make-do spring decor

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As the seasons begin to change, you’ll typically find me perusing a few of my favorite stores, looking for new pieces to mix in with my everyday items or ideas to get my creative wheels turning.  Other than Christmas, I’m not big on seasonal decorating.   It can get expensive and, if not checked, you can end up with a lot … Read More

painting the other side of the studio floor…

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Last week, I was determined to get the studio floor finished.  That’s one of the difficult things about doing projects in stages.  It’s shiny and new at the outset, but when you only have about four feet to finish, it’s hard to get motivated.  It’s not exciting any longer and it’s somewhat anticlimactic.  But, it was pretty obvious that the … Read More

the (almost finished) studio floors & the evolution of a space

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Well, it’s not a full reveal of the checkerboard floor, but I think you’ll get the idea! As I started working on this post, I realized I already said everything I needed to say about these floors in Part 1 and Part 2 of painting the checkerboard floors.  I shared the why and the how, the sources, and colors.  And … Read More

painting checkerboard floors | part 2

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When you last saw the floors, they were all taped off and ready to paint.  You can find that post HERE if you missed it. The taping was definitely the most time-consuming part.  After that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing for this project. I initially purchased the same color I used on my kitchen walls – Stonington Gray mixed at … Read More