creative play | sketchbook tour

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I’ve shared in the past that I have a hang-up when it comes to sketchbooks.  Several hang-ups, actually.  I always want to be the person who is filling up stacks of sketchbooks, making notes, sketches, and drawings, capturing thoughts and ideas, practicing.  I’ve gotten much better about it over the past couple of years and I actually filled a notebook … Read More

picture ledges for pigment bottles in the studio

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My studio continually evolves as I use and finetune the space.  A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some reorganizing and realized I could utilize the space to the left of the large hardware cabinet.  Some picture ledges would give me a little more storage and would also be the perfect place to display my bottles of pigment. What … Read More

the work of gardening gnomes & painting peonies

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My typical gardening routine each year is to start enthusiastically and then fizzle out as the weather gets hot and beds are overwhelmed with weeds.  A part of that is I was battling beds filled with rocks, deteriorating weed-blocking fabric, and plants I didn’t like.  There wasn’t a lot of incentive to care for it until we did an overhaul.  … Read More