April’s Books of the Week

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I must pat myself on the back for picking some great books in the month of April!  I feel like I can say that because I just picked them off of a shelf, read them, enjoyed them, and I’m sharing them with you. The Art of Beatrix Potter I enjoyed this book on a few different levels.  First off, I … Read More

this & that

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Our weekend was mostly rainy, but it was much needed.  I’m watching our grass green up and our front garden spring to life (along with weeds that need to be pulled) out of the drenched soil.  I spent Sunday cleaning and making soup to get the week started off well.  I did take some creative time when everyone else was … Read More

make-do banana bread recipe

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In the early days of quarantine, I remember feeling a little panicked about food.  Maybe panicked is too strong of a word, but I was worried about the unknown.  I have some small experience with food shortage and not knowing what you’re going to be able to get each day.  I spent a summer in Russia, just a few years … Read More

milk paint backdrops, blueberry ink, & creative community

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Last week was the first week that I felt like I was settling into a new routine.  The previous weeks were about figuring out this new normal…the stress of feeling like I’m bringing toxic waste into the house when I order groceries or check the mail, the struggle of learning how to do school from home, the worry of the … Read More

pick-me-up plants

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Saturday night was a rough one.  Jeff and Marshall (my oldest) slept in a tent set up in our backyard, so that meant I was on overnight diabetes-duty on my own.  For those who don’t know, Calvin, our youngest is a type 1 diabetic.  This is just a normal part of our lives and we all work together to manage … Read More

Happy Mail Movement

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As I’ve shared on my blog over the past few weeks, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty awesome “happy mail.”  I always love getting mail and packages, whether they are gifts or things that I’ve ordered, but that sentiment has been amplified during this time of isolation.  Every little thing is precious and the connection with the people who … Read More

March’s Books of the Week

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Welp, it’s April 23 and we’re just now getting to March’s books of the week.  That’s just how things have been going lately.  I have definitely put too much self-imposed pressure on myself in a variety of areas and it’s starting to compound.  I know other over-achievers will sympathize.  You know you’re doing fine, but every little thing that slips … Read More