design ramblings | does your house match your wardrobe?

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I’ve heard it said that, if ever you’re stuck in your decorating choices, you can look to your wardrobe to get a sense of your style.  Do you agree with that?  Kriste and I chat about that subject in this week’s Design Ramblings…

Help me out a little here.  Did anyone else dress like the movie Clueless in high school?  Contempo Casual?  Wet Seal?


Anyway, I was thinking about this a little more since our conversation and I do think I’m drawn to similar things in what I wear and what I buy for my home.  Just in a general sense.

For example, I think my very favorite pair of leather boots (from LL Bean)…


…have the same the same feel as the leather sofa in our family room (Pottery Barn).


It’s not that they are exactly the same, but they have the same feel…casual, warm, a bit of detail, neutral, but not boring.  Does that make sense?

I do think that I tend to dress myself more casually than I do my home, though.  Many people ask if they need to take their shoes off when they first come to our house.  I think it feels a bit more formal because of the antiques, white slipcovers, delicate French chairs and all of the breakable ironstone.  Based on my house, most people probably wouldn’t guess that I would live in sweats and a t-shirt all the time if it were appropriate!

So, what are your thoughts on this?  Have you noticed a correlation between your wardrobe and decor?

design ramblings | does your house match your wardrobe?

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