Well, it’s been a whirlwind few days!  My brother came into town to work on my new house along with my parents.  I love that my family is all about hard work and we can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  We’ve been working at such a rapid pace that I haven’t even had a chance to post about all of the projects, but once things quiet down, I will take pictures and share.  It’s exciting stuff, though, and the house is already looking more like our home.

When I last shared the front door, it looked like this…

It just needed some color.  After holding many paint chips up to the pinkish-beige siding, I settled on Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball…


…and I had it mixed by Benjamin Moore in Rust Scat Semi-gloss Enamel.

My dad and I took the door off the hinges and set it onto saw horses.  If you’ve never taken a door off the hinges, it’s really pretty easy.  Just remove the pins holding it in place on the hinges and it comes right off.  It’s best to paint a door when it’s laying flat, if possible, to prevent dripping.

We taped a large piece of cardboard over the opening to keep Sebastian in and door-to-door salesmen out.

My dad also removed all of the hardware and wiped down the door.  We opted not to prime, because the door was already painted.  He used one of my Parsons West brushes and brushed on four very thin layers of paint.  Since the layers were so thin, they dried quickly and brush strokes were almost nonexistent.

Once dry, I helped him reinstall the door on the hinges and he put the hardware back in place.  I cleaned and painted the sidelight windows to match…


I debated about the sidelights and if they should be cream, like the trim, or white, like the window casings, but all of my neighbors’ sidelights match their door.  And if they all jump off a cliff…

Anyway, I love how the color turned out!  I think it works well with the siding and it really makes the front of the house come alive.

Since the color is working so well, I am going to paint the bench in the leftover paint.  The bench is pretty as-is, but I like the idea of it matching the door.

Here’s a preview of some of the other things we’ve been working on…

More to come…


  1. Vida

    Your front door looks so pretty! Great color choice. And the projects in the rest of the house look exciting! Can’t wait to read/see more! 🙂

  2. B. Folk

    I would’ve painted the sidelights the door color, too. From painting the bench Card Room Green to all the other projects you have given us a peek of, “Yes, yes, and yes”! Looking forward to the reveals.

  3. Kathryn

    Really cool paint tent you’ve set up. Brilliant! And the front door is nice. You all have really been working hard and fast.

  4. Karen

    Gorgeous color! You guys are making great progress.

  5. Grace

    The curb appeal factor went way up with the front door color and plants on the porch. It’s so fun to watch the progress. It’s so rapid, I’m tired just watching it from afar! The mantle painted white looks great. You are so blessed to have such loving support from your family and to be able to work together On your projects. Sebastian looks like he’s settled right in – sleeping in front of the sofa in the midst of all the work!

  6. Victoria

    Love the door colour and agree with painting the sidelights. To not do so would make the door look smaller IMO.
    Can’t wait to see further updates. How lucky to have family ready to get stuck in!

  7. Caro


    The door looks great. I can’t wait to see the rest of the woodwork painted. AND the thought of that bench painted to match the door makes my heart go pitty pat.

  8. jacqueline pankuck

    I know…the paint tent is genius!!!

  9. Marsha Kern

    Wow it is ALL looking great!!!

  10. Donna Okulski

    Beautiful door! I’m a little confused about color. Card room green is a very dark green and your door. Looks a gorgeous shade of grayish turquoise, which is what I’ve been looking for.. Is it just the lighting maybe?

  11. Jo

    Love the door! Love the first photo – Mom looks totally bored and Dad looks totally leary! Love the white cabinets around the fireplace. Much better!!

  12. Kathy

    You are making wonderful progress! You have said you plan to change the counter tops but until then, be careful about standing on them. If you happen to stand on a section that is not supported underneath, you may crack the counter top. This advice came from the fabricator of my counters.

  13. Marva

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the front door color. It looks great

  14. Kim

    Exciting progress! Another reason I just LOVE paint, it works miracles. I’m currently in the throes of “erasing” a mistake color in one room and bringing it back to soothing white.

  15. Linda at q is for quandie

    Good call painting the sidelights too. They look fab! And those look suspiciously like mums in the planters on either side of the door reminding me that fall is just around the corner here in Minnesota 😉

  16. Stephanie

    All looks great! So happy your family is there to help. Thanks for sharing your life with all us readers. I look forward to each and every post!

  17. Shawnetta Jones

    Showing us the door just makes me wonder what does the whole exterior look like, like form the curb. I know your focus is the interior design and furnishings but we’d like to see the outside of the new house. Well I know I would.

  18. Kathleen

    I love how you’ve already put your “touch” on the front porch with the colors and sharing with us all the how too! I feel so lucky to read your blog! Thank you and your transformations are beautiful and inspiring!

  19. Kate

    I love how your husband and brother are working on the kitchen lights, just stepping around food and what’s going on at the counter. That’s now things work at our house – the “let’s do it now” attitude in the midst of regular life.

