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First off, thank you so much for all of your comments on my “moving story“.  I especially feel so loved by those in Minnesota who have welcomed our family to your gorgeous state.  We are really looking forward to moving there and I hope to befriend some of you.  I need some shopping buddies and friends for “art dates”!

I know you’re all dying to see the house and I’m dying to share it, but I’m going to wait until the keys are in hand and it officially belongs to us.  That is scheduled to happen next week, so it won’t be long.

While we’re all waiting, I thought I would share something many people have been asking me to share – my favorite shopping spots in the South Central PA area.  Since I won’t be hitting those up any time soon, I can dish all of the details!

I’ll break this up into two posts based on geography, so it’s not quite so overwhelming.

I lived just north of Gettysburg, PA and shopped in a about an hour radius, almost like a circuit.  I would hit my favorite places in one direction and would then go the other direction on my next outing.  This meant that there would be 8-12 weeks between each visit, so there was plenty of time for inventory turnover.  (In most cases.  There are some booths that have looked exactly the same for 11 years!)

I’m going to start with North & East, probably my two favorite directions for shopping in that area.


Rebel’s Roost in Gettysburg

For me, this was a great place for smalls.  Over the years, I’ve picked up lots of ironstone, typewriters, scales, baskets, and quilts.  One of my favorite pickers is a vendor there and she has sold me a lot of great stuff for Lucketts and my online shop.  There are many vendors and a nice variety of styles represented.

Shelley’s Country Nook in Gettysburg

This is a killer place for salvage.  I have bought many doors, shutters, window, lathe strips, galvanized pieces, etc. there.  I also like to pick through their hardware bins inside and have found antique sets of casters and handles.  If you’re looking for old farm sinks, corbels, cabinet doors, barn wood, etc…you’ll want to pay the husband and wife team who runs it a visit.

D&L Treasures in New Oxford

This is my go-to place for furniture.  They have rows and rows of old, wood furniture and their prices are fantastic.  You do have to dig and get a little dirty, but it’s well worth it.  Prices can start as low as $40 for a dresser, but most that I buy fall between $60-200.


Black Rose Hanover

This is an antique mall that is a pretty decent size.  I usually find a good mix there, but I have noticed that some of my favorite vendors have moved out, so I don’t find quite as much as I used to.  It’s still worth a stop, though!

My most recent find was this mail sorter for $90…

…and I bought the pair of hardware cabinets from there for Lucketts last year…


Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne

This is one of my favorites.  It’s huge and has so many great vendors.  The prices can be all over the place from outrageously high to outrageously low.  You just have to have the patience to look through each space.  Since I’ve shopped there so much, I’m pretty keyed in on the booths I like the best.  I find everything there from furniture to smalls (lots of ironstone) and I often fill my van and have to call my dad to come for back-up with his truck!

I bought my art cabinet as well as my “birthday quilt” from there, both earlier this year.

Bedford Street Antiques Carlisle

This is another favorite!  It is two stories packed with antiques and I never walk away empty handed.  Like Lemoyne, I find a mix of smalls and furniture.  One of my recent finds was this old base cabinet I bought for $40…

…and I spruced it up and paired it with a hutch-top I bought off of craigslist.

StoneHouse Road Vintage Antiques in Carlisle

This business is run by an antiquing duo who have an amazing eye for finds and displays.  I have bought a lot of my petticoats and linens there, along with ironstone, furniture, primitives, and baskets.  For Lucketts, I bought this trunk…


…and this amazing primitive cabinet.

Miz Babsy’s Country Boutique in Carlisle

This is a little hole-in-the-wall place that is off the side of the road.  It is such a gem, though.  I drove past it for years without ever stopping in, if you can believe that!  I’m so glad I finally did, though, because the proprietress has a great eye and fair prices.  I pretty much cleaned out her Civil War era flatware in one trip…

…and I also bought this industrial cart there.

It’s a small place, but it never disappoints.

