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Everyone knows that the best color to use to make a good first impression is the pale beige that has graced Band Aids for generations.

Not really, but that’s what my front door is saying at the moment.

I don’t know what is up with this color, but it’s blah and it’s going to change.

I held up dozens of paint swatches to pick a color that would work with the beige siding.   I originally thought of a blue/gray, but the ones I tried weren’t working with the siding that has warm, pink undertones.  Too blue and it made the siding look mauve, too gray and it looked flat.

I decided to sway towards the blue/green/gray family.  Bringing green to the mix worked much better.

I settled on Farrow & Ball’s Card Room Green…

If ever I feel overwhelmed with picking a color, I switch from the large paint decks to a more limited color palette.  My Farrow & Ball deck offers that, but there are signature color palettes in most paint lines and they make picking colors a little bit easier.

I also find it’s helpful to search the colors you like on Pinterest to see how they read in different spaces.  I searched the color I liked and found this door…

Yummy!  Right?

(I found this picture on many sites, but couldn’t find the original source.)

What was helpful in that search, though, is I was able to see the color in many different rooms in many different ways, so I got a good feel for it despite the fact that I’m viewing pictures on a computer screen.  It’s not going to be the same as seeing it in your space or on your door, but it helps.

I don’t mind spending some good money on paint, but Farrow & Ball is pretty pricey and I would need to order it online, so I had the color matched at my (new) local Benjamin Moore paint store.  Here is the formula for the custom match, in case you’re interested…

I’m sure most of you know, but you can have any color at all matched, even a color from a different paint line.

I am going to prime and take the door off the hinges to paint it, but I couldn’t resist brushing on a little bit to see how it looked…

Yes, so much better!

I know…those drips are killing me, too.  I’ll take care of those.

Anyway, I’m very excited about the rest of the front porch.  I just had a stoop at my last house, so having an actual porch is glorious!

The second day in the house, I picked up a couple of topiaries from Home Depot.  This porch was just begging for them.  I realized that I didn’t have pots that were the right size, though.  I scored some planters that were the perfect size on clearance at Tuesday Morning.  They were $10/each and are nice and heavy.


The front bed does need some cleaning up and I would like to put some plants in that have more structure.  I don’t have a clue about most of what’s in there, so I’m hoping to get some advice from people who are better gardeners than I am, so I don’t rip out something that’s actually very cool, but just doesn’t look its best at the moment.

I started pulling weeds, but I didn’t have my gardening gloves unpacked, yet, and Minnesota has some mean weeds!  So, I need to find my gloves to really attack this bed and clean it up.

I was on a mission today to get as many boxes unpacked as I could.  (I shared my progress on my Instagram Stories, if you want to check it out.)  Aside from my studio boxes, I only have three more boxes left to unpack tomorrow.  I can see the unpacking finish line!!  Woohoo!

More to come…

As an aside, does anyone know what kind of bush this is?


New House Tour | The Front Porch

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121 Comments on “New House Tour | The Front Porch”

  1. I love the new front door color!!! I think the siding has pinky undertones so this soft green makes sense. I don’t think it will blend since green and red are complementary colors. Complementary colors will pop!

  2. Marion,
    I’m 100% sure it is a Wine & Roses Wiegelia. I have them and they are beautiful. Cut it back a bit and shape it and it may bloom again. Mine blooms 2 or 3 times a year. I love the color you chose for the door – so pretty.
    Best in the new home. 🙂

  3. What is the color on the outside of your home. Also, the same family in your living room. Where did you get the slipcover for that room. I love everything you do. Thank you for just being able to look.

  4. Lovely post.
    Debbie is correct- it is a weigela. Great shrub for a quiet background plant, other than when it blooms, then it’s a show stopper. Make sure when you prune it to take its branches all the way back to the base, think of amputating a limb to the point of origin and take no more than 1/3 of the entirety a year or else it will respond with erratic, unwanted growth.
    Great companion plants to it are variegated dogwood (bush with red stems and cream white and green leaves), or perhaps a burgandy barberry.
    Have fun and enjoy the journey!
    Blessings- judy

  5. How to tell a weed from a valuable plant. Give a gentle tug; if it comes out easily, it was a valuable plant.

  6. We’ve found PA has some evil weeds. My husband refuses to wear gloves when he weeds, and he he gets blisters all around his fingers where he was pulling. I never say, “I told you I so.” Yeah, right! So Benjamin Moore will mix Farrow & Ball colors? I knew they did other paint colors but didn’t know about premium paints.

  7. Everything looks amazing. What color is the inside of the door, please? I am struggling as to deal with that painting task. Thank you for your input.

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