spraying paint again…

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When I first started my decorative and painting business, buying a paint sprayer was a no-brainer.  My pieces would have a smoother, more professional finish, and I could crank out pieces much faster than painting by hand.  I did a ton of research and ended up buying a Graco HVLP FinishPro.  (HVLP stands for high volume low pressure.)  I used that thing a ton and Jeff even built me a spray booth in the basement.

(Man, I can’t believe I didn’t watermark that image.)

I started working with different paints and finishes and found I loved the look of a piece painted by hand.  It was therapeutic for me, too!  I was painting so often by hand that we took down the spray booth to regain the space.  A gut instinct told me to hold onto the sprayer, though.  I thought about selling it many times over, but I could never bring myself to list it.  Even when we moved and I was throwing things overboard like I was on a sinking rowboat, I kept the sprayer.  Jeff raised an eyebrow as I cocooned it in shrink wrap.  “We will almost certainly have cabinets that need to be painted”, was my response to his silent question.

Well, I sure enough do have cabinets to paint!

…and plenty of them!

So, I had the sprayer and cabinets to paint, but I didn’t have a place to spray them.  You may think you could just lay out a tarp, but paint that’s being sprayed really needs to be contained.  Fortunately, there are a lot of easy-to-set-up spray tent/shelter options on the market that weren’t available back in the olden days of blogging.

I did a bit of looking around online and settled on the reasonably-priced ($48.98) Homeright Spray Shelter.

The tent is lightweight and easy to set-up, which I liked.  I felt like the size of it is a little awkward, but I learned that the key is using that small space well, not having more space.

It took me a little bit of time to figure out a set-up that worked.  At first, I set 4 cabinets inside the tent and walked, hunched over, around them.  It was clumsy, back-breaking, and I kept dragging the hose over cabinets that have already been sprayed.  Despite the inefficient set-up, I was able to get both sides of the cabinet doors primed.

I needed to be able to put one door inside the tent, at a good height, and have the ability to spin it around, so I sprayed all sides.  I was able to “build” a somewhat sketchy rotating stand that worked.  It was made out of a furniture dolly, a large box, and some paint points (those little orange things which most likely are not really called paint points.)

It was a much more efficient set-up.  The overspray all went into the tent, I could spin the cabinet door to evenly paint all sides, and it was easy to remove the wet door as well, so I could take it to dry in the garage and paint the next door.

Because of the hose mishap with the primer, we had to lightly sand with 220 grit paper prior to painting to ensure a smooth finish.

I was also a little rusty with the spray gun and there were some drips to contend with, but I shook off the cobwebs and the finish ended up looking amazing.  Once they were dry to the touch, I brought them into the studio to dry for a couple of days before we put them back on the hinges.

And I love how the cabinets are turning out!  I have more cabinets to paint, so I’ll share the paints, finishes, and other tools I’m using soon.

Now that I have my system down, I am looking forward to painting the other set of built-ins and then it’s on to the kitchen!

spraying paint again…

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92 Comments on “spraying paint again…”

  1. The built ins look gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see the changes as time goes on, just beautiful!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting to do the same to mine. Did not know there was such a thing as a pop up tent! Did you have to use a solution to clean the cabinets first? (Think it’s called tsp?) just curious.

    1. TSP = trisodiumphosphate. Want to know something funny? The last container I bought of it had, in small print, “Contains no trisodiumphosphate.” Huh?

  3. The cabinets look fantastic painted white!! I am on a mission to change my trim color of 20+ years from cream to white and lighten up my decor, one room at a time. Your posts are a wonderful inspiration. Waiting to see what white paint you used …

  4. I look so forward to your inspiring daily post. Your house is becoming your home in beautifully imagined ways!!

  5. I was startled to find a picture of my hands on your blog! I know they aren’t really mine, but they look exactly like mine!

    I love the way your cabinets are turning out, white cabinets are always a real winner for me.

  6. They look beautiful. Looking forward to you sharing more as my daughter just ask me if I would help her paint her kitchen cabinets.

  7. Are the plates hanging on the wall ironstone? Either
    What color are the walls? Love the white contrast of the built in units.

    1. My exact sentiments. I would have to be living in a new home for many months, and maybe years before I accomplished what she has!!!

      1. What in the world– you have things hung on your walls already! I am nine years into owning my house and still have empty walls! Everything looks awesome!

  8. Did you paint the inside of the cabinet doors also? I am thinking of redoing my kitchen cabinets and need your tutorial!

    1. Me too- unexpected roof repair so it’s up to me. A blogger I follow said she regretted the white cabinets in the kitchen because the one next to the stove was impossible to clean they were yellowing. She didn’t know what the builder had used. Any recommendations if I go white?
      Love how the cabinets look I’m partial to white.

