No Spend February 2021 Recap

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Well, we made it through no-spend February!  I received a few confession comments/emails from people who felt like they blew it, but the point isn’t to be perfect.  The point is to become more aware of what you spend (and why) beyond tracking it in a budget.  I’m happy to report that I stuck with it pretty well and it … Read More

think about such things

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I have found myself puttering around during the day more often than usual.  I’m still productive and have plenty to show for my time, but I’m not working with my usual intensity and purpose.  After months of big things…sudden homeschooling, adjusting to quarantine and life during a pandemic, home projects, writing a book, selling a paint line, launches, and deadlines, … Read More

creative retreat | feb 2020

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I went on my first creative retreat almost two years ago.  It wasn’t a conference that was packed with classes and activities.  It wasn’t a family vacation where I was wrangling kids between pockets of relaxation.  It was a time away specifically for the purpose of filling my creative tank and stepping outside of my daily routine, so I could … Read More

Dreams & Goals for January 2020

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I was planning to share my dreams and goals for the entire year, but that seemed like overkill.  Let’s just do this one month at a time, slow and steady, with long-term results in mind. I don’t have a word of the year, but a phrase… “Do it for your future self.” It’s so, so easy to do things for … Read More

creative frontier

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The first few days after my surgery was tough in some ways, but in one way, I was sort of enjoying it.  It was a forced rest.  I couldn’t do very basic things that were staples in my line of work…typing, writing, painting, holding a camera.  The things that felt safe, normal, and routine were temporarily not options.  I rested … Read More