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If you missed a tour of my new kitchen earlier this week, you can catch it HERE.  In today’s post, I’m going to take you on a tour of the living room.  We’ve had some debate about what to call this room – the living room or the family room.  I think we’ve settled on the living room and the family room is downstairs.  You know how room names morph.  In our last house we had “the little bathroom” and we just all knew which one that was (even though they were all little!)  We’ll see if that name sticks, but let’s go with it for now.

Here’s the living room…

Since this room is open to the kitchen and “eating area” (breakfast nook that’s not really a nook), it will be a prime spot for entertaining and hanging out.  It needs to be comfortable, but it’s visible from the foyer, so I want it to be pretty, too.

As you can see, the light is amazing.  That big window allows the light to flood in through most of the day.  The morning light is the best, but I didn’t get around to snapping these pictures until later in the afternoon.  It’s still pretty light, though.

I love that our view is of a huge maple in our backyard.  I am not looking forward to raking all of those leaves, but it’s so peaceful to look at.

I positioned our sectional (from Ashley Furniture) in this room, so we would have lots of comfy seating and I like that it’s lighter in color, so it doesn’t look heavy.  We actually had another single seat to make the sectional longer, but it was destroyed in the move.  The lampshade survived, but not the armless chair.

It would’ve centered the sofa under the window, but it also would’ve made things tight in the corner by the built-ins, so it was for the best.  If something was going to be destroyed, that was a good victim.

I piled on pillows from my last house and I love the combination of the fabrics.  I sort of threw on the ones I unpacked first and I think I’m going to keep them this way.

Since I sold all of my coffee tables, we’re using a little foot stool for now.  It’s a little too small, so I’m on the lookout for something that will be the right style and size.

Next to the sectional, I put a small side table I bought to sell at Lucketts, but I ended up keeping it myself!  I love how it fits in that spot.

Everyone has spent time curled up on this sofa throughout the day, even Sebastian.  It’s a very inviting space.

Here is a view of the room from the kitchen…

I cleaned up the shelves and filled them with some of the ironstone I have unpacked.  They aren’t going to stay like this, but it’s at least clean and organized!  I will adjust the shelves, so they are all even and plan to paint the built-ins white.  I would also like to add one shelf to the TV cubby on the left.  We are not planning to put a TV in this room.  I miss it a little bit at night, but it’s been nice to have quiet up here when the TV is on downstairs.  It also forces us to be more intentional about when we watch TV.

I will also be adding functional curtains for privacy and light control.

Behind the sofa, I added an antique bench and a splint basket filled with quilts.

The sectional does throw the symmetry of the room off, which bugs me a little, but because of the traffic path, the arrangement would have to be off-center, anyway.  I think the asymmetry lends a relaxed feel to the room, too.

I think I’m going to hang the antique wall-hung bird cage on this wall…

I set it on a stool for now, just to get a visual idea of how it would look.

On the other side of the room, I put an antique white hutch…

Of course, I’ll fill it with more ironstone!

I am itching to paint this room.  Can you believe that I have been in this house for a week and I haven’t painted anything?  Jeff is wondering what happened to his wife!  Some patient person who takes her time picking paint colors has taken her place.

I’ve really wanted to paint, but I didn’t want to rush my decisions.  And, my parents and brother are coming into town next week, so I’m waiting until I have more help!  My mom has been watching my progress and told me today to make sure I leave some work for them to do.  I told them that was no problem.  There is plenty of work to go around!

So, speaking of paint, I did hit my local Benjamin Moore paint store and bought a few things – primer, trim paint, paint for the front door, and a sample pot of paint for the family room.  The sample I picked was Wickham Gray and I cracked it open in no time to paint a couple of swatches in the room…

I wanted to make sure the color worked with Eulalie and would be a nice backdrop for ironstone.  It’s similar to the color in my last family room, Glass Slipper, but it has more gray in it, which I like.  I painted a swatch in a couple of places, so I could watch how it changed in the light.

I will also be painting the trim bright white, I’m sorry to say.  First of all, it’s just so much trim to paint!  Second, it has a beautiful finish currently.  It’s the original sprayed finish and it doesn’t even have a hint of a brush stroke or drip.  The problem is that it’s off-off-white.  In the kitchen, it’s almost beige.  I’m just a sucker for bright white trim, so I don’t think there’s anyway around it, especially if I’m painting the cabinets white, too.

