Merry Christmas 2019

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Oh, I wish I had a song to share with you this year, but this was a year of saying “no” to things that were too much.  Our (almost) annual Christmas song for my blog was something that ended up on the no list.   I was pleased with the fact that I was able to pick up my guitar and … Read More

Florence | the maestro & the apprentice

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My unenthusiastic start to our day in Florence was quickly turned around by our warm welcome at the Piazza Pitti Palace and meeting the delightful uncle/niece pair at the pen and paper shop that has been in their family for 163 years.  I was energized and excited to see what else Florence had to offer.  We met with our guide, … Read More

kittens & crochet

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Based on the title of this post, I’m officially turning into my great grandmother.  I don’t mind that too much, though, because she was a pretty awesome lady. Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know we adopted a couple of kittens last Saturday.  It was something we’ve been thinking about for a few months and decided … Read More

creative frontier

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The first few days after my surgery was tough in some ways, but in one way, I was sort of enjoying it.  It was a forced rest.  I couldn’t do very basic things that were staples in my line of work…typing, writing, painting, holding a camera.  The things that felt safe, normal, and routine were temporarily not options.  I rested … Read More