  9. My Gosh, Marian…it is SO looking like you live there! Painting those cabs white looks outstanding! I remember, we used to live in Wisconsin, and ALL the houses have natural wood trim…we painted ours and FREAKED everybody out! One house in the Midwest at a time… 😉

    1. I’m from Michigan and I think I raised a few eyebrows when we installed white kitchen cabinetry 3 years ago. Midwesterners do love their wood … probably because we have so many trees. Ha.

  10. Your home is starting to have that special “miss mustard seed” look. So pleased to get to follow the evolution. And, the spray booth tip is great…our unused camping tent comes to mind as potentially being repurposed…hmmm…do you use a light inside your “box”?

  11. The painted built-ins in the LR are a win. Looks much better than the unpainted wood. I realize this is a future thing, with so many big things on the to-do list, but had you thought about replacing the hardware with something more “you”?

    Thank you for explaining the spray booths and for going into great detail about the best way you found to use the latest one. How ironic that doing multiples actually slows you down, versus spraying the doors one at a time.

    I think it was clever, and rather sweet, of Jeff to build a spray booth for you at your old place.

    What is the difference between a portable spray booth and a tent?

    1. I agree. The brushed nickel hardware just does not seem right on those nice white cabinets. Something more “country” is needed. And could you apply some marble tile (like you used to have on your kitchen backsplash in PA) right over that granite fireplace surround? We have a similar granite on our fireplace which I’m dying to replace, but I hate the thought of tearing out the granite. Wonder if I could just cover it.

      You’re place is looking fabulous! Way to go–getting so much done in such a short time!

  12. OK!! I can do that!!! Just wondering tho – how do you pick up a just painted door and flip it over to spray the other side?? I would like to figure out some way to hang them in a tent like this that way after being sprayed I could move them out for the next one…
    OH —- same question I have for me — how to touch wet painted cabinet doors. DUH!!!!!

  13. Amazing!! And I thought you were going to hand brush them all. I have an old camping tent wonder if that might work. I want to spray paint our bar stools.

  14. Beautiful! I can’t believe we don’t see pictures of your neighbors, standing around trying to figure out what you ‘re doing now,

    1. LOL…yes, there was a bit of that going on! and all of the neighbor kids wanted to play in the tent when I was done with it. 🙂

  15. Your built-ins look beautiful painted and thank you sharing the paint booth info as we will be embarking on a similar project in our home soon painting our stained wood trim and wainscoting. Now, my question for you is did you use straight out the can BM white on your cabinets and trim? Also, is that BM glass slipper on the walls? It coordinates so well with the white.

    I went yesterday and talked to the salesman at BM about our project and he recommend the Zissler primer with no toxic fumes and straight white out the can for our trim. I was concerned with choosing a trim color with no undertones like White Dove and other whites can have. He said it would make the walls which are painted in BM Revere Pewter stand out more too.

    1. The walls are painted in Wickham Gray by BM, which is similar to Glass Slipper, but a little grayer. The paint is BM Advanced in Satin, mixed to match Farrow & Ball’s All White. It’s still a bright white, but it is a little bit softer. Just enough to keep it from looking too stark. I was told it’s the same color as BM’s Chantilly Lace, so take a look at that. White Dove is pretty, but it definitely has yellow undertones, so I don’t think the wall color would pop as much.

      1. Thank you Marian for the info…glad to know that F&B “All White” is the counterpart to BM Chantilly Lace. I am familiar with BM Chantilly Lace and others have praised it for being crisp white but not too stark. I will go with that for my trim.

        1. My entire house (walls, ceilings, trim) is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly White. It is bright, white, and crisp and the perfect white!

  16. Loved your house to start but now! Wow. So you. It’s gorgeous. Please come work on mine. It’s taking FOREVER to get stuff done. Love to read all your adventures.

  17. Boy, you don’t sit around, do you? I would need a 6-pack of Red Bull every day to get all of that accomplished so fast. I think I will just keep watching you instead 🙂 Looks fantastic!

    1. I think I will just keep watching you instead
      This made me laugh. I feel the same way! Watching Marian do all the hard work is much easier than doing any of my projects myself. haha.

      Marian, I am curious about how you did the insides of the cabinets as well. Your living room is looking beautiful!

  18. Pretty please could you make a video of you painting the doors so we can see exactly what the process is? Asking for a friend.

  19. Your cabinets look phenomenal! Well done! I have been toying with buying a paint sprayer too with the tent! I need to put it on my wish list! Seniors have to mind our budget!

  20. Whew! I am tired just reading all you have gotten done in the short time of living in the new house. It’s looking so beautiful and before you are finished, it will look like a different home. Love reading the posts. Would be interested if you are using the sprayer to do the outside of the cabinet frames or hand painting it? I need to help my daughter paint her cabinets this fall. She has the ugliest kitchen cabinets and flooring. Most people would not see the potential.