I am planning on leaving the carpet.  Jeff and the boys have wanted carpeting for years and, even though it’s not quite as photogenic as wood, it’s very comfortable under foot.  This one does look nice and is in good condition, so it doesn’t bother me like I thought it might.

I am also going to leave the granite around the fireplace.  It’s not what I would’ve picked, but it’s neutral enough that I don’t feel like it’s a priority to change it out.  I might make an insert to cover it or something, but we’ll see.

And, we are going to be changing out all of the light switches, outlets, and plates in the entire house.  Whew!  I know it’s going to be a total pain to do it, but we will be glad we did.  The switches are all currently cream/beige and some of them are very dingy and pretty impossible to clean.  New switches and outlets aren’t flashy, but they will be a little detail that makes a big difference.

More of the house and details on my progress and plans to come…

new house tour | living room

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119 Comments on “new house tour | living room”

  1. You have done a lot in a short amount of time and made decisions quickly—at least quickly for me.
    I think it is a lovely home. So glad this part of the move worked out perfectly! I bet your father can change out all of the light switches and plates while visiting.

  2. So fun! A thought, if you place the pair of chairs facing the window, it would balance the furniture visually and make a more symmetrical seating area…and it might not bug you as much. I love moving my furniture around. My husband says it’s lucky he’s not blind because he would be falling over it every time I move things. He thinks he’s cute…

  3. Your furniture and things are looking so great in the new home!!! Where do you get all your lovely pillows?

  4. Yes, to changing all the outlets. We replaced all our old dingy plates and “innards” when we painted our walls white, and it makes a huge difference for very little money. Your room looks very cozy already!

    1. I think outlet and switch covers always need to be considered when “doing” one’s walls. I have special paint finishes on a good many of my walls, and I always “do” the outlet/switch cover plates too (wallpapering them, for example, should the room be wallpapered). They just “melt away” into the walls, and I like that.

  5. How nice to have family who ask you to “be sure and save us something to do”! I come from a family of hard workers too and we always still joke that for us a “vacation” means “hard labor camp.” The house is looking great so far! I would totally be painting everything white too, can’t do the off white trim/switch plates/etc. It’s daunting, but you’ll get there!

  6. When I first saw the built in cabinets around the fireplace their assymetry bothered me a bit. When I saw how you placed the furniture I thought you were genius! It plays on the cabinet’s assymetry and as you said, makes the room feel relaxed and not overly formal or staged. Very pretty. Well done…again!

  7. We are slowly repainting our entire house, and as we do, we change out the beige plugs and switches and their beige covers to white. It is my favorite part. It looks so nice and clean and like new construction.

    I am looking forward to seeing this house evolve!

  8. Ha, the shelves not being at the same place annoyed me too! and at first glance I thought Sebastian was a dark cushion, he curls up so tightly. Looking forward to you putting your magic touch on everything.

  9. Love your new home and the light from that large window is wonderful! I am currently in the process of repainting all of the rooms in our house and chose Silver Birch by Glidden. It is a wonderful pale gray – very neutral and looks fabulous with bright white trim.

  10. BTW….I was trying tons of colors on my wall in my main floor last yr…..I had already painted the trim/wainscoating WHITE in the dining room/living room but the oak trim had not been painted yet in the family/kitchen……wall colors look dramatically different against lt. oak versus white trim….I was debating many lt. grays…..the one w/ a slight bluish looked much brighter blue against the oak versus the white…..I thought it was the lighting difference but it was the trim color that affected it the most….I finished painting all the trim white and then I realized I could have picked the one that was blueish and it would have look great…ended up with a gray that looks a little more green….but alas I do like it….I tend to use blue w/ a little green so it works…..

  11. It’s amazing the difference bright white trim and new switch plates and such can make. I have a favourite trim color and was horrified to learn that the hardware store that makes it changed their paint tint formulas and when I bought a gallon of it, it was pink! The paint lady and I reverse engineered it back to the original colour.

    Eulalie looks right at home.

  12. I love the gray color that you chose in your sample on the wall! I just did our kitchen and family room in the Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and it made such a huge difference in the look of the room as we get a lot of natural light too! Glad you’ve got some help coming your way for the painting and other things that you want to get done.

  13. I always think of the main, more formal living area as the “living room” and the living area that is maybe at the back of the house or the basement and a little more informal in styling as the “family room”, so I would have gone with your labels! Not sure if that is the correct way to think of it. 😉 Your home is lovely and I think you will love not having a TV in the living room.