A few tips for shopping my honey holes…

  • There are people who live local to me who say they don’t find the kind of things I find when they shop at the same places.  I do think you have to develop a bit of an eye to find what you’re looking for.  Everyone is going to see a different treasure and that is part of what makes antiquing fun, but also a little challenging.
  • Most of these places will give a 10% discount off purchases over a certain amount and if you pay with cash or check.  Just ask!
  • Not every booth is going to have the kind of antiques you like and it may take a couple of visits before you really hone in on the ones who share your tastes.  Get to know those vendors, if you can!  They will often let you know when new inventory arrives that they think you would like.

I’ll share South and West next time!

Happy shopping!

PS – This is not an extensive list of all of the wonderful shops in my local area.  These are just the ones I hit on my regular shopping circuit when I’m ramping up for a show.


  1. Karen L.

    Thanks for the update! And I loved reading this shopping post as we used to live near that area of PA and still have friends there so you never know when the info might come in handy. We moved to Va in 2009 and then just one year ago moved further south to coastal South Carolina. I am really interested in hearing how your big move to Minnesota goes for y’all—-best wishes and prayers as you make the transition soon.

  2. Susan

    What a generous and thoughtful thing to do – sharing your best local tips. Thank you! 😘

  3. Michelle

    Thank you for sharing. I have lived in the area for 11 years and have only shopped at two of your favorite places. Now I have some new places to explore.
    I love arcitectual salvage and have been looking for an old door to replace our pantry door so I’ll have to stop in at Shelley’s Country Nook.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your house and move to Minnesota. Best wishing and blessing that all goes well.

  4. Helene

    I laughed out loud when I read your tips section for shopping your honey holes and you wrote, “when you PACK with cash” instead of “PAY”. Very Freudian. Good luck with your unpacking.

  5. nancy w.

    First of all I would like to say “Congratulations” to Jeff on his new ministry. You have worked hard to achieve your goals. I have a strong conviction that you will be a blessing to your new church and its congregation.
    Secondly Wishing your lovely family including those ever growing boys and Marian of course many happy new adventures! Happy new sniffing grounds to Sebastian too.

    Regarding pictures of your new home..It is wise and respectful of the current owners to wait to publish those pictures until after the closing when you officially own it.
    Wishing you all the best.

  6. Debra Packard

    Thanks Marian, for giving Rebels Roost a mention, I have ironstone waiting in my booth!!! Just listed some on Etsy too. Wishing you the best in your new home and shopping territory, it will be exciting stepping into the new to you antique shops!

  7. amy joanne mogish

    Thank you for sharing….I will look thru Carlisle with different eyes as I drive thru! Adding them to my map of places to visit!

    Love hearing your story of your move and adventure….so happy for you! Always the best.

  8. Naomi Duval

    I look forward to your move to Minnesota.

    I moved to the Twin Cities from Ithaca, New York and it was an adjustment.

    The Twin Cities are quite amazing and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now.

    We have it all: lakes, rivers, museums, vibrant downtowns, shopping (no sales tax on clothing!), artists, crafters, colleges and universities, theater, music and we love our children here.

    So please get in touch with me if you want an instant “friend,” kindred spirit. You and your family will thrive here.

  9. Katy

    I think a lot of vendors will be sad to see you go!! It’s always nice when everyone wins and makes a little money. Best of luck to you and your family!!!!

  10. Stephanie

    I’m excited about these 2 posts! Living in Thomasville, I shop at each of your east shops regularly. But I’ve only been to Bedford antiques in Carlisle. I’ll need to check out the other places you listed. Yesterday, when I read your post, I had the tears streaming down my face. Your story is an amazing testimony to God’s goodness and provision. Blessings to you. I’m very happy for you, although I’ll miss driving past your studio and peaking in.

  11. Marian

    Yay! I see a girl’s day out road trip coming. I if can’t bring up things for you to buy, I might as well bring friends to shop where you shopped. Once school starts and I have some space from my kids, we are there!