  20. Marilee

    That’s my green, although, as somewhat of a dullard where color names are, I’d have called it sage. Either way, it’s much warmer and more interesting than before. I also wanted to comment on your phrase “and if they all jumped off a cliff …” My mother used that phrase every time my reason for wanting to do something was because all my friends were doing it. Maybe it’s just a mother phrase, but she was from Pennsylvania, too. She’s been gone 25 years now and I could still hear her voice as I read those words.

  21. Karen L.

    Love the soothing color on the door and the idea of painting the bench to match. If you don’t like it you can always paint the bench a darker version of the same color. 🙂 It’s always so much fun getting things done with family, too.

  22. Teresa

    You guys have really been hard at work….your Mom & Dad will need a “vacation” when they get back! Love the sneak peek into the living room. It already looks amazing and the front door color is very pretty but I still would have like to seen you go with a deeper or bolder color such as eggplant that I think would give it more pop.

  23. Elaine

    Love the idea of using a tent for a spray paint booth.

  24. Janet Squire

    My master bath and laundry room are painted a very similar color, Meadow….love it, so soft, so serene. A friend of mine painted her bath the same color after she saw mine. It’s lovely on your entry!

  25. JC at the uncommon pearl

    The front door and sidelights look great! I love the color choice you made! What a dream to have so much family help!

  26. Elizabeth

    You are right to be proud of your family for being hard workers. They are good to help you whip the house into shape. It’s stunning how much y’all have accomplished. The green door is a vast improvement over “Band-Aid” beige, as you so fittingly described it. Thanks for taking time out to let us know about the progress. It’s very exciting to the transformation take place, guided by your creativity and artistic sense.

  27. Candice Hope

    Are you sure you aren’t trying to get this all done in a week?! Your pace is astounding! Love it all!

  28. Susan F Ballentine

    Love the front door/sidelight color; would like a photo from further back to see overall effect of it & bench please! Looking quite elegant. Love your spray painting solution with the tent!! Are you able to then keep the tent when done with project or do you just toss it (can’t imagine you doing the latter!!)? Your move & new projects have all been wonderful to read about!! You were my FIRST inspiration and you continue to be my all-time fav, even if I don’t comment much. Know I’m watching it all, soaking up all your amazing intell about decor & life!

  29. Michelle O

    I love the new paint on the front door!!! Absolutely LOVE!!! I think painting the bench the same color would look fantastic! Can’t wait to see more! Thank you for sharing and best wishes on your life’s new chapter.

  30. JolieAnne

    All you and your family have accomplished is amazing ! I think the color of your front door made the rest of the house look freshly updated!
    Added plants and bench are exactly what I would do.

  31. Dolores

    Beautiful door- love the progress on the house , and it’s so wonderful that you too have a wonderful family to help you! Who knows, maybe they’ll like Wisconsin so much that they’ll relocate to be near you!

  32. Suzanne Anderson

    I don’t understand the color of the door? Since the house is beige, why not paint the door a high contrast color, I feel like the green is as muted as the house?

    • Cindy in Oklahoma

      Some people like high contrast and some people like muted. ….which is why the world is such a beautiful place….

      As my mom once said, “If we were all alike… what would be the point?”

  33. Judith

    Love the door! We also took our front door down and hardware off when the paint color changed. My husband put a sleeping bag over the big opening we had to keep in the cool air. Family is everything!

  34. Anita

    Love the color of your front door and sidelights!!!! We just made our 4th (I hope our last, til the Lord calls us home) move since we left the home that we built in 2006. Our Lord told us through my voice, that it was time for us to move from our family “compound” due to our grandson’s Daddy allowing the devil to introduce him to drugs. Caleb was 8 at the time, so we had to find a house that was large enough for our daughter, Caleb, my Mama, my wonderful husband a and myself! The first house God led us to was definitely not my “farmhouse ” style, but could accommodate basically 3 families. The next house He lead us to was a home on a lake, which I considered our “dream home”. My daughter and Caleb moved out to several homes before we lived at the lake, but my sweet Mama died at the age of 95 at the lake. After Mama died Caleb came back to live with us during which time my Frank started having age related problems. That Lord always amazes me, but when it became apparent that we could not keep up our dream home, He put us in a smaller brick home in a small subdivision that the HOA takes care of our yard?? and Caleb has the bonus room upstairs as his man cave and life is so much easier for us. My sweet Frank will be 72, I will be 70, and Caleb will be 21! We had to give up a lot of our antiques and family “things”, but they were just worldly things, this house fits our needs perfectly and we are so blessed! Another plus is that it put us a little closer distance wise to our church! I can definitely say that Frank and I have been walking by faith, not by sight, since 2006, and we know we are in our dream home until God calls us to our heavenly Home. I have no idea why I felt the need to go into the many ways That Lord has led us, but maybe someone will read this and maybe “spark” something in their heart❤️️❤️️ Anita Ward in Boiling Springs, SC

  35. Carole

    I love the pot rack. The color choice for the front door is gorgeous. I can see why you are pleased. How wonderful to have family visiting to help make the house reflect your vision. Looking forward to seeing other projects with before and after photos.