  14. I’m loving your tours of the new place!! I know its going to come together so nicely with your touch! I’m really liking the wickham grey!

  15. I can’t wait to see what you do to “Miss Mustardize” your new home. It does have good bones, and I’m sure you’ll be able to make it your own.

  16. Love your new home. High ceilings and archways just make me happy. Can’t wait to see it painted, gray and white are one of my favorite combinations. The trim will really pop. Truly a beautiful home.

  17. I would wait and paint the trim after you paint the walls, that color looks really pretty with the off white. Plus I have a feeling off white will return too a trend soon, bright white trim has been around for awhile. Just a thought!!

  18. This is goijng to be gorgeous. Use advance paint for the trim. Levels like a dream, no brush marks:)

  19. The room looks very nice. Your furniture would look better against wood floors, but I guess “the boys” get some things they want too! Personally, I don’t ever want carpet again, but it’s a personal choice. Ha! I’d let your “helpers” paint trim!!

  20. You think of everything! It’s quite lovely and a spectacular room to relax in! You have no idea how much you are making me want to re-decorate or move. Don’t tell my husband! Thank you again for sharing!

  21. I have to ask………did you sell the dental cabinet that you had by your front door in the old house? That piece is to die for!

    Love your new house and your “hospitality” by showing us around.

    1. Nope, I still have it! I haven’t found the perfect spot for it in this house, yet. I was hoping it would fit in a bathroom, but there isn’t a space that is right for it. Hopefully I’ll find a spot!

  22. Now did you paint a little bit of the gray on the wall in the “family room” or in the Living Room? Which ever room, gray is the “go to” color–so pleasing and reassuring.

  23. Every time I see one of your blue and quilts I feel the green eyes jealousy monster creep out. I just love them so an I cannot seem to find any myself.

    1. I bought several of them on Etsy and eBay for $125 or less. I just look regularly and snap one up when it’s a good price.

  24. I Love your new home ! 💗 Congrats to u and your family ! I Can’t wait to see a new home turn into a farmhouse look ! I had to to that with my home as well

  25. Beautiful new home and sounds like great neighbors. My favorite things about your new home are the arched ceilings and doorways, the light, and the floor plan as far as you have described it. What color did you say you are going to paint the furniture pieces on either side of your fireplace? And I suppose your mantle will be the same color? Anxious to see how your home progresses. As one of your faithful readers, am so pleased to hear how all of your prayers were answered.

  26. Love the Wickham Gray. It will be so fun to see your process in a new place. One of these days I want to downsize, so I’m paying close attention in the hopes of learning a lot!

    1. Nooooo… we originally put it in the family room where the white hutch is now, but it was too big and visually heavy, so we moved it to the dining room.

  27. Such a beautiful room Marion. I look forward to seeing it painted with the beautiful light that streams in. Your colors with make it so much brighter and fresher.
    New white switches and outlets are on out hit list too – they are currently a 90’s era brushed gold and although they are removable cover plates, the switches themselves are cream, so we need to replace the whole thing. In Australia all electrical work must be carried out by a licenced electrician, so to do our whole house is no budget priced affair! We’re changing a few at a time whenever we get other electrical work done. Hopefully by the time we’re done painting, all of the switches will be done too!

  28. The house really is lovely. When hanging the bird cage, don’t forget the available space will change after hanging draperies.

  29. Love all your plans and ideas for the new house! I agree I love bright white trim so much better than off-white. It just makes the wall color pop so much more. Please disclose what trim color you go with as we will be painting our stained woodwork this year.

    While I love hardwoods, I like the fact that you are keeping the living room in carpet. During the long, cold Minnesota winters it will bring some warmth to that room. Although you haven’t showed us the exterior of the home yet I have already guessed its a split level home because the living room is higher up and you mentioned the family room was on the lower level. BTW….your Ironstone looks right at home along with Sebastian.

    1. We will be using Benjamin Moore Advanced in Satin in the White right out of the can. I like it, because it’s a pure, bright white.

      Oh, and the home isn’t a split level. It has a finished basement with a family room, play room, and guest suite.

  30. MMS! To walk in your entry to the beauty of your “living room” must make hearts sing. The restfulness of your blues bring balance in the midst of the asymmetry. It also creates wonderful interest. Love the splint basket filled with your blue and white quilts.