    Also, I actually cried when I read about the cherries in your back yard. It filled my heart all day. We looked for my current house in the crazy house price bubble market of 2004-2005. I couldn’t find anything that I could afford that wasn’t garbage. After a lot of soul searching, we decided to be ok with God’s timing and I let go of my feverish need to move “right now.” The house we ended up with was one that went under contract the day we were going to see it. A month later, it popped back on the market. We jumped, but calmly this time. We had agreed to close after Christmas, so we didn’t even have the keys yet, but we decided to go walk through our new neighborhood on Christmas Eve. As we pulled around the corner, tears started streaming down my face, because all the sidewalks in the entire neighborhood were covered with luminaries. I grew up in Phoenix and miss the West fiercely. Luminaries are a huge marker of “home” for me. This was a sign to me, much like your sweet cherry trees, that the Lord had prepared this place specially for me. It was “home’ painted in life as a gift of love just for me. So yay cherry trees.

    Also, It has been such a pleasure bumping into you here and there. Thank you for the little part of your life you have shared with me. It would surprise you if I told you the enormous impact our few little chats have had for good in my life. Let’s just say knowing you has made me feel incredibly blessed to be another Marian with an “a”. Thank you for sharing your goodness and being so willing to give what you can to the world. It has healed my soul. I will miss you , friend.

    That said, I can’t wait to see your house. Or what you do with it. Or where you set up shop next spring. Or how the blog changes or doesn’t change. So Yay Adventure!

    All the best,
    the Other Marian

  12. Barbara Stackhouse

    Thanks so much for the shout out of our shop in your blog! We have enjoyed picking for you and you have followed us from Black Rose in Hanover , Antique Market place of Lemoyne and now to our own shop Stonehouse Road Vintage in Carlisle! We have sold you a lot of stuff over the years.
    Best of luck to you and your family at your new space! Barb

    • Peggy

      I’ve followed Marian’s journey for years now and have to say I am tickled pink that we will soon be able to stop into some of the shops she frequented. When we first found out we were moving to Carlisle your shop was one she recommended to us. I look forward to dropping in next week. This move will be quite different for us as it will be the first as “empty-nesters” and the shortest stay in our military “career.” See you soon!

    • Katy

      I had no idea you had your own shop Barb, I used to sell across from you in Lemoyne. I agree with Marian you both have an amazing eye and the best displays!!! Sounds like I will be making a trip to Carlisle!!

  13. Susan Guillebeau

    Love all your updates! Can you tell me what the pattern of this pillow fabric is in the industrial cart picture?

  14. Jessica | Peyal + Ply

    Looks like it’s time for a road trip up to Gettysburg. We head up there occasionally for different things but it’s nice to have a heads up on some great shopping spots. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Linda Hartman

    You are generous beyond measure with these shopping tips. Collectors and dealers both will benefit from them.

    Thank you, M M


  16. Fran

    Thanks Marian for sharing your resources! I have shopped at a couple of these places, especially the Antiques Marketplace for years and found many wonderful treasures. Good luck in Minnesota – although you won’t need any luck – you bring your own beautiful outlook on life wherever you go.

  17. Jeanne

    Oh, Oh, Oh…I actually said OH out loud when I saw the Civil War flatware…OH! Here in NM, we have nothing close to this, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. Thanks for showing your fabulous finds.

  18. Peggy

    Thank you so very much for sharing all your shopping resources!! Marian, I must admit that your last few posts have been just a touch bittersweet. We will pull into Carlisle this coming Monday. We are moving with minimal furniture so it will be interesting to see what we find. Yes the prospect of living near you and possibly of attending one of your workshops had me absolutely giddy when we found out about our move back in December. When you shared you would be moving I may have shed a tear or two but deep in my heart I knew (know) God had/has mighting things in store….. for both of us. So with that in mind I bid you adieu and pray that God will continue to bless your time in Minnesota!

  19. Denette

    Welcome to MN! I hope the new adventure is everything you hope it to be. I grew up in SW MN and now live in Duluth, MN. Not to be creepy, but I would be happy to show you around if you ever get up this way. We are at the tip of Lake Superior, alongside the St Louis River with 16 streams going through the city. We have 25 dog friendly hotels and three fenced off leash dog parks so Sebastian could go for a run.

