charcoal, a glass dip pen, and a Victorian watercolor box…

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It’s time to share some more antique and vintage art supplies!  Obviously, I haven’t bought any this month because of “no-spend February”, but I bought an antique Victorian-era watercolor box with some Christmas money in January and I received a few little things last week as a gift. An antique dealer from PA who used to buy things for me … Read More

documenting the ordinary

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So, I’m basically a stalker now. I’ve shared about Michelle Wooderson’s watercolor class (on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network) and how inspirational I find her Instagram feed.  She’s one of my “click-overs”. ** In addition to inciting art supply envy (in the best possible way), she has been sharing a watercolor journal project.  It’s a 1920’s diary she is working through – … Read More

the by-product of a beautiful environment

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I took an online landscape watercolor journaling class a couple of months ago through the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network.  The class was taught by Michelle Wooderson and I was not only inspired by the techniques and studies, but how Michelle paid so much attention to the details of all of her supplies.  Every element was thoughtful and personal.  I mean, now I … Read More


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I know that many of you come to my blog for furniture makeovers, tutorials, antique finds, and home decorating inspiration, but I couldn’t take a piece of furniture or my sewing machine with me on the plane to China!  What I could take, though, was my sketch book. I was painting a portrait a couple of weeks before I went … Read More

I’ve created a monster

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My boys were really little when I started my business, both in diapers, in fact.  As a stay-at-home mom and new entrepreneur, one of the things I enjoyed most was getting out of the house and going to Hobby Lobby.  I would just meander, usually pushing one cart and pulling another (one kid in each cart or two kids in … Read More

barn quilt coloring book & art journaling

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I have been working on several projects over the past few months and one of them has finally hit the market!  The Barn Quilt Coloring Book is now available. This project was something totally different for me.  First of all, it involved drawing instead of writing!  But it felt like a project that worked nicely with my brand, despite the … Read More