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Since I am moving out of the South Central PA area, I am sharing some of the shops, co-ops, and antique malls I frequent as I’m getting ready for an antique market or online sale. This isn’t an extensive list of all of the amazing shops in my local area, but these are the ones on my regular shopping circuit.  (I just needed to add that disclaimer, because I know some great shops are left off this list!)

I shared those east & north of Gettysburg HERE and today I’m sharing the shops that are west and south…


Fayetteville Antique Mall, Fayetteville, PA

Fayetteville Antique Mall is a little hard to describe, because it is four different buildings and each one is different.  I like two of the buildings and those are the ones I hit, but I don’t go in the other two, because they are mostly crafts and items I would consider more “used” than antique or vintage.   It’s also one of the more eclectic places I shop, because it has a little bit of everything and the prices are all over the map.  You have to have good vision in this place to spot stuff that is to your taste, but I still come away with some great hauls, including this beautiful hutch…

Black Rose, Chambersburg, PA

Yes, it’s the same Black Rose that’s in Hanover, but it’s different!  I actually think the Chambersburg one might be my favorite of the two, but they are both good antique malls.  I buy a wide range of pieces from there…smalls to large pieces of furniture.  One thing I like about this place is there isn’t a lot of “junk” and there are a lot of quality vendors.  I bought my old teacher’s desk from there earlier this year…

Beaver Creek Antiques, Hagerstown, MD

This is one of my more recent finds and it’s an awesome place to shop.  I first went there as I was getting ready for Lucketts three years ago.  I was with my mom and Kriste and they were walking ahead of me as I was distracted by stuff in the entryway.  I heard Kriste call back over her shoulder, “Oh, Marian, you’re going to love this place.”  And, of course, she was right.  There were several vendors that had me hyperventilating.  Lots of ironstone and primitives and a mix of the high end and the affordable.

I bought this pie safe there…

…along with this garde manger…

…and this great bead board hutch…

Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD

This place is right next to Beaver Creek.  Again, it’s a nice mix of antiques with lots of booths to pick from.  I recently bought this beautiful wall-hanging bird cage from there…

…and also this pine cupboard for Chapel Market a couple of years ago…


Emmitsburg Antique Mall, Emmitsburg PA

This is an old-school antique mall, but there are still some gems to be found.  I picked up this WWII chalkboard for $50 last year.  You can also find some furniture, ironstone, primitives, smalls, etc.

And I realized as I was writing this post, that I haven’t headed south to go shopping in a while!  I think the prices (for resale, anyway) are better in the other directions.

I hope these two posts give locals and visitors some fun places to find some antique goodies!

For those who have been waiting for an update on our move, we’re now in Rochester, MN!  It was pretty surreal as we drove in, realizing this would now be our home town.   We will start the process of exploring our new community this weekend and we are scheduled to close on our house early next week.



  1. Stephanie

    I used to be a dealer at Fayetteville, my dear friend still has a booth there. Andy is so nice to talk with! Jimmy Cramer at Beaver Creek is a well known dealer in the primitive antique circle. His home will be featured in the next A Simple Life magazine. I agree with every store on this list, just hope my bargains don’t disappear now. Lol

  2. Karen L.

    Thank you for this list—I’ll look forward to using it the next time we visit friends who live in the Oxford area. Have been praying for safety and enjoyment for your trip to Minnesota; glad you’re there and that this weekend will be discovery time! Enjoy! We have never been to your new area, or Wisconsin either, so I am looking forward to hearing about it later as you’re able to share. Hope the move-in/unpacking goes well for you all. I can relate to that phase as we’ve moved just last year further south, this time to the Deep South, to Low Country South Carolina, to be a bit closer to the beach, the salt-water river good for fishing and fun, and to kids and grands. It’s been good for us here with friendly new people though moving and starting over is not without it’s challenges.( We’ve moved a lot over the years.) I am positive that you will all adjust well and that you’ll soon feel at home up there!


    Have a wonderful weekend in your “new” home area! Praying that all goes well for you all!

    It won’t be long before you are all settled in and adding your special touches to your beautiful home!

    God Bless you all!

  4. sandi

    Glad you made it to Rochester. Hope you didn’t get caught in some of the bad rains through IL and WI. Congratulations on your two winning rugs with D&A!! Can’t to see how they turn out. So much coming together for you and your family. Can’t wait to read your next ‘chapter’!

  5. Elizabeth

    You are sweet to share these. If only you could share your eye for great pieces and good bargains!

    Best of luck to you and your family in Rochester. I foresee good things for you.

  6. Jody K

    Welcome to Rochester!

  7. Ashley

    I just wanted to say that you are a great blogger and writer. I don’t live in PA, have no prospects of going there, and don’t even really like antiquing, yet I find myself reading these last couple of posts anyway just because I like you!

  8. Diane westbrook

    How kind of you to share your favorite haunts! And….welcome to the Midwest! I live in western Wisconsin and have been to Rochester many times…you will love it there! Some day when you are settled and are looking for a nice trip….look up the River Road (Hwy 35) in Wisconsin…it runs along the Mississippi….lovely and quaint little towns, shops and fun places to stop along the way…we used to bring a picnic basket! So many fun places to explore now that you are in Rochester too….and wonderful health care right at your finger tips! Have fun!!!

  9. Eleanor

    I’m sorta new to your blog but was drawn to it as I stumbled upon it. I live in Va Beach and have lived in the South all my life. I have visited PA on vacation but have never been to Minnesota. Look forward to your stories of that area and your new church and the people there.

  10. Kari from Meadowview Farm

    Welcome to “Minnesota Nice”…”Wisconsin Nice” too! It is kind of innate in midwesterners!
    Enjoy discovering your new surrounds…what a fun adventure.

  11. Michele

    How do you make money buying from other vendors? I typically can only up the price very little, even after I improve the piece. Most of my finds have to be discounted pieces from various other areas. Just curious.

  12. Maggie

    We’ll miss you Marian….but are so very happy for you and your family. Thank you so much for all the info on your favorite places to shop. You are a true talent and I am a true fan of all your work. Thank you again, and keep writing and sharing.

  13. Marnie

    Love your story, your family, your photography and business but concerned what your lovely employees/helpers will do now you are moving?!? ?

  14. Cheri

    Your painted desk makes me want to paint mine!?

  15. Marian Parsons

    Oh, I loved your wood desk! It is funny that we have the exact same one. We can always just switch if you ever get the itch! 🙂

  16. Lori W

    Love!!!! Can you tell me the amazing cool minty blue green color on the walls in the pie safe w/yummy huge basket picture??? I’m in love with it and think it’d be the perfect color to brighten & lighten my living/family room!!
    SO pretty!!! I just keep staring at it!! Lol

  17. Lynda

    I live near Frederick, MD so I have been to some of these and agree they are great! I also love the Westminster Antique mall. 🙂

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, I like that one, too! Last time I went, though, a lot of dealers had moved out, so I felt like it wasn’t as good as it used to be. I hope it bounces back, though!


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