swedish & german brushes

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I am a brush-lover and have been for many years.  And my soft spot for brushes goes beyond those used for paint.  I love pretty brooms, dish brushes, make-up brushes, basting brushes, new brushes, old brushes…you get the idea.  When I sold in a retail space and at markets, I was on a mission to find some pretty brushes to … Read More

creamy potato & ham soup jars

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We are just in one of those seasons of life when things are really busy.  I’m sure so many of you can relate.  You get a few months in a row when evenings and weekends are generally quiet and then you hit a stretch when there is something happening every single day.  Jeff has a meeting at church, the boys … Read More

February’s Books of the Week

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I have really enjoyed sharing a book of the week this year, but I’ve realized it’s just given me another excuse to buy more books when I really didn’t need another excuse!  I already have way more than 52 books to share and recommend!  But, it has been fun to look for new books and revisit old books that have … Read More

creative retreat | feb 2020

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I went on my first creative retreat almost two years ago.  It wasn’t a conference that was packed with classes and activities.  It wasn’t a family vacation where I was wrangling kids between pockets of relaxation.  It was a time away specifically for the purpose of filling my creative tank and stepping outside of my daily routine, so I could … Read More

turkey avocado burgers

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Back in January, I started taking pictures of what I was eating through the day…mostly breakfast, lunch, and some snacks, and sharing it on my Instagram Stories.  I didn’t plan to continue doing it, but I’ve received so many comments from people who have found it inspiring and encouraging, so I’ve kept sharing.  As a side benefit, it’s helped hold … Read More

German Cucumber Salad Recipe

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One thing I grew to love during my childhood spent in Germany was German food!  Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it the warm pretzels with fresh butter, spaetzle with brown gravy, potato pancakes topped with fine applesauce, and crispy schnitzel.  I also loved German cucumber salad. Several years ago, I received this recipe from a German woman who … Read More

dollar shave club review (for women)

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Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this blog post! #ad  As always, all words and opinions shared are honest and my own. Whenever I accept a sponsored post, it first has to pass through some filters.  Is it a product/brand I already use and love or is it something I’ve been curious about trying?  Do I think my readers … Read More