    Happy painting,
    Diney from Camano Island

  31. Gray is going to look great in your living Room! Ohh, so much painting, lucky you have help coming. Out of curiosity, how did the sectional piece get Ruined? Happy decorating!

    1. In two places, the fabric completely rubbed off, even though it was wrapped! One spot rubbed on a bike tire and I’m not sure what the other spot was. The wood underneath was even damaged.

      1. Do you have plans to recover the damaged chairs? That would be an interesting post – when you have the time.

  32. Yeah, your family is coming! I asked when in a previous post. You will be home once they add a hand, an opinion, and have been in your space. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS what is the name of the basket behind the sofa? do you have one for sale?

  33. Curious how you see the paint swatches in person. The first pic looks blue, the second green. Grey can be tricky. What color are you going to paint the backs of the built-ins?

  34. Hi Marion! As usual your decorating beauty is coming through. I just wanted to say that I recently had 2 of our bathrooms completely redone and chose Wickham Gray for the master bath vanity. It’s lovely! Light and bright but does pick up blue tones when put against Simply White (in my application). I’m not sorry that I chose that one!
    Your blog is my favorite and always full of inspiration and great ideas. Thank you for sharing:)

  35. I have that same sectional from Ashley Furniture. Have you found that the material pills???? We only had ours about 6 mos. and it was pilling already. #notahappycamper

  36. Everything is looking great…..although I was starting to worry about all that light coming in and beaming down on those beautiful quilts. …..but, read down further to see you were talking window treatments to come to the rescue. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Hope all is going well with your husbands new job….he has been in our prayers.

  37. Hi! Congratulations on your new home! It’s so fun to nest, isn’t it? I love what you’ve done and are planning to do. The ONLY thing I don’t like (I was hoping you’d like some opinions) is the white hutch. I just don’t think it melds with the feel of the room. I think a hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bath…. would be better. JMHO 🙂 What are you planning with the fireplace? White too or darker stain? Will you keep the tile? It’s very pretty. Can’t wait to see the “finished” products! Oh, loved seeing the little ones snacking in the Kitchen 🙂

      1. Well, remember the built- ins will b painted white, the pitchers go elsewhere and the wall will be ( maybe ) Wickham gray . Marion will pull it all together !

        1. Yep, exactly. It doesn’t look right with the current wall color, trim paint, and woodwork, but all of that will be changing. I’m also planning to paint the interior of the cabinet to lighten it up.

  38. This will be a little off in left field, but you mentioned not looking forward to raking leaves in the fall from the tree outside the living room window. You might want to consider a mulching attachment for your lawn mower. It’s a small piece that goes on the side that recycles grass, or in this case leaves, into the blades of the mower until they’re teensy tiny. Great for the lawn and for your back.

  39. Love the living room, especially that black furry pillow on the couch, lol. Yes, I’m that person that migrates straight to the pets. Your new home is lovely Marian. Thank you so much for letting us look over your shoulder as you and your sweet family settle in.

  40. I love all you have done and agree with painting. I have been thinking of painting my kitchen, a few years back i painted it a light golden color and am loving the gray colors. It is all coming together and will take a while but, know it will be amazing.

  41. Things looking good! Careful that grey looks incredibly blue from the photos! Take the carpet up and buy a fabulous area rug 😉
    Blessings for a continual positive transtion.

  42. I think once you change the trim color around the fireplace, the granite will look great. We are with you on changing out all of the switch plates and outlet covers. It really is a little thing that makes a huge impact. I am really enjoying the posts about your new place and know you will make it fabulous. Keep sharing!

  43. I would do plantation shutters. Maybe tropical only to some but they are clean lines and open and shut so nicely. That also take no wall real estate!
    Shine on!

  44. What a lovely large room, with beautiful big windows, and of course (being a quilter) I love all the quilts you have around and in the basket. and all the baskets, i collect baskets too. i’m sure when your done with all your plans it will be even more stunning.

  45. I love all the arches. Are you going to do a wainscoting? We just downsized, and I thought I wanted gray walls. We tried at least 12 different sample jars of grays. They all ended up looking more sky blue once painted over our tan walls. We even applied Kilz primer, to no avail. So we went with Glass Slipper, (thanks to you) and I couldn’t be happier. I love it. We too, changed our outlets to white. Made a huge difference. Love seeing the MMS transformation in your new home.

