The Louvre & Musée D’Orsay

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I really wasn’t planning on going to a museum. I’ve never had a desire or felt the need to see paintings in person until this past year when my interest in studying art has increased. Still, I didn’t want to spend my brief time in Paris strolling indoors, looking at paintings that weren’t really my taste. People who knew me … Read More

apple tart recipe review

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My mom and I leave for Paris on Saturday and I have been a bit of a crazy person the past few days.  I’m pretty set when it comes to packing my suitcase, but it’s the backpack/purse I’m going to be carrying with me daily that has been causing all of the angst and I started to second-guess my plan.  … Read More

this explains a lot

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My parents are here visiting for a few days before my mom and I shuffle off to Europe and leave the boys behind.   Since they drove out, they decided to deliver the last remnants of my stuff that’s been stored in their house.  It’s stuff I haven’t thought about for years.  They brought my childhood dollhouse (it’s actually a puppenhaus, … Read More

Europe shopping list

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I already know, before I even set foot off the plane, that all of the offerings in France and Italy will be overwhelming.  There will be so many yummy, tempting European goods to buy that I feel like I need to have some sort of a plan, so my head and suitcase don’t explode.  I’ve learned that it helps to … Read More

Back to School Week!

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Well, the day has finally arrived and I just sent the boys off to school.  When I started my blog, both of my boys were in diapers and now they are started 5th and 6th grade.  It is crazy how time flies, but I am enjoying their current age.  I never was much of a “baby person”, so the younger … Read More

French Inspiration

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Last week, I shared that I was heading to France and Italy in September.  In fact, it’s just under two weeks away now and I am positively giddy about it.  I find it hard to even focus on the things I need to work on now, because my mind keeps drifting to my upcoming trip and how much I want … Read More

Summer 2018 Favorites

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This week is back to school week and that means I can have my work day back!  Don’t get me wrong.  I have enjoyed the lazy mornings, trips to visit family, movie matinees with the boys, the warmer weather for gardening and house projects, and watching the boys enjoy the freedom of summer.  We had lots of playdates, sleepovers, bike … Read More