box easel & studio happenings

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I hope you had a great weekend!  We had beautiful warm and sunny weather that was beckoning us to a family hike, but we really needed rest and had some chores that needed to be done, so we threw open the windows, pressed through our work, and then just chilled.  It’s amazing how much energy a dose of sunshine and … Read More

the counter, portraits, and color wheels

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Thanks so much for all of the feedback on my craigslist counter.  I know when I ask about painting or not painting a piece, I will always get a lot of comments and opinions!  I usually have a clear idea of what I’m going to do with a piece, but I just knew I loved this one and I would … Read More

portrait sketches on the iPad

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I shared last week that I signed up for the Radiant Watercolor Portraits class offered through Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network.  I signed up for it because I found the watercolor examples by the instructor appealing and I would like more instruction on watercolor, but I also signed up because the idea of drawing people scares the snot out of me. … Read More

loosen up

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I haven’t had much of a chance to paint recently and I found I was really missing it, so last week, I set aside some time to put brush to paper.  I picked blueberries as my subject and started. I got to an “almost finished” place and realized I just hated it!  It was too stiff, structured, and boring.  It … Read More

the Kalispell barn

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For the past few years, as I really started to hone my skills as a photographer, I saw the world through a camera lens.  Seeing a beautiful scene, vignette, or a particularly photogenic item, and thinking what a lovely shot it would make.  Lately, though, I’ve been seeing things through a brush.  How would it look on a canvas or piece of … Read More

how Society6 works

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I’ve been asked how Society6 works by several readers, so I thought I would share for those who are interested in putting their own work out into the world (or for those who are just curious.) Step one is to create something you want to sell.  There are many categories of art available on Society6, so you can create anything from doodles … Read More


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Now that my major deadlines are past and I am home from my trip to Montana, I am catching up on some things that have been waiting for my attention.  I’m also looking forward to getting back into more sketching, painting, and product design. I’ve gotten my creative space set up pretty well, but I realized I was lacking something … Read More