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We had two Siamese cats when I was growing up, Beth and Susie.  I remember that every Christmas, we would hang a stocking for them and fill it with treats and toys.  Of course, they didn’t care if they got presents or a stocking at all, but it was fun for us – it was how we, in our human way, could show them they are a part of our family.

We hadn’t even had Sebastian a week before I thought, we need to get him a stocking!  Our stockings were custom-made and gifted to us by a very sweet blog reader of mine, so I asked if she would make a matching stocking for Sebastian.  Kim is her name and she made one for him!  I should get it in the mail next week.


So, now I’m thinking about goodies I can fill it with!

He has loved the PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ treats we were sent for him to try, so we’ll include a new box of those.  


Here’s a little video showing how excited he gets when we pull out that yellow box…

As you can see, he likes them and they help keep his breath fresh and his teeth clean, so the whole family can get closer with holiday hugs and kisses. It’s a win-win for everyone!  (And by the way, some readers asked and yes, these treats are made in the USA.)

In addition, I’ve been looking around for some other fun stocking stuffers for dogs and I found these goodies…


1  Organic Wool Ball  | 2 Dog Tags | 3 Leather Dog Collar & Leash | 4 Hemp Orca Dog Toy | 5 Felt Dog Ornament

And, it’s not a stocking stuffer, but what dog wouldn’t love a fuzzy, furry dog bed with their name on it…


Faux Fur Dog Bed

Christmas morning is already fun at our house, but I know that Sebastian will add a whole other dimension to the festivities.

 Although, I don’t think we can stuff his stocking the night before!


What are your favorite stocking stuffers for your pets?

Doggie sweaters and Santa suits, anyone?


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ treats.  I was compensated for this review, but all words and opinions are my own.  I, of course, wouldn’t promote something I wouldn’t purchase myself for our sweet dog.


  1. Becky Delson

    When my son was born in 2002, I picked up chunky knit stockings for the three of us at Cost Plus World Market. I love them and they still hang on our mantle every year. I also bought five little knit stockings for our kitty population and those have hung right next to ours. We put bagged treats and catnip mice in them. The stockings say “meow” and they have always made me smile. Over the years, the number of stockings has dropped lower and lower as we’ve lost our little furry friends. The last of them died about two years ago, but I still hang one of those meow stockings on the mantle each year to help us remember the joy they gave us while they were here.

    • marian

      Awww. I am just imagining how sweet those “meow” stockings would look, all hung in a row. What a special memory.

    • Kim

      So sad. So hard to lose a pet

  2. Terry

    Our dogs always get a few gifts in a stocking, and it’s amazing how excited they get. They definitely remember the Christmas stocking from year to year.

  3. Catherine

    I can’t get over what a beautiful dog Sebastian is. I’m so glad you made him a part of your family, I love seeing him in your pictures! He looks like such a sweet old soul.

  4. Jenny

    Our two small dogs each get a stocking, and Santa brings them lots of fun things: new chew toys, rawhides, balls, Dentastix, and this year they’re each getting a new sweater.

    Our dogs did some shopping of their own this year, believe it or not! The dogs are giving my husband new retractable leashes with flashlights on them, for walking at night time. 🙂

  5. Samantha

    I’m getting my Boxer mix, Graham, a jacket for Christmas this year. What with the polar vortex settling in around us his short hair just doesn’t keep him warm enough. The one I’m getting also scrunches up into a handy travel bag so I can take it with me everywhere! I’m also fond of getting him some Bully Sticks, or other softer chewy as a treat.

  6. beverlee

    Definitely a stocking for our Ruffles….and, she’s not a big girl, 20 lbs., but we learned about stuffed toys….no stuffing, just squeaky balls, which is her favorite, and those toys that crinkle and are flat, last a long time.
    You might think about a harness instead of a collar. We have a pretty leather one. Less stress on their spine and neck. And, how about a dog seat belt leash? Hooks on their harness, and you can make it as short or long a lead as you wish. Cheap on Amazon. I know you take him in the car, and I have a fear of her getting thrown about…
    Yes, we have sweaters , and bows to match…
    won’t let me post a photo, tho…

  7. Karen

    Hilarious! That’s practically a professional commercial for Dentastix! Well be seeing it on television soon! What a cute little critter (both of them ;)! We just got our 13 year old boxer a stocking for the first time this year. We actually usually wrap her presents, and she opens every one by herself! It’s quite a show! If we’re not careful, she’s opening everyones gifts! And she doesn’t chew or take socks, shoes, or anything that’s not hers! She just likes unwrapping! We usually replace her stuffies every year, maybe a new sweater and a huge container of freeze dried liver treats.
    And since the kids still like to celebrate her birthday at the beginning of January, she’ll get a jar of peanut butter or a little steak 😉

  8. Ellen Vogel

    Sebastian is so sweet. He is a blessed dog to be in your family.


