Delta H2Okinetic® In2ition® Shower Review

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Delta.  As always all words and opinions are honest and my own. Last summer, I gave the boy’s bathroom a refresh.  It wasn’t a total overhaul, but simple, inexpensive changes that made a huge difference!  While I would love to do a custom-built tile surround, install a deeper tub, and a few other things, … Read More

tidying the sewing room

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I was hoping to post about our cloud-painting class on Friday, but it is taking an eternity for the videos to upload and process, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  We will be having another class this Friday and a special cloud-painting class on Instagram Live with Megan Gray Wednesday, April 22, 2020, at 2:00 CST.  I’ll share more … Read More

washing & mending

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I have found the weekends during this time to be especially difficult.  I haven’t put my finger on exactly why.  Maybe it’s because there isn’t much distinction between weekdays and weekends?  We’re just all home all the time.  Safe at home.  Well and happy, but home nonetheless.  Maybe it’s because the week is too busy with work and school to … Read More

make-do spring decor

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As the seasons begin to change, you’ll typically find me perusing a few of my favorite stores, looking for new pieces to mix in with my everyday items or ideas to get my creative wheels turning.  Other than Christmas, I’m not big on seasonal decorating.   It can get expensive and, if not checked, you can end up with a lot … Read More