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As I’ve shared in previous posts, I’ve been working on the exterior of our home…the gardens and the deck, which is our outdoor living space.  Jeff and I have always talked about having a nice outdoor living space with a fireplace, a covered area, maybe even retractable screens.  Our deck is nowhere close to that dream space.  It’s a simple deck with warped and faded boards, no shade, no fireplace, no bells and no whistles.

If we were planning on living in this house long-term, it might be worth doing something about it, but our hope is to move to a home with a bit more property in a few years and we don’t want to put much more money into this house.

What I can do, though, is make the existing space look the best it can look.  I can add things that will make it feel more like an outdoor room, even though it’s just a deck.  And, all of the things I’m adding, can come with me when/if we move down the road.

My mom and I had a little time this weekend to hit a couple of local antique shops in the hopes of finding some things on my list.

Remember I showed this bare wall between the French doors and a window?  It is just screaming for a hutch-like potting bench.  I was thinking about looking for an old hutch or maybe having Jeff or my dad build one from scratch, but I realized I had something in the basement that would work.


It’s an 8′ long workbench that was left in the house when we bought it.  It’s probably from the 1940’s.  It’s solid as a rock and perfect to use for a potting bench.  I do want to add some height to it, though, and I had a pretty specific thing in mind.  For some reason, I imagined a chicken roosting box as the top of the “hutch”.  I actually put that on my shopping list…potting soil, drill bit, Chicken roosting box.  

And guess what I found?


Yep.  And a perfect one that’s made out of galvanized metal with great details like the air holes and folding “shelves”, I guess you could call them.  It’s perfect, because it’s relatively water resistant, so I’ll be able to store pots and small gardening tools, etc. inside the cubbies.  I can store larger items like a watering can and bins with soil, gravel, etc. on the bottom shelf of the workbench.


Now we need to figure out how to attached the chicken roosting box to the workbench in a hutch-like fashion.  I’m counting on Jeff for that part.  The funny thing is that when I mentioned bringing up the very heavy, very large workbench from the basement, I winced, unsure of his reaction.  He just nodded and said he thought it was a great idea and would look nice there!  Always full of surprises, that one.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

I also picked up a few other galvanized buckets for planters.  I love this mop bucket on wheels…


…and an insert for an ice cream freezer (a roadside freebie) that a sweet reader gave me.


I also picked up a drill bit meant for drilling holes in metal, so I could add drainage to my new planters.




I realized, as I’ve been spending more time in the garden section of stores, that my preferences sway towards antiques.  Just like they do when decorating the inside of my house.  Give me an old galvanized mop bucket on wheels any day of the week over a new glazed ceramic pot.

And twice on Sunday.

More on decorating the deck soon…


On a personal note, I’m having my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  It’s sort of a long story as to why I’m 36 and still have my wisdom teeth, but I do and they need to be remove.  So, I’d appreciate your prayers and you may or may not hear from me tomorrow.  I have actually written a post-surgery post once before.  I was particularly goofy after having my gallbladder removed.

I am stocked up on ice cream and soup and have a few days cleared for rest and recovery…

decorating the deck

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38 Comments on “decorating the deck”

  1. I love your work bench chicken roosting hutch idea! So great. Can’t wait to see the finished product! And I’ll pray everything goes smooth with the wisdom teeth removal.

  2. Good luck for your wisdom teeth. I hope they are gentle with you!
    I love how your deck is coming along. Great find with the chicken roosting thing. And I just love the icecream bucket. it’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.
    thinking of you tomorrow
    Fiona xx

  3. Good find on the nesting boxes. The price for new ones makes me cringe. I think the favorite is the ice cream bucket though. Lots of character in that one.

  4. Hi, I love that chicken coop perfect for a potting area or drink station. I have two mop buckets one on wheels and one without and I’ve used for plants. One time with flowering plants, one time for herbs and another I put a shade umbrella and wheeled it all over the deck…where shade was needed, I used stones to stabilize it. You can see on my blog…anyways…I love your site, it is my go to everyday site for inspiration….