  20. Maggie

    Thanks so much for sharing your shopping haunts with us, I will definitely be checking all these areas out for sure. Your house journey story was the best! I need to learn to slow down and listen for God more frequently. It is hard to be patient sometimes, alas humane nature always rises to the top and takes over too often.

    Looking forward to your new home pics and more shopping areas. So excited that things have fallen into place for you and yours!!

  21. Emily

    Love the shopping tips. We did hit Lucketts on our soccer trip to Virginia. It didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I could only get smalls since the car was full of soccer stuff. Ironstone, an antique prop, a folk art blue & red boat and a basket that spoke your name. Can not wait to see the new home!

  22. Karen L.

    Back in your post, This Home is Not My World, you and a reader wanted to know about a woman named Jill, who’d started a blog after being divorced recently (after 25 years). You asked her about her blog and how to find it. Well, I decided to just click on her name and there was her blog: justjilly blog or something like that—easy to find. She’s a nice lady who could use the encouragement and her posts are interesting! (PS: I am so enjoying reading back through your posts since lately I have truly enjoyed reading even more that usual. Enjoy your time leading up to your move to Rochester, MN—-praying for you and yours as you will be unpacking and getting settled in. You’ll do fine!)

  23. Shirley Housepitality

    Thanks for you list of your favorite places to shop. I too LOVE shopping in Lemoyne…whenever I am in the area, I make it a point to meet my special friend(s) there for a wonderful day of shopping….Good luck on the move…sounds like this was just meant to be in the Great Plan of life.

  24. Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks Marian and i may get there someday. I was in Gettysburg on a trip touring, so who knows.

  25. Teresa

    I have been to most of these on your honey hole list. Antiques Marketplace in Lemoyne and Bedford Street Antiques are my favorite two. We always stop in there on our back to VA from visiting relatives in Hazleton, PA. I have made some great finds in both but you are right about the prices at Antiques Marketplace being all over the map. Shop around first because it can be a huge price difference from booth to booth. Like you, I have found some great Ironstone pieces there although the last time we stopped in I didn’t see as much and what I did see was on the expensive side.

    Rebels Roost use to be a furniture store back in the day before converting to an antiques store and New Oxford use to have many shops up and down the street but I noticed the last time we drove through the town many of those were gone. Black Rose also has another antique mall off I-81 that is hooked onto a small mall. Many people use to go to the Renninger’s Antique Festival in Kutztown, PA held three times a year but the last time I went it was nowhere what it use to be and I heard from others stating the same thing.

    Anxious to see what type of antiques and vintage ware you find in MN and the mid-west. Since so many Swedish/Danish/Norwegians settled there I would suspect you will be finding things of that origin rather than German antiques such as it was in PA. I also don’t think you are going to find Ironstone as plentiful as you did in PA but who knows?? Happy New Honey Hole Hunting!!!

  26. Cindy

    Thanks for the great tips! Living in York County I’m definitely going to check some of these out. I have been to Black Rose often. Can’t wait for South and West…maybe some of my favorites in Lancaster?

  27. Lynn Merrell

    I have close family in Carlise, my dad grew up there. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there. Really hate I didn’t get to meet you before you moved!

  28. pamela

    Congrats!!!! on your home….. Sounds like you had a quite of few favorites to shop…

  29. Barbara

    Thanks so much for sharing all your haunts. I will treasure our time shopping for Lucketts with your mom. You with your eye for all those special things that no one else sees and your mom getting her steps in on her FitBit. Thanks so much for letting me tag along and the chatting along the way. I look forward to some day hanging out and doing it all over again in MN some day. May you be blessed beyond measure in MN. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do.

  30. At Rivercrest Cottage

    Looking forward to seeing your new home. Wondering if it has farmland with it as you were looking for a few years ago? Thanks for all the great tips on shopping at the out of the way places. Even though I don’t live in your area, I think the tips will help me when I’m out shopping here.