  46. You could just leave the trim and paint the walls white! I’ve seen that look floating around lately.

  47. Just my two-cents…
    The house itself has a nice modern feel to it, so painting the trim with a brush will “age” it nicely. I like the brushstrokes on trim and furniture as it gives the wood that old European feel and look. Take your time…projects will make this house into YOUR home.

  48. I think you should paint the built in cabinets a shade of dark blue so it really hilights the white ironstone. Since the room gets so much light it will be gine and will pick up blues in quilts.

  49. You found a beautiful home! I don’t know about you, but your move seems like a blur to me! Lol Hard to believe you are working on a new house. The sectional takes away from this beautiful room, I envision it with one of your beautiful reupholstered tufted sofas (or 2) but I get that you want it to be comfy. Have fun arranging, painting, and making your new nest!!

  50. I am really excited about the before and afters that are about to happen here. Right now, the house is nice but doesn’t have any personality and all that is about to change. I adore this process and watching you do it gives me courage to do it myself.

  51. I just love your house. Have you taken any pictures of the outside front? Is it a colonial type home.?
    It reminds me of a colonial I once lived in many houses ago.

  52. You know, of course, that Floetrol is your friend for avoiding brush strokes ;-). I don’t envy you doing all that trim work, but find some good podcasts and it will go fast!

  53. What a great start, Marion! I am currently painting my walls with Conservative Gray by SW, it’s very similar to your choice. We are also changing to all white switches, and painting the trim white. I’m curious about the lamp on the little green table—how do you plug that in since it’s not against the wall? Is there an outlet in the floor under the table? This has always stumped me when arranging furniture!

  54. Just a quick question , did you purchase the insurance on your Ashley furniture?I always do.If you did, they will replace it for you. I really like your home, and am looking forward to seeing how you make it your own.

  55. Taking your time is good. I had to get used to how the light affected my paint colors when I moved to Florida from Virginia. Being home is the BEST thing you can do… white time off at home paying attention to how the house is with light, and night mood lighting is enjoying. I loved uplight (cans) in my Virginia house. Shadows were my favorite in that house. I have less room to create ambiance here.

    Everything looks GREAT, your family is going to LOVE living in your new home! Let it evolve as you did your other home. You GOT THIS!

  56. I am impressed with how much you have done in so little time. It is good to see Sebastian looking so comfortable.

  57. I live in an old timber Queenslander in Australia and I know how the light changes! I paint very large pieces of cardboard and change them around the house at different times, or just place them where I can see the colour day and night. Doing it your way would definitely make me paint the walls faster, rather than procrastinating – something I’m very good at. Your new colour looks as if it would go beautifully with Eulalie, the ironstone and your blues. I did rather like the addition of the red/pink in the two chairs you bought recently.

    It’s all looking lovely Marion and I am enjoying watching you nest. I bet your Mum is itching to get into it too 🙂

  58. Wow! The color you selected for the living room is really going to “mustardise” this room. Even the fireplace granite works better with your soon to be new wall color! You and your greys! You’ve educated us on the myriads of greys available out there. I too am a fan of bright white trim and my entire house’s interior trim is a project I’ve put off for almost 3 years since I moved in. Oh! I can see your “friendly cows in the pasture” peeking out from behind the antique hutch waiting for you to chose a place on the wall for them as they lazily chew away in the pasture. And I support your decision to hang up the antique bird cage. That wall needed the eye to go up and your decision to hang the bird cage is perfect. Another MMS touch.

  59. I hope you dont’ regret the gray in the living room. When it’s very cold in the winter with snow on the ground, you might wish you had chosen something warmer. Plus, everyone’s sister, grandmother, and mother-in-law chooses it these days! I prefer a taupe or off-white myself.

    1. Yep, I get that. I love cool colors, though, so that’s what I’m going with. Also, I did look up the days of sunshine in MN vs. where I lived in PA and they are about the same, so I don’t feel like I need to change my color palette.

    2. I agree and was about to say the same thing. I think a very gentle hue of blue would look wonderful on the walls . And it would go well with those quilts. We have a lot of snow in NY and there are a lot of gray days too. I am glad I have color on my living room walls.

  60. Everything is coming together so nicely! We just changed all the switches and receptacles in our house too! The bright white is so much nicer. We also changed all the door knobs to a satin nickel. These simple changes make such a difference!

    I’m sorry you lost a pieces of your sectional. What a great attitude you have about it!! I tell my (grown) kids all the time that when something negative happens in your life just find the joy in the situation so it doesn’t consume you. There is always joy if you are open to it!

