creamy weeknight potato soup

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Both Jeff and I are big soup fans.  I discovered my love of soups when our family went on winter retreats to Beatenberg, Switzerland and they would serve the most delicious pureed soups with dinner every night.  (This sounds fancy, but I grew up in Germany when my dad was stationed there in the military.) Now that we’re in the … Read More

favorite home projects of 2018

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As I’ve been looking back over the past year and the projects we completed, I realized we have done a lot!  2017 was about getting settled, listening to our house, getting to know its style, and learning the way it functioned best.  It was also about tackling the immediate issues, like an aging water heater, broken garage doors, and turning … Read More

tale of two throws

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I’ve bought two throws in my adult life that have taught me lessons. The first one was a blue knit throw I bought shortly after Jeff and I were married.  I had spotted it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and was determined we needed it for our apartment.  He was not convinced.  I vividly remember us driving to the store, my … Read More

hope was born this night

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It’s become a Christmas tradition for my extended family and talented people who work for Mustard Seed Interiors and their spouses to sing a Christmas song for you.  Last year was our first Christmas in Minnesota, away from family and anyone who worked with me, so trying to perform a song on our own seemed a little sad. Instead, I … Read More

nuts & bolts

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I was putting together my list for Christmas brunch (flank steak, cheese for the cheese grits, fruit and gelatin for Rosa’s Fruit Salad, etc.) and I realized that I hadn’t even thought about making nuts and bolts this year!  It’s one of my favorite Christmas-time snacks and the season almost passed without me making a batch! Nuts and bolts started … Read More

the creative’s s-word

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S-t-u-c-k. The s-word dreaded by creatives all over the globe. And there is good reason for dreading it.  You’re humming along, in a creative groove and then you come to a complete halt.  Your mind is either blank or so cluttered with non-fun, creativity-sucking things that there is nowhere for a spark to catch.  Man, I hate being stuck! As … Read More