designing a product

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A year and a half ago, I was offered the opportunity to design home decor products.  It’s something I had considered. and even hoped for, for a long time, but it just never came together.  I was such a hands-on creator that I struggled with trying to communicate my vision to someone else.  I also had to learn how to … Read More

gaining space & resourcefulness

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I said I was going to hang the postal sorter on the wall to gain some space on the table, so I did just that!  Well, I say “I”, but Jeff actually did it for me.  I did take everything down, tell him where I wanted it hung, and then put everything back, so I was a participant!  He’s just … Read More

studio tweaks

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When I moved everything into the studio, I knew that they might not stay that way.  I had an idea of how I would use the space, but that was based on the idea that the drafting table would be my primary work surface. Since I’ve been doing more painting than watercolors and drawing, I’ve been working mostly at my … Read More

100 meadows project | 61-80

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When I made the half-hearted commitment to paint 100 meadows, I didn’t think I would make it this far.  I was planning on not making it this far.  But, this challenge has been a surprise and a gift.  I never expected to see this much progress or to experience this much growth.  I didn’t know I would start to feel … Read More

studio organization

Marian ParsonsArt, Mustard Seed Studio, Organizing34 Comments

This studio is totally different from my last one.  It’s about a 20th of the size, maybe even smaller than that.  It doesn’t have storage closets, rolling dividing walls, or many zones for different tasks.  This studio is designed specifically for small-scale creative endeavors and photography.  No shipping, no office work, no big sewing or furniture projects. Even small-scale creative … Read More

100 meadows project | 21-40

Marian ParsonsArt, Mustard Seed Studio26 Comments

Well, I’ve been sticking with the 100 meadows project and I do believe that I will make it to 100!  I am almost halfway there and I found myself getting emotional when I completed #40.  I have grown so much and learned so much.  This has been such a worthwhile artistic undertaking on so many levels and it has pushed … Read More

oil painting | what I’ve learned so far (pt 2)

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I shared all about the paints, brushes, and painting surfaces I’m using in PART ONE of this series following my oil painting journey.  The post was getting really long, so I split it into two posts.  I would suggest reading the first one, if you haven’t, so you hear the story behind this journey.  I also want to restate that … Read More