A Cow Toile & “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm”

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I haven’t had too much time to work on my painting and drawing the past couple of weeks and I really miss it!  It really is the most exciting thing to me at the moment, mostly because it’s new and I’m still in the early stages of discovery and that’s always an exciting time.

I did add a few more designs to my Society6 shop.  This farmhouse toile was one I did for a design client, but they ended up not using it, so I listed it in the shop.  I really enjoyed painting a toile landscape scene in one color.  It was a good exercise in creating highlights and shadows.


I also added a painting of a white barn and one of this cow with a wreath and bell around her neck.  She is basically my kitchen cow brought to life!


I actually finished that painting a couple of weeks ago, but I had to talk myself into listing it!  I finally decided I needed to put it out in the world…imperfections and all.

My mom will buy it, if no one else does!

She has been ordering lots of my designs, some for herself and some for gifts.  I’ve ordered a few things as well, but it’s been nice to see the variety…what works best and what I should change for the future…and to see the quality of each item.



The antique cross-stitch design on the zipper pouch is one of my favorites!  You have to touch it to see that it’s not actually cross-stitched.

mms-4552 mms-4551

I’m going to take more pictures of antique linens and upload them soon.


I also wanted to share that another one of my blog friends has come out with a book!  I am so proud of all of the amazing ladies I’ve had the chance to meet through the blogging community and their successes.

Liz Flourez of Love Grows Wild has put together a tutorial-based, farmhouse-style book called A Touch of Farmhouse Charm.


I had the pleasure of previewing it before it was released and all I could think was, “Dang, that was a ton of work!!”  Tutorials are so time consuming and she just cranks out one after the other in this book.  There are projects for all skill levels and ones that could take 5 minutes and others that are day-long.  It’s a nice variety and very inspirational.

It’s hard to pick, but I think my favorite project is the DIY wood cake pedestal.  It’s made out of pieces you can pick up in the wood section of a hardware store and it looks like it could be in the Pottery Barn catalog.


And, before I sign off, if you’re looking for some present-wrapping inspiration, the ladies in the Farmhouse Holiday series shared their boxes, papers, and bows for just that purpose…


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A Cow Toile & “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm”

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25 Comments on “A Cow Toile & “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm””

  1. Smitten with that cow toile and those zippered pouches looked like real cross stitch to me until I read you said it wasn’t.

  2. Your kitchen cow painting is sweet. I couldn’t tell that zipper pouch wasn’t cross stitched either until you showed the second picture of it up close. Wow! I love toile and I love your toile <3 You're so good. Keep painting!

  3. Your toile painting is lovely. As the maker u see ur “mistakes” but we just see charm! I see only my mistakes when I make something and iv let that hold me back, you r inspiring. Oh those pencil cases, may just be perfect for my lip and eye pencils, I have a thing for sheep. Happy creating

  4. I love that I can buy your artwork on pillow covers. I have the cute rocking horse one and the quilt one that really does look like an old quilt piece turned pillow. Oh, the toile and cow may have to come my way, too. Maybe some day you could do the horse without the wreath, too.

  5. I love your farmhouse toile. Have you considered having fabric made? Why not! I love toile, but I especially like those that are a bit different from the usual scenes. This would be lovely.

  6. I ordered the rocking horse with garland in an 18″ pillow. I Love it! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. The pillow is made very nicely also.

    1. Marian, I haven’t read the other posts/replies so don’t know if someone else has suggested this, but maybe you could upload to Spoonflower some of your works that would make nice fabric? The toile one is a definite candidate. You can choose the size and layout of the way the art prints to the fabric. That way, readers/buyers could pick whatever type of fabric they want (everything from canvas to quilting cotton to silk). Some of those cross-stitches would work nice printed on linen fat quarters and made into tea towels. Just a thought!

  7. Marian – off the subject, but I’m in Germany (visiting my daughter) – and saw this at the Wiesbaden Christmas Market and thought of you. It’s a cutting board – one with Oma and another with Opa on it. I can’t add it to a comment. How can I send you a picture via email?

  8. Your work is always beautiful and you are very inspirational!

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you share your process for getting from a painting on paper to an image that is ready to use on Society 6? Do you scan the paintings or do your photograph them? Or, perhaps you have another method?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Farmhouse Cow Toile, who woulda thunk it? Amazing!
    Congratulations to your friend, Liz. Hope she sells a “silo-load” of the book!

  10. First thing I thought of when I saw your cow toile was, “I’d love that in fabric!” I wonder if she’s going to make her own line of fabrics someday? You sure should!

  11. I love Society6, I’m so glad your designs are available. I love the cow with the wreath! I enjoy your blog so much. I bought some of your hemp oil and was wondering if I could use it on a cherry wood nightstand that has kind of dried out and lost it’s pretty finish? The nightstand is not vintage and has a natural finish on it. Thanks so much. Deb

  12. Oh, I’m so happy. I just orderd the “kitchen cow” ready for Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to me!!


  13. Lady, you are really going to town with your painting! I love your images. The cows, the barn, the sheep and the toile is amazing. You are truly an artist, Marian. I hope you continue to develop your painting skills, because you have a very sweet style in your paintings. They have a sort of delicate and wistful tone to them–at least to me.

    I have a question: I went on the Society 6 site and tho’t I would order some cards, but when I clicked on a particular card nothing happened. Do I have to become a member or something? I can’t figure it out.

    1. I went on last night and purchased; I think I had to enter with my email. Sad that I cannot remember from last night (teacher end of the semester brain right now!). I bought the orchard print and a toile pouch. Good luck!

  14. Thank you for sharing your designs with us! Cant wait for my zipper pouch and the print I ordered to arrive! Happy Holidays!

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