my silver patterns

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I often receive comments about my flatware, even if I am posting about food or styling or something else entirely.  I will admit that I have a thing for flatware and have inherited and collected some beautiful pieces. The pieces I inherited from at least five different women in my family are stunning and hard to ignore, which is the … Read More

chicken divan recipe

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I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one into cooking comfort foods in these strange times.  Not only are they comforting, hence the name, but they tend to be a good way to use up ingredients that are starting to turn or to use some of the canned goods in stock.  I’ve used this excuse to make banana bread, blueberry … Read More

gratitude & hope

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When the cancellations first started, the homebody in me didn’t mind too much.  I’ve been saying to Jeff for months that I wish I could just press the pause button and suspend all of the activities and busyness for a little while.  Well, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!  My oldest son, Marshall, expressed it well last night.  … Read More

swedish & german brushes

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I am a brush-lover and have been for many years.  And my soft spot for brushes goes beyond those used for paint.  I love pretty brooms, dish brushes, make-up brushes, basting brushes, new brushes, old brushes…you get the idea.  When I sold in a retail space and at markets, I was on a mission to find some pretty brushes to … Read More

creamy potato & ham soup jars

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We are just in one of those seasons of life when things are really busy.  I’m sure so many of you can relate.  You get a few months in a row when evenings and weekends are generally quiet and then you hit a stretch when there is something happening every single day.  Jeff has a meeting at church, the boys … Read More

February’s Books of the Week

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I have really enjoyed sharing a book of the week this year, but I’ve realized it’s just given me another excuse to buy more books when I really didn’t need another excuse!  I already have way more than 52 books to share and recommend!  But, it has been fun to look for new books and revisit old books that have … Read More

creative retreat | feb 2020

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I went on my first creative retreat almost two years ago.  It wasn’t a conference that was packed with classes and activities.  It wasn’t a family vacation where I was wrangling kids between pockets of relaxation.  It was a time away specifically for the purpose of filling my creative tank and stepping outside of my daily routine, so I could … Read More

turkey avocado burgers

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Back in January, I started taking pictures of what I was eating through the day…mostly breakfast, lunch, and some snacks, and sharing it on my Instagram Stories.  I didn’t plan to continue doing it, but I’ve received so many comments from people who have found it inspiring and encouraging, so I’ve kept sharing.  As a side benefit, it’s helped hold … Read More