And the Parsons are moving to…

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…Rochester, Minnesota! I know!  What?!  Minnesota?  Yes, Minnesota!! Let me back up and tell you the entire story, because it’s a good one. First off, if you’re wondering why we’re moving, check out THIS POST and then come back here and continue reading. Back in the fall of last year, we started counting Jeff’s credits to completion.  He is working … Read More

the best view in the house

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As we’re getting ready to say a proper goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for 11 years, I want to take some time to reminisce.  A few readers shared they felt sad to see the house empty.  An empty house to me meant that packing was done, so sadness was not an emotion I was experiencing! But then again, our … Read More

DIY Moving Details

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We started saying it a few years ago…  “We will definitely hire a moving company the next time we move!” Having gone through about 7 DIY moves in our married life, we were done with gathering volunteers to load a truck.  We were ready to relish in the experience of having it all done by professionals. Or so we thought. (You can … Read More

the stuff series | if the shoe doesn’t fit

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If you’re just joining us for The Stuff Series, welcome!  This is a series all about our stuff, how we relate to it, and what we should do with it.  I say “we”, because it’s been a great dialogue between myself and my readers.  Just go back and read the comments for suggestions, insights, and some inspiring stories. We’ve already … Read More

documenting the ordinary

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So, I’m basically a stalker now. I’ve shared about Michelle Wooderson’s watercolor class (on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network) and how inspirational I find her Instagram feed.  She’s one of my “click-overs”. ** In addition to inciting art supply envy (in the best possible way), she has been sharing a watercolor journal project.  It’s a 1920’s diary she is working through – … Read More

good mail day…

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I planned to write this post last night, but I was exhausted and decided I needed to wait until the morning to string together coherent sentences.  Well, once I got going in the morning, there was no sitting down at the computer to write a post.  I had my weekly Skype meeting with my staff (which sounds very serious and … Read More

Whatever happened to…?

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There are some things that I started and didn’t finish.  I’m sure you can relate.  So, I thought I would write a post to tie up some loose ends – things that ended up in my graveyard of good ideas and other things you just may be wondering about! Whatever happened to… …Kriste? My trusty sidekick now has a sidekick … Read More

a lesson in hospitality

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 When you see someone in their element, doing something they are truly gifted to do, it’s a special thing. Last week, I had the chance to witness someone displaying their abundant gift of hospitality first hand in a beautiful new-old house nestled in the hills of Hamilton, Virginia. And that someone was Chris of Zion Springs Bed & Breakfast (and wedding … Read More