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As I shared the other day, I could do tablescapes all day long.  Other than furniture, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of my job.  I think it’s probably because I love dishes, serving pieces, ironstone, silverware, etc.  I have a lot of it and, while we do use some of it everyday, I have enough to feed an army.  So, I love when I get to pull it out and “play” with it.  It’s sort of like a big-girl dollhouse moment.

I set up this particular tablescape to shoot an HGTV.com tutorial for a succulent pumpkin.  I wanted to actually shoot it as a centerpiece, so I set a table around the juxtaposition between the springy feel of the green succulents and the fall feel of the pumpkins.

I started with a blue and white checkered piece of fabric as a tablecloth, which wouldn’t be an immediate choice for a fall table, but I envisioned warming it up with layers of bread boards.  I continued that play off contrasts with antique silver goblets paired with ironstone plates and soup bowls and cream monogrammed linen napkins.  I topped each place setting with a bosc pear to warm up the white.


The star of the centerpiece is definitely the pumpkin, which I’ll share when the article goes live, but a centerpiece looks a little lonely when it’s just one thing.  I added more succulents, pinecones, pattypan squash, nuts and tucked some moss in to sprinkle the bright green throughout the table.


I’ve also learned that too many blank spaces on a table can make it look unfinished in a photograph, so I added some bowls of nuts…

mms-8837 mms-8834 mms-8833

…and silver salt shakers and cellars.


It wasn’t going to be the focal point of the shoot, but I also set up the buffet, so I could have it as a backdrop.  I brought in another succulent to tie in with the centerpiece and then arranged the rest with dessert plates, small forks & knives, a soup tureen with ladle, extra napkins and a casserole…things that might be out if we were having a fall family dinner.




The pumpkins were really simple to make and turned out beautifully!  We made one large one and few little ones in about 15 minutes.

And, an amazing thing, we were actually able to use live pumpkins.  I was resigned to the fact that I would have to use foam pumpkins, because the articles were due in early August and there was no way I would be able to buy a real one in July.  Well, I was wrong.  Kriste and I hit Wegman’s to buy some flowers and produce for another shoot and there were two cinderella pumpkins!  It’s like they were put there just for me!  I love little blessings like that.


Well, we spent all day driving down to Atlanta and we’re about to kick back and watch a movie.  I’m so glad we drove down today, so we can relax a bit before we hit the Haven Conference in full gear.

I hope to get to meet some of you!  If you see me and/or Kriste, please say hello!

We’re in Atlanta!!! #havenconf @rosemary.and.thyme

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fall table & buffet preview

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12 Comments on “fall table & buffet preview”

  1. I will be looking forward to seeing more photographs of that tablescape – incorporating succulents into the mix is unique and beautiful. The combination of blue and white with a little bit of green and warm wood gets me every time. It is just so warm and natural. And of *course* Wegman’s would have what you need! I wish one was closer to me, it is like the holy grail of grocery stores (its probably for the best, though, their donuts are amazing ;). I hope you are inspired by your time away!

  2. Finding two Cinderella pumpkins in July is what I really called “Divine Intervention”. Richmond is getting a Wegmans soon and I cant wait!

    Have a great time at Haven. I always see the posts from other bloggers who attend the Haven conference each year and it looks like so much fun. You will appreciate small town PA after driving a few days in Atlanta traffic!

  3. Looks beautiful. Just can’t think about fall yet. I’m a summer girl. Love summer colors and cookouts. Guess there’s beauty in every season.

  4. What a wonderful break from the sizzling summer heat! I simply love the tablescape and the thought of fall being just around the corner! You make it look completely effortless–that’s the sign of a successful tablescape. They’re one of the most difficult things to get right (just like accessorizing a bookcase). Absolute. Perfection.

  5. Most definitely I think your guardian angels flew ahead of your two and put those pumpkins (Cinderella, no less) in the grocery. Great styling and shoot you put together!
    Have fun at Haven, you two. You deserve some fun together.

  6. Well, I have to say, i’m not ready to think about Fall yet, but I do understand you have to shoot early for Fall publication. Altho’ I wouldn’t mind having a couple days of lowish temps so that all the hoards and hoards of mosquitos infesting my yard and absolutely EVERYwhere I go would succumb! They have been SO awful, it makes me feel quite murderous!

    I liked today’s post, though, and especially the photo of you and Kriste. Kriste, those BIG glasses are SO YOU! Can’t wait to hear about the conference. Have a mah-velous time!

  7. Hi Marian also if it is Summer I love your table setting it looks beautiful and perfect for a nice Fall dinner! I like the little succulent plant it give a beautiful accent! Have a wonderful time 🙂

  8. That looks beautiful! Im so excited to see the final result and more pictures!

    Have fun at the conference! Wish I could be there 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

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