the work of gardening gnomes & painting peonies

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My typical gardening routine each year is to start enthusiastically and then fizzle out as the weather gets hot and beds are overwhelmed with weeds.  A part of that is I was battling beds filled with rocks, deteriorating weed-blocking fabric, and plants I didn’t like.  There wasn’t a lot of incentive to care for it until we did an overhaul.  … Read More

#happymailmovement giveaway | crocheted dishcloths

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With the heaviness that’s hanging over our country right now, I thought offering up another #happymailmovement giveaway to my readers would be a nice way to kick off the week.  It doesn’t make anything right or better, but it’s an itty-bitty way to spread a little happiness. I’ve been spending a lot of time while under the stay-at-home/safe-at-home orders working … Read More

this & that

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Our weekend was mostly rainy, but it was much needed.  I’m watching our grass green up and our front garden spring to life (along with weeds that need to be pulled) out of the drenched soil.  I spent Sunday cleaning and making soup to get the week started off well.  I did take some creative time when everyone else was … Read More