our moving story | part 3

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This is a continuation of a story, so you’ll want to check out PART ONE and PART TWO before you read this post.  Or else you’ll feel like you just walked in on a conversation.

I was surprisingly relaxed, waiting for the realtor to share her “you’re never going to believe this” news.  I really and truly, cross-my-heart, wanted what was God’s best for us and if this was a closed door, that was okay.  God had something better.

Well, despite our offer being contingent upon a job offer that wouldn’t come until July 14, if at all, the sellers accepted our offer.  Not only did they accept our offer, but they accepted it without any stipulations that their home would still be open to other offers.   It would be officially under contract.  We were completely shocked!

The one kicker was that Jeff (or one of us) needed to be there for the inspection.  Since we had lots of packing to do, that meant flying out to Rochester and back in a day!  As much as I wanted to see the house, I am eager to fall in love with most houses, so I thought it was best for Jeff to go.  He would be much more objective.

So, after our Myrtle Beach trip, Jeff hopped on a plane to see our house with specific instructions from me to take pictures of every little thing.  Open every drawer and cabinet door.  My exact words were, “You cannot possibly take too many pictures.”  I waited eagerly at home, caring for the boys and working on packing.  (Ha, I originally wrote that sentence as “packing and caring for the boys”, but that didn’t sound quite right!)

 Jeff texted me to report about the Rochester area, made the trip to Trader Joe’s to see how far it was from “our house”, told me about the endless fields of corn and soy, and how the sky went on forever.

He let me know when he arrived at the house and then…there was silence.  I was starting to get nervous.  Maybe his heart sank right when he walked in the door and we had just wasted money on an inspection and airline tickets for a home that only photographed well.  I pestered him a little and let him know I was about to crawl out of my skin with suspense.  He finally texted back with the reassuring news, “This is our house.”

The house was incredibly well built, had great bones, and was well cared for overall.  It’s ripe for us to add our personal touch.

So, I started to dream about a house that I had never seen and might never own.  I made the decision, though, that I was going to pack in faith.  I would only keep furniture that I thought would fit in that specific house and the rest would be sold.

With the inspection complete, we then had to decide if we were going to move ahead and invest in an appraisal or wait to do the appraisal until we had the job offer and certainly push back our potential closing date.  We decided we would go all in.  If you take a leap of faith, you want to make sure you don’t stop halfway over the precipice!

A couple of weeks later, it was time for our visit to the church.  We decided to drive out to Rochester, so we could experience the trip from PA and have lots of time to talk through nerves in the car.  We also kind of like road trips!

The drive in was…eventful.  One of the boys was carsick (or something-sick) all the way through Ohio, so we seriously stopped at every rest stop on the Ohio turnpike.  There were major delays in Chicago, so we had to reroute ourselves a couple of times.  And, as we were driving across the Mississippi into Minnesota, there were violent thunderstorms that included hail and tornados.  At one point, we were both receiving weather alerts on our phones to “seek shelter immediately”.  We rerouted ourselves again to drive around the storms and away from the charcoal sky.

Thankfully, the car trip was not foreshadowing.  It was just a bumpy road that lead to an amazing weekend in a place we hoped to soon call home.  Rochester was love at first sight for me.  I will have enough landscape painting inspiration to fill endless pages in watercolor journals.  The rolling green of the farm fields and the expanse of sky suits me perfectly.

The boys and I finally had a chance to see our house, too.  My stomach flipped when I saw sold sign in the yard.  That’s for us!

The boys went racing up and down the steps and claiming bedrooms.  I was walking through the house, arranging furniture in my head.  Something about me, is that I tend to look angry when I’m arranging furniture in my head.  I guess I take it seriously!  I tried to be mindful of that, so Jeff and/or the realtor didn’t think I was disappointed about something as I stood in a room for several minutes, stone-faced.

I meandered to the backyard and found one of the best surprises.  Upon closer inspection, I realized two of the trees planted in the back were cherry trees, loaded with fruit.  Cherry trees!?  Are you kidding me?!  I plucked some off and revealed them to Jeff.  He knows that cherries are my favorite and I eagerly wait each summer for them to show up at the grocery store.  It was a like a little gift just for me.


We also looked at schools for the boys and drove by the Mayo Clinic to see how far of a drive it would be to the Pediatric Endocrinologist.

And the more we drove around Rochester, the more I loved it.  Lots of great shopping, restaurants, parks, all just a few minutes away.  (Oh, and I’ve already scoped out their craigslist and we’re good to go!)

But, as great as the area is, it’s the people who drew us in.  Through the entire weekend, we were welcomed in as old friends.  Meetings were filled with laughter and good-natured ribbing right alongside honest conversations that got to the heart of a matter.  And after each meeting and event, Jeff and I left, smiling at each other, silently affirming what the other knew.  This is it.

 In that short time, we had a taste of what our lives could be like as a part of that church and community and everything about it felt right.

On the way home, every conversation about the church, the house, the area, was tempered with the fact that it was all still up in the air.  The word “if” was used very liberally in our house during this season of unknown.  In our gut, we felt like it was going to happen, but it was still an “if”.

Back at home, we finished packing up our PA home and loaded the trucks.  Given that we had nothing in the house, we took the time to visit Jeff’s parents in Raleigh and then booked the guest rooms at my parent’s house in Gettysburg.  We closed on our PA house on July 13, the same day we were expecting to receive the job offer.  Closing happened in the morning without a hitch and Jeff and I tried to occupy ourselves, so we didn’t go nuts waiting for the phone call.

