mastery & all things worthwhile

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Mastery… I’ve been thinking about that word a lot lately and have been challenged by it as I’ve been reading books like Essentialism and The Creative Habit. If I had to draw a diagram of my creative journey, it would probably look more like a spiderweb than a straight or even meandering path that heads in one direction.  And, I … Read More

contentment boundaries

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I wrote earlier this month that my two focus areas of 2019 are contentment and health.  These are two areas I’m working on, so anything I share with you is like the blind leading the blind, but sometimes there is comfort in that.  Sometimes it’s nice to be at the same point on the same journey together, right?  And really, … Read More

the creative’s s-word

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S-t-u-c-k. The s-word dreaded by creatives all over the globe. And there is good reason for dreading it.  You’re humming along, in a creative groove and then you come to a complete halt.  Your mind is either blank or so cluttered with non-fun, creativity-sucking things that there is nowhere for a spark to catch.  Man, I hate being stuck! As … Read More

annoying project day

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I’m sure I am not alone with it comes to not quite finishing some of the more annoying and easily overlooked parts of a DIY project.  When I am really focused and disciplined, I’ll pin myself down and force myself to finish that last bit of painting or put in that final piece of shoe molding.  But there are other … Read More

tuning into what’s real

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go to a private island located in Rainy Lake in Canada.  It’s a island owned by our pastor’s family and he invited us and another family to spend a few days there.  I was looking forward to the fellowship, enjoying nature, watching the boys experience something more wild than suburbia, … Read More

summer activity | fun with food

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  As always, all words and opinions expressed are honest and my own.  (Oh,, and the first 50 readers to sign up will get $50 off their first two weeks Blue Apron, so you might want to stick around.) Our vacations are behind us and now the bulk of the summer is ahead of … Read More

sleep number bed review

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sleep Number®.  As always, all words and opinions are my own. If you remember, back in December we went to our local Sleep Number store in Rochester, MN, to select a new mattress and foundation.  Jeff and I have very different mattress preferences and this had led to one or both of us not … Read More