    I used to have a yorkie-poo many years ago. I used to fill his stocking and he loved sticking his head in it, pulling out the presents and unwrapping them. The Christmas after my son was born, I completely forgot to fill his stocking. “Chips” was so upset that he went behind the couch for the rest of day. I felt awful!! I went out the day after Christmas, purchased his gifts, wrapped them and let him do his thing…he was so happy. Don’t let anyone tell you that your furbabies don’t know or understand, because they do!!! He always had his filled stocking at Chrsitmas for as long as he was with us.

  10. Elizabeth Royal

    Our Corgie tells me that the Harrods dept store in Kinights bridge London they sell pedigree dentastixs and they are excellent at keeping ones teeth super clean we also ship them them your retired presidents Scottie Ms Beazly arararoooo

  11. Mary Ellen

    You should check out “Planet Dog” online. We used to have a store that sold their toys near us but it closed and I’ve only been able to find them online. Our poodle, Buster, chewed every toy we bought him into pieces..until I purchased a planet dog bone! They are indestructible to chewers, they offer softer “senior” toys, and they come in a variety of neat shapes with a treat spot. We had the eggplant for Buster as well as the green and blue bones. It’s funny that I could be so in love with a dog toy manufacturer and their toys, but I am!

  12. Sue

    What a lucky dog Sebastian is, to have found such a wonderful family like yours. And lucky you! We have two rescue dogs. Our daughter sent them Bark Boxes for Christmas last year. The boxes have neck scarves and treats and toys. So fun!

  13. Alicia

    This fall I started a new venture on Etsy making dog bandanas! They’ve been a hit, and have been so much fun to make! There are so many on Etsy to choose from, but my shop is called The Country Nester: My most popular this season were ones made with the red and black buffalo check – so trendy!

  14. FIL

    Ah, Sebastian. We are so glad to have you as part of our family. You are truly loved.

  15. Patricia

    My King Charles Cavalier loves Multipet singing toys, but her second favorite is chewing on natural deer antlers and this year she will be getting an entire basket of them. She will go bonkers! Pampering fur babies is so worth the endless love and adoration they share every day of the year.

  16. Heidi S

    Homemade chicken jerky treats – super easy! Slice thin while still partially frozen and then slow cook in a very low oven on a rack in a single layer over night or use a dehydrator and then cook for a few minutes in a medium oven. I’m sure you can find a good recipe/instructions online. While we have our pets chipped, we buy our dogs a good leather collar with a brass engraved plate secured to it with their name, our names and our phone numbers. Haven’t needed it but twice and we’ve met some wonderful people in our neighborhood who meet at 9PM (the K9 O-Clock Club LOL) nearly every night for doggie and social time – an extra bonus to getting our beloved pet back quickly!

  17. Heidi S

    Another favorite of one of our dogs is what we call the wobble Kong – it’s like a weeble wobble – the bottom is weighted and the top unscrews so you can fill it with their food or hard small treats (bits of homemade chicken jerky work great!). The dog has to knock it around to get the treat to fall out or the hole.

  18. Naomi S.

    You know, I always have the intention to make a stocking for our Labradoodle, Tavi. But I never quite make it bcause I get SO anxious and flustered about holidays and which gift to give whom and getting the house cleaned and the gifts wrapped and the food ready. I am not a great holiday person! One year I even bought the gifts for Tavi’s stocking and then I couldn’t find them. Sad. This year I will have those same good intentions, but, who knows……? I hope I can get it together as I know he would love it. I’ll give it another try!

  19. Lauren Alfonso

    I would seriously look into a leather collar with a nameplate on it. I personally HATE dog tags jingling all the time and they have a tendency to fall off. I have gotten all of ours from and can easily fit their name and 2 phone numbers on them.

    Sebastian has added so much fun to your blog!

  20. Crystal Brown

    We have always had stockings for our pets. Ever since the 50’s when I was a little girl, my pets got gifts at the holidays. Now I’m a little more educated about what makes a good gift for my dogs. I only buy products made with products farmed, produced or manufactured in the US. You have to be careful about packaging, it can say packaged in the US, but still hold products from China. After the poisoning scare and the metal in the food, etc, etc over the years coming from China, I now only buy what I can source from the US. My background in the animal welfare industry brought me in close contact with illness and injuries caused by things like swallowed squeakers from toys, (our toys are now squeaker free) bowel obstruction from rawhide chews (rawhide anything is banned in our house) and food that isn’t 100% natural with no grain. Blankets and beds must be washable, collars must have a soft lining to prevent chafing and I never use any of the automatic extended leads. They’re dangerous to both pets and people. So that’s my two cents. Sebastian is glorious! That face, his souls shines in his eyes. I’m so happy for him and for you and your family. It was a serendipitous match.


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