charcoal, a glass dip pen, and a Victorian watercolor box…

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It’s time to share some more antique and vintage art supplies!  Obviously, I haven’t bought any this month because of “no-spend February”, but I bought an antique Victorian-era watercolor box with some Christmas money in January and I received a few little things last week as a gift. An antique dealer from PA who used to buy things for me … Read More

knitting organization

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Despite my early frustrations that involved a lot of unraveling, I am getting the hang of knitting and I am really enjoying it!  I find it’s a nice way to be productive while I’m watching TV in the evenings with Jeff and the boys.  (We’ve been watching through old seasons of Survivor together.)  After making several hats, I moved on … Read More

creative play | sketchbook tour

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I’ve shared in the past that I have a hang-up when it comes to sketchbooks.  Several hang-ups, actually.  I always want to be the person who is filling up stacks of sketchbooks, making notes, sketches, and drawings, capturing thoughts and ideas, practicing.  I’ve gotten much better about it over the past couple of years and I actually filled a notebook … Read More

vintage-style leather sketchbook & giveaway!

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If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love having beautiful supplies and tools.  I’m always casually on the hunt for new or new-to-me things that will make working, creating, or making even more enjoyable.  Well, a couple of weeks before Christmas, I found this beautiful vintage-style leather sketchbook from a small shop that sells … Read More

Helpful resources for beginner knitting

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Our 3-day weekend turned into a 4-day weekend due to a rare snow day here in Minnesota.  We get snow, but they know what to do with it and trust people know how to drive in it, so schools aren’t often closed.  (And the kids have recess outside until is below 10º.)  So, I ended up doing a lot of … Read More