design ramblings | mixing fabric patterns

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Once Lucketts was over, Kriste and I turned our attention to the finishing details of my house.   We have a big shoot coming up and I really wanted all of the half-done and 3/4-done and almost-done projects to finally be DONE.  I’m really enjoying having my house as just my house (now that we have the studio) and it’s helped me settle down a bit.  I’m not changing things up or moving furniture around so much, so I’m now ready to look at a room and call it finished.  Seriously.  (Well, ask me that again in a year and we’ll see how I’m doing!)

So, a part of finishing has been sewing a bunch of pillows out of fabrics I picked especially for the rooms they are going in.  The pillows I’ve been using have been fine, but they weren’t intentional.  Now, they are intentional and I think that can make a big difference in a space.


When she was first cutting and pinning fabric, Kriste was unsure of my choices, but now she sees how everything came together and suggested we talk about mixing fabrics in a Design Ramblings.  So, we did…

design ramblings | mixing fabric patterns

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