threads out if they are bothersome.  I cut mine to about 3/4″ – 1″ wide to use on gifts and as ribbon to hang ornaments.

hand-cut rag ribbon | miss mustard seed

Wind on an old spool or you happen to have one (a paper towel or TP roll will do, too!)

hand-cut rag ribbon | miss mustard seed

Your ribbon options just got a whole lot boarder!

I also got this cure reversible wrapping paper from Walmart, but it’s only available in stores.

hand-cut rag ribbon | miss mustard seed

I hope this inspires you to take some time to get crafty whether it’s with your family or you use it as a time to recharge.  I have learned that creative endeavors are a great pick-me-up, which we could all use these days!  It helps the world shrink just a little and you can focus on the simple task in front of you.

nuts & bolts classic chex mix recipe | miss mustard seed

You can find the Chex Mix recipe I make (we always called them Nuts & Bolts) HERE.

I’m going to be taking some time off to spend time with family, rest, read, paint, and start decorating for Christmas, but I’ll be back in a few days…

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Kim

    All of these are SO simple and yet very beautiful. They would be a fun and easy craft to do even with the most inexperienced crafters. Thanks for an easy way to start off the season and keep our minds off of current events.

  2. Morgane

    Lovely! it reminds me of the workshop I did with you about 5 years ago….I still have a lot of that fancy glitter, it only comes out for the special projects!

  3. Elizabeth Haines

    I enjoy your blog so much. I’m from Michigan and we always called them Nuts & Bolts, too!

  4. JC

    So cute…every single one. I’m going to head over to and see if they have some of these things. I’m crafting a lot this year and last Christmas we decided on a handmade Christmas in 2020! Who knew! It will make things this year extra special, which we all need about now! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. Mimi

    Wonderful, wonderful! You’ve made my mood merry!
    I’ll be on the hunt for supplies this weekend.

  6. Teddee Grace

    Oh, you really did find a lot of items at Walmart that fit your design sense. All your crafts are really cute.

    • Cherie Bautista

      I will be doing these crafts with my grandson. How much fun we will have.

    • Marcie

      Is that moss green satin ribbon on the reindeer ornament from Walmart? I need some exactly that color.

      • Marcie

        Sorry. Didn’t mean to reply to this.

  7. Linda D.

    Such fun and easy crafts! All of the projects are beautiful! Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Vickie Shields aka Honey

    Who knew Walmart had such cute items – I guess I need to look past the grocery section for a change! I think I may run and grab some of the deer and stars and get crafting!!!! Thanks for the ideas but I have to say I’m LOVING that bowl!!! Guess I’ll have to grab one of those as well!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  9. Rita

    I have to give it to Walmart this year. They have really stepped up to the plate with their home items like BHG and Christmas decor. Lots of cute stuff.

  10. Mrcie

    Is that moss green satin ribbon on the reindeer ornament from Walmart? I need some exactly that color.

    • Marian Parsons

      No, that was just in my stash. I’ve had it for years, so I’m not sure where it came from. Sorry!

  11. Miche Ortega

    Absolutely adorable craft ideas, Marian. Thank you. I never have a problem finding what I need at Walmart. I will definitely be picking up some of these items today. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Karen Keller-Eyer

    Hi Marian,
    Could you provide a link to the reindeer ornaments, LOVE them and can’t seem to find them on Walmart’s website.
    THANKS !

    HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg !!!!

    • Marian Parsons

      I couldn’t find them on their website, either, but I’ve bought them two years in a row at my local Walmart. they’ve been in the Christmas section with other packs of ornaments. I would suggest looking there.

  13. Jan Fusco

    Love this post. Thank you for sharing these crafty ideas. I think I’ll give them a try.

  14. DeAnna

    Thank you Marian! I’m not too inventive so these ideas are wonderful!

  15. Cathy

    I might try this with thrift store flannel shirts; they’re a buck or 2 here. The JAF store near us doesn’t have the best selection of high end fabrics. These look like fun ?

  16. Amar

    They are Beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Susan Stevenson

    Marian they are all gorgeous! I love the ribbon too and the blue for the holidays!

  18. Anne

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  19. HT Messerall

    I look forward to seeing your blog each day in my emails! Love seeing all you do and being inspired by all your talent. Thank you for the inspiration and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your family!

  20. Lbk

    Just beautiful! I love the calm blues and greens in these paintings. You are blessed with a wonderful talent!


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