creative play | handmade brushes & pens

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Let me just first put it out there that I don’t need another hobby.  I have too many already and not enough time to do them all!  I just can’t help myself, though.  I get curious about something and then I want to try it out.  Honestly, I like the excuse to delve into a new corner of the world … Read More

picture ledges for pigment bottles in the studio

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My studio continually evolves as I use and finetune the space.  A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some reorganizing and realized I could utilize the space to the left of the large hardware cabinet.  Some picture ledges would give me a little more storage and would also be the perfect place to display my bottles of pigment. What … Read More

the work of gardening gnomes & painting peonies

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My typical gardening routine each year is to start enthusiastically and then fizzle out as the weather gets hot and beds are overwhelmed with weeds.  A part of that is I was battling beds filled with rocks, deteriorating weed-blocking fabric, and plants I didn’t like.  There wasn’t a lot of incentive to care for it until we did an overhaul.  … Read More