We knew it would come later in the evening, so after we put the boys to bed, we sat in chairs out on my parent’s driveway.  The sun had set, but it was still hot and sticky outside.  Sometimes we waited in silence.  Sometimes we talked.  Sometimes we prayed.  We both knew this phone call would set an entire chain of events in motion.  Either we would be moving to Rochester or…  Well, that was the scary part.  We really didn’t know.  There was no plan B.  I know it sounds crazy!  We kept acknowledging the fact we were crazy, but any time we even talked about creating a plan B, neither of us were at peace about it.  Through the entire journey, we felt like God was asking us to take a step of faith, but He gave us gifts of encouragement all along the way, like our house selling without even putting it up for sale, the unexpected acceptance of the offer on the MN house, and so many affirming conversations.

It was still nail-biter as we waited.

The thick air was cut by Jeff’s cell phone ringing.  It was the call we had been waiting for.  Jeff picked up and, within seconds, gave me a thumbs up.  I felt ever muscle in my body relax and I couldn’t contain my smile.  We’re moving to Minnesota.

The past few months have felt a little like we were setting up a line of dominos and then knocking them down in totally the wrong order.  But the first and most important domino was finally knocked down and then it didn’t seem to matter that the others had fallen out of turn.

It could’ve all turned out differently…

But it didn’t.

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our moving story | part 3

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122 Comments on “our moving story | part 3”

  1. What an awesome story and encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness. Thank you for sharing! I don’t know how you held all of that to your chest for so long and didn’t go crazy! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the next chapter…

  2. My goodness your post was a real nail-biter! For a minute there, I thought you were going to leave us all hanging. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us. Congrats on your exciting new adventure.

  3. A friend just sent me a link to your blog saying it was like she was reading my story. We too are moving this summer, my husband is going to be a lead pastor after 27 years of youth and college ministry at a young church, we sold our home before we even had it ready to list, we found a house to buy that didn’t fit what we were looking for but God kept saying different, multi offers on it and the peace that it wasn’t our decision but God who would select the house filled us, they chose us…. and another phase of our adventure with God begins! What a privilege we have to serve Him!

  4. Welcome to my state of MN! That’s so exciting. I live up in the Twin Cities, and I’m guessing you will venture up here once in a while. Since you love antiques and junkin’ I wanted to tell you about an awesome fair called Gold Rush that is in Oronoco, about 15 min north of you. The town streets are closed down and set up with booths from people all over. It’s Aug 17th-20th. I’ve never been to Lucketts but I’m guessing you would enjoy Gold Rush. I’m sad I have to miss it this year since I will be on a family vacation. It’s so fun to search for treasures there. Good luck with your closing and move. Have fun if you go junkin’!

  5. My eyes totally teared up reading this! We had our own miraculous “walk of faith” move recently and all of the emotions are still *right there*. What an amazing testimony of faith, knowing God’s assuring voice, and seeing Him come through!

  6. Our daughter worked at a Christian camp and conference center in northern Wisconsin for several years and we made many trips from about an hour south of Biglerville to visit her. We drove, both up past Chicago and across the UP of Michigan, and also flew. It’s easy and cheap to fly from BWI to MSP. The one thing we always said when we returned was how NICE everyone was. The winters are hard but honestly, drier than the MidAtlantic and we loved February in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I think you will love it. She moved back home but if she ever returns to the Midwest we’d seriously consider retiring there. What a great adventure! Your kids will have so much fun! You need great boots, fleece tights, and a down coat before October!

  7. Congrats Marion! I’ve been checking your blog waiting for the the moving details and you certainly treated us with a faith filled real life story and I’m so happy for you and your family!

  8. Having just discovered your blog last year (and being inspired to try my hand at reupholstering an antique chair with ticking found at a flea market), I am just thrilled to pieces to learn you’re coming to our neck of the woods! Grew up in Rochester and now live in a smaller city nearby, still commuting to Roch for church and family. We, ourselves, just moved this summer and discovered a cherry tree in the yard :). I can just see you exploring the area, from Gold Rush to Red Wing pottery… Happy discovering, decorating, and making this place your own!

  9. Congratulations on your move!! Having moved cross country twice for ministry, I understand the excitement, nervousness, stress, and at the same time, peace. I am having a fun game with myself going on Zillow and trying to find your house based on your wish list. LOL!! I have some time on my hands. I picked my favorite for you (and me), and can’t wait to see if that is the house! HaHa!! #stalkermuch #nosy #lovelookingathousesonzillow

  10. Have visited Rochester several times (in the summer). My husband worked for IBM and to visit the plant to take classes on the new machines. I loved wandering around talking in the sights…

  11. What an inspiring story! Thanks so much for sharing! I love a good Trust in the Lord story and this is for sure one of those! I also welcome you to the midwest, I’m just a stones throw away in Wisconsin!! Can’t wait to see the home pics!! Continued blessings for you and your family, and that wonderful new church family too!!

  12. We too tried to sell our home a little while ago. Not one offer! Hardly any interest at all. We had put in a contingent offer on a smaller home, just ripe for putting our stamp on, next to a beautiful little golf course in a quiet small town. But God had other plans 🙂

    We had a countdown going to the expiration date of our house’s listing contract. I found the closer we got to the date, the happier I was getting. Yup….I/we weren’t ready to move. Then it happened! Ten days before the contract was to expire, an interested couple came to see the house. I found myself actually praying they wouldn’t like the house. (I know….sounds crazy!) But I was relieved when they didn’t make an offer. That was God’s way of saying “You know you’re not ready to move! And I don’t want you to do that either.” 😉

    We don’t know exactly what God has for us here, and maybe sometime in the future another home in a quiet(er) area will come up…. But for now, home is here. And that’s good.

  13. I know this post is old and you may not see this comment, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story about the move. Such a testimony of faith and trust in God, and (of course) He came through! What a beautiful surprise of the cherry trees too! Thanks again for sharing. It really boosted my faith to read your story about God’s faithfulness and perfect timing.

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