just a few gift ideas…

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  In the spirit of thanks, I need to take a quick minute to say thank you!  Whether you’re brand new, you just hop on here once in a while for a tutorial or specific information, or you’ve been following my journey for years, thank … Read More

“the best paninis in Florence”

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We only had one day in Florence and it happened to be a Monday, so all of the museums were closed.  We arranged to meet with a guide and tour the city for a couple of hours on foot, but an e-mail mishap left us on our own.  Without a plan or a guide, we just walked around the city, … Read More

October 2018 Favorites

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I didn’t write a September Favorites post, because I figured my posts about Paris and Italy sort of covered all of my favorites!  (And I still have more to share on that trip, in fact!) As I was putting this list together, I realized I did a poor job keeping track of some of my favorite things for October.  Usually, … Read More

No-Fail Apple Pie Recipe

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I attempted to make apple pie many times and it never turned out quite right.  The dough was tough or the filling was runny or there was a big pocket of air under the top crust or the apples weren’t fully cooked, but the crust was burnt on the edges.  I finally threw in the towel.  We’ll just buy a … Read More

piazza pitti palace in Florence

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Originally, we planned on staying in the hotel in Florence where the rest of our group stayed before we all met up in Barga.  But, I decided to “call an audible” after I heard their stories about that particular hotel… It was noisy.  It wasn’t close to the “main attractions.”  The rooms were small, cramped even.  Those reviews were enough … Read More

villa moorings

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While staying in Barga, Italy, this was our temporary home… It is Villa Moorings, a family owned and operated hotel that has more of a bed & breakfast vibe.  Because it’s family-owned, it feels personal.  I would pop my head in the kitchen and ask for ice for my water bottle or plates and flatware when my mom and I had … Read More

flea market in Lucca

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I’ve been thinking about the highlights of my time in Tuscany and have concluded that it would be impossible to pick a singular favorite thing.  The places and experiences that were amazing, magical, awe-inspiring, and memorable are just too numerous.  If I was forced to pick one, though, our excursion to shop at a flea market in the walled city … Read More