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I had it in my mind that I wanted to use bay leaves in my Christmas decorating this year.  I wish I had it in my mind back in the spring, so I could’ve planted some…  But, anyway, I looked around for some bay wreaths that were fluffy and full and reasonably priced.   I ended up buying a pair on from to hang on the corner cabinets in my dining room.

They are just the perfect touch and just what I had my mind set on.

They came with a small hook that I was able to slip over the top of each cabinet door to hang them.

And I’ll have plenty of bay leaves for soups, stews, and sauces this year!

I’m just going to let them dry and see how long they keep.

I also added a few Christmas touches to the home office. This room is a passthrough from the dining room to the kitchen (and the basement, the upstairs etc), so it’s nice to make this room a little festive.

I hung a fresh swag that I bought from Wegman’s on the bookcase, added a gingerbread house to the shelf above the radiator cover and the “Merry” pillow from my Society6 shop.  The checked chair is usually in the living room, but I moved it in here to make room for the Christmas tree.

As I typed this out, I realized gingerbread might not play nice with the radiator, but it’s hasn’t been an issue so far.  It’s quite possible I’ll come home to a flattened gingerbread house at some point, though…

I hope not, because this one turned out so sweet!  This is only my second year making gingerbread houses, but I love that each one has a personality.

I put a gingerbread tree on the back corner of this one, though, because the wall stuck out about 1/4″.  That’ll be our little secret.

Between the nobel fir, fresh juniper, bay wreaths, and gingerbread, the house just smells about as much like Christmas as it can.

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    1. Suzi

      I bet it smells devine in there. Your home looks beautiful. Merry Christmas!!!

    2. Teresa

      Love the bay leaf wreath and sweet little gingerbread house. My great-nephew’s pre-school class made gingerbread houses last week and they used waffle cones turned upside down for Christmas trees. They were so darling!

    3. Kate

      I have a bay tree, but I never associated it with Christmas decorating. I should trim it and make me some wreaths! BTW, make sure your wreaths are not treated with anything inedible before you save the leaves for cooking.

      • Sheila

        You have one in your yard?!! You must live in a warm part of the US. I had one for several years that I grew in a pot and brought inside each winter. It never got big enough to do much other than pick leaves off it once in a while. If it got big enough to clip enough for a wreath, it would be too big to bring in the house.

    4. Sheila

      Beautiful! Now I know what to send my brother and sister for Christmas this year.

      • Sheila

        Marian, You’ll be glad you didn’t plant bay in the spring. Bay laural (Laurus nobilis) is a mediterranean tree with a zone 8 hardiness. It would not have survived a Pennsylvania winter and are fairly slow growing as a potted plant. I had one for several years and it never got big enough to trim enough for a wreath! Great for cooking but not for trimmings! You would have to move to California or Texas or one of the gulf coast states to grow it in your yard. A nice potted plant to have if you have the space.

    5. Marsha Kern

      I love t all and I love your style!!

    6. Mary Condon

      As always soooo pretty!!!

    7. Ms Merry Mac

      Your posts make my heart smile. That is all.

    8. Vicki Sheets

      I love the wreath and all of the beautiful Ironstone. I always use some of your decorating ideas and love the gingerbread house with the Ironstone cake stand.

    9. Dee

      I ordered a 3 herb wreath from McFadden Farms earlier this Fall for a gift and it is beautiful. I believe all herbal wreaths from them are culinary but always a good idea to check if for human consumption. And bay leaves are good for deterring pantry pests. Just spread the dried leaves on your panty shelves.

    10. Carolyn

      They are so beautiful. I have bought them from the same company. Love how they look as they dry out. They last a long time after they are dry. Merry Christmas?

    11. Karen K from Buffalo

      Please let us know how long they last in your house! I wish they had two wreaths half that size as my hutch doors are not that big. I bet it smells wonderful, but that gingerbread house will be nibbled on before Christmas!! LOL

    12. Nicole

      I love purchasing from McPadden Farm! I send their wreaths and swags to my family members around the country as Christmas gifts each year 🙂 I always want to get one for myself! Yours look beautiful!

    13. Beth Cameron

      The radiator may not be the problem…. Sweet Sebastian may fine the house irresistible. I love seeing how he has found a place in your home and studio.
      Merry Christmas.

    14. B. Folk

      It all looks heavenly (I can almost smell it)! I will have to look for smaller bay wreaths. I am itching to decorate, but can’t yet…had minor surgery and can’t lift anything much. May have to cram in the decorating a few days before Christmas;)

    15. Naomi S.

      Oh, lovely, those bay leaf wreaths! It all looks great, Marian! I am dying to get time to bake gingerbread and try one of the little houses as well as some gingerbread men I have to go back a few posts to find the recipe for the gingerbread and the icing that you used. I think I remember them being posted.

      Have we seen your tree yet? I may have missed a post or two, but I don’t remember seeing it.

      You are amazing in how much special stuff you accomplish. I wish I had half your energy!

    16. DeAnna

      I really like those bay wreaths. So pretty and full! Your home is lovely!

    17. Kimberly

      I was wondering if Sebastian might just take an interest in the gingerbread house? He seems like a mellow guy, not mischievous or destructive, but sometimes animals will get curious about something that smells edible and take a bite out of it. I’m curious if gingerbread is safe for a dog to eat should he decide to sample it?

      You have a number of lovely old, antique/vintage books above your radiator. They appear to be leather bound? Do you find you have to take special care to keep them from drying out and/or falling apart because of the heat? I adore old books, the older the better, and was always a bit wary of keeping them away from the heat vent and the sun, but am wondering if perhaps your hemp oil would restore leather covers?

    18. Leslie

      It all looks so festive! I especially love the bay wreaths.

    19. SHeila

      The wreaths are 20% off right now!


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