  36. Kristine

    Love it all — the front door, the painted cabinets and mantel in the living room, the mums – everything!
    I can’t wait to see the bench painted too! So much fun to watch, and so inspiring that your family has gathered together to support you in making the house your home !

  37. D.

    What a great color on the door! When I read, “I am going to paint the bench in the leftover paint,” I couldn’t help it – my mind went on a little bunny trail. So that was a quart sized can of paint, and I know they were thin coats on the door and sidelights, but looking at all the edges and pieces of that bench, I had a horrible thought – what if she gets it allllmost done and runs out of paint, and then she has to go back to Struves and get another quart mixed, and then there will be almost a whole quart left over, and …. This is beginning to sound a bit like that wonderful children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…” tee-hee!
    P.S. MY Mother’s version of the saying you mentioned was “if they all jump off the Brooklyn Bridge..” (We never even lived in NY!)

  38. Miep

    You picked a very nice colour for your front door, looks fab ? and you are making such a progress in a very short time. Thumbs up all the way, looking forward to see the rest, but I know it wil all be great too ?

  39. Lynda

    Love the color! It really looks nice. I can’t wait to see all the other updates. 🙂

  40. Jelena

    The door looks so pretty now! Unfortunately, that beige trim around the door now looks grungy. You might end up needing to paint it white. 🙂

  41. Vickie

    Marian, you know I never question your color calls but please let me suggest a darker color for that bench….maybe like an English darker green or the same door paint with about 150% tint to it? I’m afraid that door color will be too anemic for those strong bench lines. Just saying…you have never disappointed me yet…

  42. Debbie Fisher

    I love the door color! And I agree with others that painting the sidelights was a great choice. Can’t wait to see more updates!

  43. Sharon Hankins

    Love the door! I’ve been putting off painting mine as it needs veneer repairs to the base of it where our dog scratched at the door a few times after he escaped our back yard. My question about painting doors: Does the paint stick to the door frame if the paint has not had sufficient cure time, like it does for cupboard doors and drawers? I always tend to leave them open for several days so they don’t lean against the paint and cause it to stick and remove the fresh paint. My hesitation in doing our front door is, would I need to leave the front door ajar for days (NOT ideal) while the paint cures harder?

  44. Alicia from California

    Wow! The living room is really getting “mustardized”. Loving it. And your front door…very NICE.

    And another “wow” to your spray tent and equipment. I’m sanding my kitchen cabinet doors right now and will be painting them with a brush and sooooooooo would like to spray them so they look more professional. I’m guessing the spray tent was for those doors to the built-in shelves and your mantlepiece? Looking good! My cabinets are the original plywood from the 50’s when my dream home was built and I it seemed a shame to just throw them away since they’re still usable. They were shellacked and looked too orange so they are getting a facelift and will match the rest of the kitchen, which is all white. It’s a tiny kitchen with a small window facing West and a larger window facing North so it can use the brightness. I am so motivated by what you’re doing that after procrastinating since December I am finishing my kitchen to sort of keep you company. I’d love to borrow your “helpers”. My brothers are all in their 70’s so I’m on my own but I am so enjoying it. And love to read your blog each day to see what new project you’re working on in your new home.

  45. Denise Cox

    Love the color of the front door! It’s gorgeous! All seems to be running smoothly for you. How fortunate all your family has been able to visit and lend a helping hand ?

  46. Judy Miller

    I know you truly understand how blessed you are to have your family help you and your family get settled in your new home. Everything you have done looks great and I’ve enjoyed seeing the transformations. The front door color is very appealing. I’ve been trying to decide on new front door color for two years…….. I wish you much love and happiness in your new home.

  47. Carole Prisk

    So glad your family is there to help you with all the hard work. You are so lucky to have them, your dad is amazing…is there anything that man can’t do or fix?

  48. Gabrielle

    Love the colour. Timeless and welcoming

  49. Laurel

    I don’t know…I remember thinking when I first saw the bigger picture of the porch how well the bench color and the door matt accented things. Kept it from being all matchy, matchy. I love the color of the door, but could you just kinda freshen up the bench and keep it natural or maybe antiqued a little? And the touches of black are very nice. I can’t tell if you painted the dividers in the transom green, but I would leave them the color of the trim (off-white?) Aren’t you glad you get all this “free” advice. I’m seriously loving following this new adventure. Makes me want to fall in love with my house again!