  5. I did a post last year on collecting anything that could be used as a “container” for plantings. I no longer enjoy crawling around in the dirt for days planting annuals, but still love the colors, so I have filled my beds with container plants. Amazing what you can find that is beautiful AND different. BTW, I use plain ole’ yard rocks to fill the bottom of my planters…good way to get rid of rocks AND create a good base! I LOVE the chicken planter…perfect for storing things that can stay outside like little hand garden tools…maybe even fill some old glass jars with fertilizer, garden gloves and organic bug killer, etc. The old mason jars would be perfect “dry storage” and would look awesome sitting in the the cubbies of the feeder. Good luck with teeth…I won’t bore you with my “horror story”…but I would advise staying away from the computer until drugs are no longer involved…lol!

  6. A coat or a semi transparant stain on those deck boards would be an easy and cost effective way of breathing some new life into the deck. We did this ourselves this past weekend for under $30. Plus it will help to preserve the wood better and likely increase the value of your home.

  7. Terra cotta and galvanized metal are my favorites… The folding ‘shelves’ are meant to keep hens from sleeping inside the nest boxes at night so they don’t make a mess;) love it! I’ve loved
    watching your transition from inside to outside-furniture to ferns if you will:)
    Hope your recovery is super smooth. XO.

  8. Good luck with your teeth situation. You probably won’t have any problems. I hope you received my email about growing trees in pots. Great for ‘natural’ shade and height for your deck.

  9. Marian, I have a roosting box that I’ve been wondering what to do with so I’m excited to see your finished deck. Good luck with your wisdom teeth. I was 34 when I had mine out. Lots of rest and soft foods and you’ll be fine. I’ll say a little prayer for you too.

  10. I have several of those galvanized buckets I’ve drilled holes in and planted. They add vintage and character to my deck. Enjoy your outside space.

  11. Hope your mouth isn’t too sore from your wisdom tooth extractions. Mine was done two at a time then next 2 weeks I had the others done. Hope it goes well. I love your roosting box idea and made up higher. Great idea. Take Care!!!

  12. Good luck with the wisdom teeth. I was 32 when I had mine removed. It wasn’t exactly a picnic. Hope your recovery goes beautifully!

  13. I think that you will really enjoy your deck with how cozy it looks. The idea of using the chicken coop for your potting bench was really clever as well as the galvanized buckets.

    All the best to you Marion, my prayers will be with you tomorrow that all goes well.

  14. Marian . . . Sending lots of LOVE & PRAYERS to you . . . Relax with some frozen peas on your cheeks! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new “pots” you got for the deck!

  15. Love the metal mop bucket as a planter for the flowers. You can use lag bolts to attach it. They have a great attachment tool and screws all in one box at Home Depot and Lowes that is designed to attached a ledger board of a deck to a house. It has the attachment tool for your drill to fasten these bolts or screws. It’s worth the price of the kit. It’s called LedgerLOK by fastenMaster. Just a suggestion.

    Hope surgery went well today!

  16. Never ever am I disappointed with your style, postings, projects, etc. I’ve been busy with life last couple of months and haven’t been able to visit your blog every day like I used to. Today you’ve refreshed my ideas for our yard, fantastic Marion! Best of luck with your surgery, ice cream is one of man’s best friends!

  17. I’m 62 years old and still have two wisdom teeth, one of which is being removed tomorrow–Wednesday. Glad its not all of them at once, but not looking forward to it just the same. Hope yours went well. Rest and heal.

  18. You’re deck area is coming along nicely. Once bitten, you’ll continue to love gardening more and more. Healing thoughts & prayers coming your way for your wisdom teeth removal!

  19. Oh, poor dear! Wisdom teeth extraction is no fun, I can attest. But I’m going to imagine for you that yours go smoothly with little pain after and a speedy recovery. Just allow yourself plenty of fluids and rest. Do I sound like your mother? I could be; my oldest daughter is 39! Anyway, I”ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Your deck is coming along wonderfully! I LOVE the work bench/chicken roosting box. Galvanized metal is very popular now and I really like it for a rustic, vintage look. I have a pail that I’ve used for scooping dog poop in my back yard and the other day I tho’t, “Gee, I better clean that up and put a plant in it! Or a price on it!”

  20. Use the icepacks for several days. Take the Tylenol as often as possible, it relieves the swelling, which helps the pain. Also, take the codeine or what they give you, Before you need it. It’s really hard to stop the pain once it starts. AnnW RPh.

  21. Hope you are doing well! I am sure you know this, but do not drink with a straw after tooth extractions. I found out the hard way, so I always mention this to others.

  22. I hope your surgery went well…prayers going up for your recovery. My son’s having his taken out tomorrow! Hope you feel better soon.

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