repaired ottoman slipcover

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Oh, my lovely followers…  I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading through your comments of gratitude on Monday’s giveaway post.  If you just need some encouragement, go read some of them.  Readers are sharing gratitude for simple things like gardening and enjoying a good book to big things like a successful kidney transplant decades ago and the love … Read More

simple footstool slipcover

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Between gardening projects and everything else I’ve been working on, I’ve also been getting some sewing projects knocked out.  A couple of weekends ago, I cut out the pieces and made piping for this footstool/ottoman I picked up at an antique store a few years ago.  I buy these any time I see them for a good price ($40 or … Read More

blue toile daybed makeover

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I hope you had a good three-day weekend!  We ended up doing a lot of work in our yard when it wasn’t raining.  It was hard, muddy work, but we got so much accomplished!  We dug up a bunch of plants and bushes to replace with hydrangeas and hostas, we moved and raked out a big pile of gravel, we … Read More

linen fabric swatches & master bedroom progress

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Remember my design breakthrough in the master bedroom that I shared a few weeks ago?  Well, I’ve been moving forward…little steps to make the plan happen.  And it feels good.  It’s a room that’s had me stuck for a while and I’m glad to have a clear direction that I’m excited about.  It’s definitely been a lesson in patience and … Read More

parsons chair linen slipcover reveal

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I know that my house usually looks clean and tidy in the pictures I share here and on social media.  And, I will admit, that I am a bit of a neat freak.  I generally like to clean and I love having a spotless, organized, and clutter-free home.  But, life happens here.  I have middle school boys, a dog, two … Read More

pick-me-up plants

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Saturday night was a rough one.  Jeff and Marshall (my oldest) slept in a tent set up in our backyard, so that meant I was on overnight diabetes-duty on my own.  For those who don’t know, Calvin, our youngest is a type 1 diabetic.  This is just a normal part of our lives and we all work together to manage … Read More

hanging the antique birdcage

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Even if decorating comes naturally and you have a great space to work with, there is still the possibility of getting stuck.  It’s just normal and a natural part of the creative process.  Some things come easily and others take more thought, time, and discovery.  Such has been the case with this corner in my living room.  I think this … Read More