knitting organization

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Despite my early frustrations that involved a lot of unraveling, I am getting the hang of knitting and I am really enjoying it!  I find it’s a nice way to be productive while I’m watching TV in the evenings with Jeff and the boys.  (We’ve been watching through old seasons of Survivor together.)  After making several hats, I moved on … Read More

Helpful resources for beginner knitting

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Our 3-day weekend turned into a 4-day weekend due to a rare snow day here in Minnesota.  We get snow, but they know what to do with it and trust people know how to drive in it, so schools aren’t often closed.  (And the kids have recess outside until is below 10º.)  So, I ended up doing a lot of … Read More

crochet vs. knitting

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As I shared last week, I learned to knit over the Christmas break.  I’ve been wanting to learn for a while, so I bought a couple of knitting books and supplemented them with YouTube tutorials when I needed to see someone perform a particular stitch.  I haven’t knitted anything particularly useful, but have been making squares and rectangles to practice … Read More

Gift-Wrapping Ideas with Walmart

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Disclosure: This gift-wrapping ideas post is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, all opinions expressed are honest and my own. As I shared a couple of weeks ago, I’m feeling extra crafty this year!  I know it’s because we’re home more than usual and creating things not only brings me joy, but it’s a great stress-reliever.  I put on some good … Read More

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial

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I wanted to make crocheted snowflakes this year, but I knew I didn’t want to make little lacy, dainty ones.  I didn’t want to get into fine, tedious work with little hooks, but wanted something quick and simple to do while I was watching TV.  So, I worked on making a simple, chunky snowflake that will complement the chunky knit … Read More