cleaning out my closet…

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Even though we’re not sure where and when we might be moving, we’re making a point to purge things we no longer use, love, or need.  It’s the perfect time of year to do that sort of thing, anyway, but we’re taking it to a new level. I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and was able to … Read More

Friday art date

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I’ve shared about my friend, Katie, who is an amazing artist with formal training.  Well, we had an idea to sketch/paint together once a week on Friday afternoons.  Life has gotten in the way a few times, because we’re both busy, but each time we have gotten together, it has been so amazing.  Last time, we were just sketching an egg. … Read More

the great wall

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I put up my first post about my trip to China.  A part of it is that I’ve been busy, but another part is that I’ve needed to process it for a while. When people ask how my trip was, I struggle with it a bit and let out a hesitant, drawn out, … Read More


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Today starts the beginning of the last year in my 30’s. I had a busy work day, but came home to my boys waiting for me on the driveway, fists full of “wild flowers” that they tossed on the sidewalk to mark my entrance. (Jeff pointed out that they were weeds, but let’s called them wild flowers.) And I walked … Read More


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    There is a season for everything. And we’ve been through a lot of seasons together over the eight years I’ve written this blog.  When I first hit the publish button, my kids were in diapers, my husband was a full-time youth pastor, and I was a stay-at-home mom, taking a stab at starting a business to help buy groceries. … Read More

caring for my longer hair

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When I posted my updated profile picture a few weeks ago, I received many comments that were along the lines of, “Oh my gosh!  Your hair!!” I’ve had my hair mostly short for the past few years.  Every couple of years, I would get it into my head that I would grow it out, but then I would get impatient.  I … Read More

beijing | day one

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Whew!  Well, I’m back in the US and it’s so nice to be back with home with Jeff and the boys, to sleep in my own bed, and to eat familiar foods again.  What an amazing trip, though.  Truly a memorable life experience in so many ways. It was so much that I’m still processing it and I’m sure I will … Read More

I’ve created a monster

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My boys were really little when I started my business, both in diapers, in fact.  As a stay-at-home mom and new entrepreneur, one of the things I enjoyed most was getting out of the house and going to Hobby Lobby.  I would just meander, usually pushing one cart and pulling another (one kid in each cart or two kids in … Read More