florence | a walking tour

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This is my final post about my trip to Europe last fall.  (If you missed any of the posts or you’re planning your own trip, all of the links are below.) During the car ride from Barga to Florence, I was feeling ready to go home.  I would’ve been completely okay with going straight to the airport.  But, after checking … Read More

Dreams & Goals for January 2020

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I was planning to share my dreams and goals for the entire year, but that seemed like overkill.  Let’s just do this one month at a time, slow and steady, with long-term results in mind. I don’t have a word of the year, but a phrase… “Do it for your future self.” It’s so, so easy to do things for … Read More

Merry Christmas 2019

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Oh, I wish I had a song to share with you this year, but this was a year of saying “no” to things that were too much.  Our (almost) annual Christmas song for my blog was something that ended up on the no list.   I was pleased with the fact that I was able to pick up my guitar and … Read More

Florence | the maestro & the apprentice

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My unenthusiastic start to our day in Florence was quickly turned around by our warm welcome at the Piazza Pitti Palace and meeting the delightful uncle/niece pair at the pen and paper shop that has been in their family for 163 years.  I was energized and excited to see what else Florence had to offer.  We met with our guide, … Read More