  31. Marion

    Bloom where your planted. You have really made a grand start of things , blossomed in Pa and I am sure Minnesota puts you in the heart of things. I see TV next. Life is good.

  32. Wendy

    Thank you so much for mentioning D & L Treasures! We will definitely miss seeing you, but wish you and your family loads of happiness and well-being as your new adventure begins!

  33. Paul snyder

    Thanks for all the years of doing business together! I loved watching your posts to see my smalls show up in your pictures. It was also fun to see my furniture pieces transform with your artful touch. Though I will miss your purchases, I sincerely wish you and your family God’s richest blessings in your new location! (PS AT BEDFORD STREET ANTIQUES), Paul

  34. Lori

    I agree with you on developing “an eye” for finding the best stuff. Once you have it, you find incredible stuff in unlikely places. Also, the booths (and entire stores) that remain unchanged for 11 years or more – I’ve seen plenty of them! Sellers don’t really want to part with their stuff, I guess. I have a vintage store in Collingswood, NJ and our goal is to sell it all quickly, so we can add new things every day! Prices are low and displays are freshened daily. Hope to think Clutter Vintage is a “honey hole” for some!

  35. Jo

    I’ll be very interested to see what you think of the shops around here. I have almost never found the things you find, and if I do they are outrageously expensive. I’m looking for old books so I can use the spines and went to Stillwater, which used to be nothing but antique shops. Well, that’s not the case anymore and the ones that were there – with a plethora of books – wanted anywhere from $5-$60+ for one book! Needless to say, I went home empty handed.

  36. Leasa Hodges

    I know Jeff’s family is in Raleigh. Any favorite spots in that area?

  37. Kirby Carespodi

    How fun to see some of my favorites on this list, too! So generousl for you to share with us.

  38. Pat Miller

    As busy as you are, you still find time to write to all your faithful followers! Love that!
    Your cherry story brought to mind one of mine! When I was a young child, and the priest would come and bless our homes, our priest at the time asked me what I wanted to be
    when I grew up. I said, ” A cowgirl.” Well, whatayaknow, God planted me in Texas many years later!
    Peace be with you on your new adventure for you and your family!


  39. Patty

    We are in Connecticut but we do travel to the Green Dragon every so often. I made a list of the stores you spoke of. Thanks for sharing and best of luck on your move.

  40. Linda

    Thank you for sharing some of your antique dealers with us. I’m from NJ and my friend and I keep saying that we want to take a weekend to antique shop together in the PA area, so you have provided us with a great list of places to visit! Again, best of luck in your new home and community. You have such an uplifting spirit that I’m sure you and your family will meet new friends easily and love your new surroundings. Looking forward to seeing what your new home looks like with your personalized touch!

  41. Tillie Jamison

    Marian: Loved looking at all the photos of antiques, primitives, the ancient grunge of it all. I’m actually into contemporary kinda-girl but I think whatever your style may be, its so fashionable to incorporate a few or a lot of “things-from-yesterday” . The few items I’ve ever acquired I re-sold or gotten rid in some way and when I look at your beautiful photos and see how wonderfully the antique pieces are used in interior settings, I could kick myself for selling off the things I had. Well today my neighbor was headed toward the dumpster with an old (grungy), wooden, high back kitchen chair with spindles. I saved that chair from the dumpster, put it on my porch and I will buy a Boston Fern to place in that chair after I give it a couple of coats of whatever to protect it from the elements. As of today, no more giving away, throwing away or selling nice, old antique pieces.

  42. Kelsey

    I love love love that cow picture, where oh where can I find me one of those?

  43. Melanie

    So …. I finally made it to the Gettysburg area and hit many of the spots you wrote about in your two blogs from last summer. THANK YOU!!! They were all amazing and I cannot wait to visit them again. Such a neat area with friendly folks and great finds!!! I told several of them where I had heard about their shops and they were so pleased to know you had written about them.


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