studio organization

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This studio is totally different from my last one.  It’s about a 20th of the size, maybe even smaller than that.  It doesn’t have storage closets, rolling dividing walls, or many zones for different tasks.  This studio is designed specifically for small-scale creative endeavors and photography.  No shipping, no office work, no big sewing or furniture projects. Even small-scale creative … Read More

100 meadows project | 21-40

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Well, I’ve been sticking with the 100 meadows project and I do believe that I will make it to 100!  I am almost halfway there and I found myself getting emotional when I completed #40.  I have grown so much and learned so much.  This has been such a worthwhile artistic undertaking on so many levels and it has pushed … Read More

oil painting | what I’ve learned so far (pt 2)

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I shared all about the paints, brushes, and painting surfaces I’m using in PART ONE of this series following my oil painting journey.  The post was getting really long, so I split it into two posts.  I would suggest reading the first one, if you haven’t, so you hear the story behind this journey.  I also want to restate that … Read More

oil painting | what I’ve learned so far (pt 1)

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One of the things that has been so enjoyable about the 100 meadows project, is how it’s pushed me to learn a medium that, quite honestly, intimidated me.  Oil painting seemed so serious, technical, and with strict rules.  It’s for the real artists, not the aspiring ones.  And if you can even get beyond all of those notions and put … Read More

100 Meadows Project | No. 1-20

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If you’ve been following me through my Instagram Stories, you have seen my progression as I’ve been working my way through painting 100 meadows in oil.  The project was created by Michelle Wooderson, someone who has been a constant source of inspiration for me artistically.  After taking a hiatus during my move, I wanted to start painting again.  This was … Read More

100 meadows

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Even though I’m still relatively new to “fine art” painting, I feel a pull to it on a regular basis.  I love the creative muscles I can flex when I’m working on my home, but there is something different about putting something on a blank canvas or piece of paper.  I hope to one day create a lot of art … Read More

studio transformation | part 4

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We’re almost there!  The studio is nearing completion and I am so excited to be able to start using this space now that it’s insulated, climate-controlled, and the walls are back on! Today, the wall around the mini-split went up and it looks so good!  Of course, it still needs to be painted, but that will be happening this week. … Read More

studio transformation | part 3

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Today, I wanted to share more detail on the “window walls” of the studio.  I was so excited about all of the natural light that comes in from not just one, but two full walls of windows.  This room is flooded from sunrise to sunset.  Fortunately, though, it’s not direct light until late afternoon, so I don’t have to deal … Read More