  21. Everything is looking absolutely wonderful. Love the new arrangements of your ironstone. My husband and I went to Biglerville last Saturday and already a new business is in your old studio. Your old house looks very different I was going to take a picture and send it but the new homeowner was in the driveway. I have been also reading Kristie’s blog and looked at her Facebook and saw one of her friends is my daughter in law
    Small world

    1. Small world, indeed! I know the couple who bought our house have a talent for gardening, so I bet it’s looking a lot better on the outside! 🙂

  22. Love it! I have the spray shelter and I just LOVE IT!
    Totally understand the bit about figuring out how best to paint in the tent – but once you get creative it’s a blast!
    Keep going girl and thanx for sharing you are so inspirational – as we are doing reno’s in and out of our home – AGAIN as we have been here 23 years! Not to mention I have been reading your book – ” Inspired You” – it’s fantastic and also so motivating!

  23. Just saw that exact paint shelter at our paint store yesterday! Now I must get it and a sprayer! Good luck with all your projects! Looking great already!

  24. Hi Marian,
    The cabinets look amazing! So much nicer white. Thanks for sharing about the pop-up spray shelter. How did you deal with the crown molding, I am wanting to paint my kitchen white, but have a similar crown molding and my cabinets go up to the ceiling. How did you do the crown, did you take it off or spray it while it was on the wall. How did you protect or cover everything around it if you left it on the wall?

  25. Oh my goodness, I see I am in the minority here, but I cannot believe you painted over those beautiful wood cabinets! Don’t get me wrong, I love white kitchen cabinets as much as anybody. But, those were so warm and inviting against the dark countertops. They looked new too! I get that you’re putting your MMS spin on them and rightly so, it’s your kitchen. Did you paint the interior of the cupboards as well?

  26. Marian, these look AWESOME! How much $ do you think you’re saving yourself by doing the painting yourself? Just curious . . . The house is really coming along💚

  27. We have been dying to paint our cabinets that are orange, yuck! My husband is asking what primer to use?! Cannot wait to see what you do next!!

  28. The shelter is genius! I’ve been a furniture painter for over 10 years and never knew such things even existed! Got to have one!

  29. First your Wickam Grey looks much more grey than mine. Mine looks more “blue” guess it is the lighting. The amount of time I spent picking the color I thought I had nailed it. -not so much.

    Secondly, I applaud you for using that little tent for spraying your whole kitchen. Your back must have been killing you. I bought one when I first started spraying and it is awkward to say the least.

    Hint: use a tool bench and a lazy susan with points when spraying cabinets. Much easier.

    I have a cabinetry refinishing business so I have learned a few tricks.

    1. It does shift from blue to gray and I agree that it looks bluer in my house than it does in some photos on Pinterest, etc. I like it, but it might be too blue for some.

      Yep, I need to get a more permanent set-up for the spray tent, but the box on the dolly works pretty well!, surprisingly! 🙂

  30. It’s so interesting to see the process of painting with a sprayer. I know I’m one of the only people who think this, but I am sorry to see those beautiful cabinets go to plain white (I know, I know, it’s your house, not mine) so quickly. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the winter and I think the warmth of wood helps alleviate the grey days when it snows just a little every day.

  31. I am from Wisconsin and do like to see wood grain, but the white is stunning!
    Your home is off to a great start, and Sebastian looks right at home too.

  32. You did a great job on the cabinets! It’s really all starting to come together and look more like your style now. It must have been back breaking work doing all that spray painting in the tent!

  33. Please share what you use to hang plates and kids on the wall. I know you mentioned it years ago but it’s easier to ask than look it up 😉

    1. Kim,
      Not sure what Marian uses but I use an adhesive hanger called “DISC” and they work wonderful. I order them online but they are made in England. They come in different sizes depending on the weight of your object but I am not sure they make them big enough to hold a “kid” on the wall ….thanks for the laugh!

  34. Your new home is going to look amazing with your stamp on it! What a difference when painting maple type wood white! Looks like you have it all figured out with your sprayer and spray tent! I love your new home! It’s going to be fun seeing what you do to make give it that Miss Mustard Seed look that we all love!

  35. I love the painted cupboards. That particular wood (I know you said it was maple) just isn’t warm to me. You will have enough warm wood pieces in your home to cozy it up.

  36. Love the cabinets! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets and I am wondering what you did to prep them for painting? I didn’t know if you had a tutorial or blog post with the prep work.

  37. I too am amazed and happily delighted with how wonderful the LR looks with the wall color and painted built-in. Great info about the sprayer; we bought one years ago and I will have to review it and compare it against the description of yours. Waiting (im)patiently for more updates !!!

  38. Wow! I love the cabinets in white. I was thinking you should just leave them, but now I see this I’m amazed!

  39. You can also use a product made by Amy Howard at Home called Clean Slate. It’s a solvent combination that removes wax, dirt, oil etc. and doesn’t have to be rinsed off. You can get your local Ace Hardware to order it for you, order it from amyhowardhome.com or find it in boutique stores selling her products. It’s a bit pricy but great if you’re repainting an item that’s been waxed.

  40. Hello I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen; would you mind telling me where you bought your Graco HVLP Finish Pro spray painter and the model you chose? Thank you.

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