hope was born this night

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It’s become a Christmas tradition for my extended family and talented people who work for Mustard Seed Interiors and their spouses to sing a Christmas song for you.  Last year was our first Christmas in Minnesota, away from family and anyone who worked with me, so trying to perform a song on our own seemed a little sad. Instead, I … Read More

nuts & bolts

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I was putting together my list for Christmas brunch (flank steak, cheese for the cheese grits, fruit and gelatin for Rosa’s Fruit Salad, etc.) and I realized that I hadn’t even thought about making nuts and bolts this year!  It’s one of my favorite Christmas-time snacks and the season almost passed without me making a batch! Nuts and bolts started … Read More

the creative’s s-word

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S-t-u-c-k. The s-word dreaded by creatives all over the globe. And there is good reason for dreading it.  You’re humming along, in a creative groove and then you come to a complete halt.  Your mind is either blank or so cluttered with non-fun, creativity-sucking things that there is nowhere for a spark to catch.  Man, I hate being stuck! As … Read More

just a few gift ideas…

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  In the spirit of thanks, I need to take a quick minute to say thank you!  Whether you’re brand new, you just hop on here once in a while for a tutorial or specific information, or you’ve been following my journey for years, thank … Read More

“the best paninis in Florence”

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We only had one day in Florence and it happened to be a Monday, so all of the museums were closed.  We arranged to meet with a guide and tour the city for a couple of hours on foot, but an e-mail mishap left us on our own.  Without a plan or a guide, we just walked around the city, … Read More

October 2018 Favorites

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I didn’t write a September Favorites post, because I figured my posts about Paris and Italy sort of covered all of my favorites!  (And I still have more to share on that trip, in fact!) As I was putting this list together, I realized I did a poor job keeping track of some of my favorite things for October.  Usually, … Read More

No-Fail Apple Pie Recipe

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I attempted to make apple pie many times and it never turned out quite right.  The dough was tough or the filling was runny or there was a big pocket of air under the top crust or the apples weren’t fully cooked, but the crust was burnt on the edges.  I finally threw in the towel.  We’ll just buy a … Read More