  50. Marlene Stephenson

    Busy,busy, busy all looks wonderful know you are having fun with your family and all you are doing. Have a blessed evening.

  51. nancy w.

    Obviously it is wonderful to have so much help from your family…but what is the real blessing is that they have the energy/good health to be of so much assistance. May that be so for many, many years to come. You all do such professional looking work.

  52. Math

    Like the door! But I was hoping and praying that you would forget that pot rack!!!

  53. Katherine

    Fabulous color choice for your door– and I love that the (slightly recessed?) sidelights look just a tad darker. Really makes pulls you in and makes a wonderful statement. Talk about curb appeal! looking forward to seeing the outcomes of all the projects your busy crew has been tackling. The hints from the last few photos are great teasers!

  54. Loretta

    What strikes me is how pretty that silver hardware looks against the green. I love it!


    Marian, love all the changes you have made in your lovely home. How nice for your dear Mom & Dad & your brother to come and help you out — wonderful! I love to see Sebastian so “at home” in your new home! I’m sure he will be happy when things are done and you can all sit down and relax with him!

    Blessings! Don’t forget to take some time to just sit and relax! You need to do this, too!

  56. Rebecca Burlingham

    Love your choices in colors. Can’t wait to see the rest of your changes.

    But, tell that man to get off of the countertop. I have had customers call me and have to replace an island top because someone leaned on or stood on their countertop.

  57. Michelle W

    That cow/bull picture makes my heart skip a beat! ?
    Is it a one of a kind?

    Also, your house is coming along so beautifully, and I’m filled with joy for you all! ❤️

  58. Janet egan

    I have now words how quick all is settling in❤️️ Love the door! I am going to Mass in Oct to help my daughter and boyfriend paint all the rooms inside so I cannot wait to see more of your chosen colors so maybe I can use sone at her new home

  59. Brandy from The Prudent Homemaker

    Our HOA says the door is to be the same color as the house, which makes no sense at all (and the house is peach–and if repainted, supposedly has to be the exact same shade. . . ) We had ours painted white years ago with hopes that the HOA would not mind white. Unfortunately, the painters painted it with flat paint!

    It really needs a repaint now, as marks don’t wash off flat paint. There is next to no trim at all around the door, and I really want to add quite a bit of trim. Our HOA doesn’t like people adding anything to the outside of their homes to make them look better, so I don’t know that I can get it approved at all. I would love to add white trim and paint the door black.

    How nice that you can paint whatever color you would like.

    I painted a couple of benches years ago in my garden and I have been very happy with the results. They have held up better under the constant sun here since they were painted. I think your bench may do better in the winter being painted. The green will go with any season decor and look wonderful.

  60. Gilda Stigliano

    doing the sidelights was good..it visually expands the door, which is a narrow entity, for the massiveness of your home; it needed to have the color spread out laterally, even in it’s slightest sense.

  61. Annie Looysen

    It’s the perfect color! I like your idea for painting the bench with the leftover paint ?. Your family is amazing for coming to help renovate.

  62. Cindy L

    What a beautiful choice of color for your new front door. I think the painting of the bench to match is perfect. If it’s ok I’d like to suggest painting around your door a darker brown than the siding of the house. I’m referring to the area that surrounds the door and windows. This way the door and windows will pop. Just a thought. It’s amazing how much all of you have accomplished. Have fun.

  63. Amy Darling

    Oh my gosh!! We have pretty much the exact same front door!! We painted our six panel in Quietude from SW which looks just like your BM color! Everything is turning out so nice!! Keep up the great work!!

  64. Kim

    Hey, Marian! I can’t tell you how much I adore the front door color. One usually sees a much higher contrast to the house and this is perfection. We are planning on moving within the next year, so it’s fun to watch your progress and get inspiration. P.S. What a great, helpful bunch your family is :).

  65. Erica H

    It looks great and I’m glad you’re painting all that yellow wood in the living room. It was so not you!

  66. Louise

    Love it , the colors and all the others things you are doing to your house. Awesome and thanks for sharing.

  67. Sue

    Is it a HVLP 7 or 9?

  68. Cynthia Johnson

    I adore the door :). It has a warm welcome feeling and is just nummy!
    I shared that we just retired from Minnesota and moved to a townhouse in Colorado, so I to am enjoying the struggle of fitting my treasures into a much smaller space with a different home style. I am taking it slow, and live in it until the spirit moves and helps me know where to put things.
    Your doing a wonderful job and you are so blessed to have your family with you to share in making your house, your home. It’s a big change, isn’t it~
    Hugs, Cynthia

  69. Maria

    I’m such a huge fan Marian! but this time I agree with Suzanne and Vicky on a darker color for the front door and the bench. The one you chose it’s still a lovely color.?

  70. Susan

    I love the bench! I am looking for that bench, can you share where you purchased? I’m loving the new house transformation. Thank you!


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