drafting light & a big step

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Now that my major deadlines are past and I am home from my trip to Montana, I am catching up on some things that have been waiting for my attention.  I’m also looking forward to getting back into more sketching, painting, and product design. I’ve gotten my creative space set up pretty well, but I realized I was lacking something … Read More

studio happenings

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With freelance design work and a book deadline looming, I have been pinned down in my new workspace to get things done and turned in on time.  I feel like I’m learning and growing each day and I’m really proud of what I’ve been creating, but I am ready to hit an antique store, work on some furniture and just … Read More

30 day watercolor challenge update

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I started the 30 day watercolor challenge last month as a way to push myself as I’m learning this new-to-me medium.  I have gotten way behind, though!  I knew when I started that even though it was a 30 day challenge that certainly was meant to be done in 30 consecutive days, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep that … Read More

30 day watercolor challenge

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Hang in there with me while I experience my own personal renaissance!   I am just having such a wonderful time allowing my creativity to spill into other mediums.  This seems to be what happens to me… Music and theatre were always my creative outlet when I was younger, but when I finished college and decided not to pursue a career … Read More