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I turned the camera and mic on and then I sat down on the sofa next to Kriste.  “So, what are we going to talk about?”  We sat in silence, thinking.  Sometimes we have topics or pictures lined up to talk about.  Other times, we just press record and hope inspiration strikes.  After a bit of toe-tapping and finger-drumming, Kriste suggests, “What about transitioning your decor from one season to another?”  
Miss Mustard Seed-1944
I thought that was a great suggestion, so that’s what we talked about…
Miss Mustard Seed-3021
How do you approach seasonal decorating?  

design ramblings | seasonal decorating

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14 Comments on “design ramblings | seasonal decorating”

  1. A great idea for anyone who wants to start decorating for seasons is to shop right AFTER the season when everything goes on clearance!! My mom has so many beautiful Christmas ornaments from Pier One, and every single one of them has been purchased for under $5 when they go on clearance. It’s a nice way to get started for not a lot of money. The hard part is putting them away until the following year 🙂 Also your local Goodwill stores usually have tons of seasonal decor items for hardly nothing!!

  2. After 15 years in this house, I have it down to a science. The week we get back from Colorado in late September, it looks like fall barfed in my house…and I LOVE it. Then the weekend after Thanksgiving, it goes back in the attic and Christmas is alive. I love it all! I have tried to transition to things that just have to be “set out”…little tacking and draping and attaching. But it is still a lot…fall takes a good day…and Christmas decor will take all weekend. The tree alone takes all day! It ALL comes down the week of the New Years and I get a good 3 month break before I hit the yard. It is the cycle of my year 😉 For me, it is just part of the “holiday tradition.” The other holidays get very little…maybe a few little knick knacks here and there but nothing like fall and Christmas!

  3. Guilty as charged! I suffer from Seasonal Decorating Disorder (SDD). Ha! While I love to change out my décor and vignettes with the seasons, I don’t like clutter and prefer a fresh, clean look so I don’t go overboard in my decorating. I want it to be fun but beautiful at the same time.

    I love using select pieces of vintage items in my décor no matter what the season. Last fall, I used a old chicken feeder on my farmhouse table and decorated it with white and gray pumpkins with some Ironstone mixed in. Simple, but beautiful. Recently, I found a vintage toy horse trailer that I will use in my fall vignette this year paired with some old horse ribbons, a vintage trophy and riding hat.

    In the summer, I prefer a fresh, airy look. I use coral, vintage seltzer bottles and fishing floats and of course navy and white pillows and bedding.Thankfully, I have a walk-in attic which makes it easy for me to get to my storage tubs when I swap out my décor for each season.

  4. I am the crazy Halloween lady! Love vintage Halloween. MMS: I thought your house last Christmas was beautiful. I bought the pom pom garland that you had! I think this year you should feature Kristy’s Mom’s house full of trees. I admire people who have that much patience to decorate multiple trees.:)

  5. I always have great seasonal decorating ideas but I just never get it together to execute them! Then I start to resent all the perfectly -decorated houses in my neighborhood. And I start to resent the holiday itself! It’s usually a couple days before the actual holiday when I manage to get something put out. Then I have to take it down right away to be current. As a matter of fact I have a few bunnies sitting out right now left from my Easter “decorating.” But I’m always optimistic about the season coming up, thinking I will surely start early with my decorating THIS time. It NEVER HAPPENS!

    So, I’m grateful for what you two are saying about not feeling like you HAVE to go all out for every holiday. I feel vindicated!

  6. I DO have a basement full of wreaths, Christmas trees, huge boxes of ornaments and such. Nothing is new; in fact, the blown-glass German ornaments from the 1960’s are getting an “antique” look, as the mercury glass ages.There are the velvet/satin/gold-braid/pearls ornaments I created when I was 25, bedfast, and recovering from life-saving surgery.There is the giant angel orchestra of Wendt & Kühn wooden figurines on their star-spangled stage, collected when it was quite illegal to sell them in W. Berlin (they were made in E. Germany),where I lived, but where I found them nonetheless.A flock of blown-glass birds, also from Berlin, clip to any perch available and a giant 3′ wreath of pinecones (took me a week to make) reminds me of one lonely Christmas when I was going through a divorce. Dozens of Mexican tin ornaments and wee little velvet sombreros, collected when I lived in South Texas, remind me of that happy place.It is like a stroll through my life, unpacking my holiday “pretties,” as I’ve been doing for many decades now.

  7. I am a seasonal decorator but I keep it to an easy transition. Each holiday I look at my things very carefully and decide is it worth holding over or replacing. I choose key spots like my mantle for Christmas and Easter. My couch and chairs get some pillow covers that reflect summer or winter. Fresh scents from candles or air freshener dispensers can give that feel of the season you are in without making your house look overcrowded by crazy decorations. I love Kriste’s idea for the snow globes in mason jars which would make a great kids project.

  8. I don’t do much seasonal decorating, but one thing I do fine nice is changing out some of the family photos I have on display. I have many more precious pictures than I can display at once, so it is nice to put out the canvas with our family portrait in front of autumn trees in the fall, snow pics out in the winter, etc. It really adds a personal, decorative touch.

  9. Hmm. I found this Design Ramblings to be rather (dare I say) rambling. Maybe more prep before the video camera is turned on? Maybe more photo illustrations? Don’t want to be seen as critical, but I found it hard to stay with this one.

  10. After many years of driving to our Morton building that we have on a piece of property we own-to retrieve my house decorating containers-We are building a BARN at our house that will house my work shop and the entire upstairs will house my décor containers!! I am beyond excited. I like many others here have this down to a science. Christmas is the most difficult due to the amount of decorating I do..We actually remove furniture to make room…and each year when my grown children and now grandchildren come to see finished product and say–I LOVE your house at Christmas I realize all the work is worth it. I transition into January and February and March by having a vintage winter look in the house and then April and May are Spring decorations…June July summer décor and August/Sept starts my “back to school look” in the house–chalkboards, vintage books….and October/November Fall and Thanksgiving décor and then we are back at Christmas…I have about 30 Christmas décor container–marked with what is inside and decorate by room and only bring in the containers for that room and fireplace mantel.. I love that my home is ever changing……GREAT topic!!!

  11. This is for someone who likes to sew. I have made two sided valences each with a special holiday print on each side such as fall on one side and Christmas on the other side. Especially nice over a kitchen sink window.

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