painting & finishing the aviary dresser

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The last time you saw this dresser, it was sanded down and prepped for painting… In case you missed that post, you can check it out HERE. Years ago, I made a video tutorial about applying the first coat of milk paint, what to expect, etc.  While the information really hasn’t changed a lot, I decided to make an updated … Read More

five reasons you need hemp oil in your life & answers to FAQs

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When you’re around something for a while, whether it’s a smell, an environment, something you created or wrote, it’s easy to not appreciate or notice it any longer. Sometimes I’ll go back and read a post I wrote years ago, that I have completely forgotten about and it makes me laugh and I can see my blog in a fresh … Read More

craigslist coffee table & playroom update

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There’s some progress we’ve made on our house, but I haven’t shared it, because it’s not done or particularly photo-worthy!  I’m really trying to get out of that everything-has-to-be-a-beauty-shot mindset, though.  I’m working on it. So, here are some pictures of updates we’ve made to the basement, just to show what’s happening on the home-front. In January, I picked up … Read More