    Thank you for sharing this busy time in yours lives. I am really enjoying taking the virtual journey with you.

  61. I’m enjoying the tour very much. On a purely selfish note, if you decide to install beadboard in the back of your built ins I would benefit by seeing how it’s done!

  62. Marian, You are such a gracious hostess. Thank you for sharing your move with us. You have created a beautiful home out of a “house”. Thank you for allowing us to come into your home and share your journey! Blessings to all of you!!

  63. Marian, your home is so beautiful and it will be even more lovely as you work on putting your loving touches on it. All the best as you work hard to get things accomplished. Your Mom and Dad and also your brother will be such a great help — and I know they will have joy in their hearts as they help you and your family settle in! God Bless you all! So happy that everything is working out so well! God is so good!

    Love that picture of Sebastian having a little snooze on your sofa! Such a cute picture! He has definitely settled right in and loves his new home as much as you all do!

  64. Erin, I feel the same way about blue and white quilts! Love, love, love them, yet they are SO hard to find in certain parts of the country. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, where anything old is frequently torn down in the name of Progress. 🙁 Roadside flea markets, barns filled with antiques, quilts and iron ware just don’t exist. We jokingly blame it all on General Sherman, who burned everything to the ground on his march to Savannah! It really took until the 1920s, when Coca-Cola and the railroad millionaires were able to put our city back on the map again. Lovely people here, though, and true Southern Hospitality!

  65. Marian, I’m looking forward to seeing how you re-do your new home! It’s already beautiful to start with, and with your touches, it will be great! A suggestion: When you replace your light switches, consider installing dimmer switches. I did that a year ago in almost every room and it has made such a difference, especially at the end of the day. No more bright lights when you don’t want them. Love your blog!

  66. Marian, the room will be balanced if you move both chairs to the left….instead of one on each side of the fireplace.

  67. With my interior design hat on, I’d say go a little darker on the walls with such a light filled room, especially with a light colour sofa and white cupboards planned. I like the colour you picked but it looks a little green. I’d opt for a darker French Grey which will contrast lovely with all your blues and whites.

    You’ve picked a lovely home Marian and I hope you’ll be very happy there.

    Keep up the good work 😊

  68. Your home is so very beautiful! While it is lovely now, I can’t wait to see the
    transformations as they come along. I love your style!
    Also, so jealous of your basement!

    Oh, those chairs yiu bought off Craig’s List are FABULOUS!!!

  69. You probably alr Amy know about this but they make switdhplate covers that fit over the old ones. They are at Home Depot and amazon. My friend just used them and said they hey worked great

  70. I am curious to see in a year or so if you still like “gray” walls living in the land of snow and ice. As a lifelong Michigander who lives in snow and gray skies 6 months out of the year gray is not the color for me!! I tried it once and immediately repainted my walls in a warmer tone.

  71. I’m enjoying watching you move into the new house! One good thing about it being a bit more modern is that it matches my house a little better, so I’ll enjoy seeing what you do with it.
    I don’t like the Wickham Gray, it’s a little too green on my screen….and George Wickham is a villain in Pride and Prejudice, not a good guy to have around!

  72. I don’t know if anyone else suggested this (too many comments to read while I’m renovating), but try centering the bench with the basket of quilts in the room, so it’s aligned with the fireplace. I think that would be less disconcerting and would accent the asymetry while also balancing things.

    1. I actually tried that, but it had to be positioned at the very end of the sofa, so it looked really strange in person. When you’re in the room, it doesn’t feel unbalanced. It definitely looks more-so in pictures.

  73. I imagine that granite will be covered with Delft tiles or something equally delta suits by Christmas 😉 best wishes in your beautiful new home!

  74. Everything is coming together so beautifully. I am itching for you to paint those build ins and around the fireplace in the living room. It’s gonna be amazing. I love the layout too, where the kitchen is open to the space and the arched doorways are wonderful!

  75. Marian, I have no doubt that your house will soon come together with your special touch, but there is one thing that I’d like to mention before you get knee deep in paint. Right now your living room is bathed in beautiful light because it’s summer…but Minnesota has long winters…so have you considered how gray walls might effect your mood/outlook? Just a thought. I hope you settle on just the right shade for you! Paint is so tricky. Blessings in your new home!

  76. Years ago i saw a helpful hint. They said when you remove a light switch plate while painting, Use a strip of masking/painters tape on the back of it. Write down the color name and maker of the paint and the date painted. It will give you a reminder – if you ever need touch ups.

  77. Paint the tile around the fireplace! Jones Design Company recently did it (on her blog) and it’s amazing the difference it made! I can see yours with some of your signature hand painting!

  78. I’m sorry about all the trim painting. I’m facing that in my house, too. Our home was built in 1950 and we are only the 2nd owners (moved in 1 year ago). The trim in each room is a different shade of white and is dingy and damaged. We just remodeled the kitchen and our white cabinets are a little off white (similar to SW Pearly White). So I went with bright white trim (extra white) and painted the walls the same color as the cabinets. Now I’m slowly tackling all the other trim in the house with Extra White, but missing my old stand by that I’ve used in every other house since 2005…SW Dover White. I love the bright, crisp white against the slightly off cabinets in the kitchen, but not so much on the rest of the house. Maybe I’m not a bright white girl after all.

  79. I have recently moved too and I will be interested to see how you prepare your trim for painting. I also have off white trim (sprayed by the builder) in my new house, but miss my white trim terribly. Don’t know if I can talk my hubby into painting it for me though, as I have bad knees. I am loving your posts as you are inspiring me a great deal. We have been in our home for 2 months and you are further along than me with unpacking and settling in. I am looking forward to school starting!

  80. That archway into the living room is such a lively frame for your living room! Oh, to have that window in my living room! It’s like a little blessing from heaven! This house just screams “blessed” to me.

  81. How exciting to have a whole new house to put the Mustard Seed touch on! Can’t wait to see it all evolve! Sebastian looks so happy on your sectional! What a bonus to have such beautiful built-ins so you can showcase your ironstone collection. Will you be painting the fireplace mantel white too? Congratulations on your new home and adventure. It will be exciting to see how this new chapter unfolds!

  82. You are making great progress. I too am a sucker for bright white trim. Have you thought about replacing the electrical plates with paint plates? They are slightly dimpled metal plates that y o u paint with the wall paint so they don’t stand out. They come primed and I have found them at Lowe’s.

  83. How could I have lived this long and not know that light switch plates come in another color besides the darkened yellowy ivory that mine are? I am going to Lowes to find some pure white ones that will blend into my white walls.

  84. Wow- I feel like we bought the same house. My kitchen is nearly identical. Curious to know what you do with your countertops. I feel badly about destroying them since the previous owner put them in not-so-long-ago….but they eventually have to go. I am doing the exact same thing you are at this moment. I have 3 different BM paint swatches in varying gray on my living room walls. I already whitewashed the brick and painted the mantle crisp white. ALL my trim is off white and all the electrical outlets are too. It was very tastefully done back in the 90’s, complete with wallpaper and heavy custom drapery but it all has to be changed out. I follow your blog and finally bought your paint the other day. I haven’t tried it yet but there is a cabinet dying to be painted in MMS in my mud room! Will be sure to let you know how it comes out and cannot wait to see your new home done over in MMS style!

  85. Marian..Congratulations on your new home…what ever you will be beautiful..and “you”….I was thinking of the article too of the Virginia Manor House..and thought that “pickled pine”and European antiques would be beautiful in your home….I always look forward to see what you do…Best wishes…and have fun.

  86. I’m glad you said that the ironstone in your living room isn’t going to stay as such…….right now they look like soldiers all lined up. lol
    I do personally like the pink arch I saw in one picture!
    And I noticed you switched to calling the room “family room”, when talking about the “living room”. 😉
    Looking great, Marian!

  87. Ohhhh girl! I’m totally shocked that you haven’t started painting yet! I understand why you haven’t…but oh my, I am itching for you!!!!!! I. Am. So. Itchy. Can’t wait to follow along!!

  88. Concerning wall colors: you should give Benjamin Moore’s “Nelson Blue” a try – it’s a color in their Williamsburg collection. It’s a mix of Prussian blue, lampshade black, and white. It looks like nothing on the chip, but on the wall it’s gorgeous and it’s chameleon-like, varying in tone/color depending on the light. I get tons of compliments from everyone who visits our home. It has that gray undertone you were mentioning while still reading as a blue color. Very neutral – not too cool. Best of luck with all the new decisions!

  89. Hi Marian,
    Can you tell me where I can find the blue and green floral fabric you have on the pillows on your couch? They are beautiful and would look great in my home,

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